Sex Trophies

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen R. Covey

ladyparts 1ladyparts 2

So many friends are pregnant and having babies or have recently built a baby. If you need to know how to build a baby click here. (It’s a really cool infographic, not porn. We all know what happens to your brain – and as a result, your penis – on streaming porn. Ain’t none of it good. Old school porn is where it’s at. Wait, why are we talking about porn? Gutter.)

Back to the tiny humans… My friend Thomas just became an uncle.

Baby Judy
That’s baby Judy in the really cute jammies. That’s Thomas in the beard.

Babies are cool. They seem to like ice cream just as much as I do:

17 December | Wednesday

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
2:00 row
2x Wall walk

Workout |
3×8 Snatch-grip deadlift (95, 115, 115#)
3:00 rest
3 sets:
Ring rows x6
:30 rest
Ring dip hold xAMSAP (:23, :23, :28)
:30 rest
Farmer’s walk x100m (53, 70, 70# KBs)
2:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00ish

Confession: I am feeling a bit beat up this week. The hips are hurting a skosh, though I haven’t been able to nail down what it was. Kickboxing? Maybe just a bit more volume? Whatever the case it’s a good, if not unwelcomed, reminder that I gotta stay on top of my stretching and strengthening exercise for the region. Now, onto Wednesday’s workout…

The snatch-grip was tricky and I ended up staying way lighter on the deadlifts than I had anticipated. Eight reps is a lot. Zing zows felt really strong, though I was a bit disappointed with my hold times. The farmer’s walks I did in the gymnasium for a couple reasons: it was frigid outside (Like sixty degrees! No lies.) and the 6:00 class was huge and I was lovin’ the energy. Anyway, I am not sure how many gym lengths equates to 100m, but essentially I started at the end of the black matt near the restrooms, walked to the overhead door, and back. Worked up to the big bells, but oh man, my grip was donezo, but the third set.

Listened to the latest Science with Sarah segment on The Paleo View and learned about the nasty shit that’s in most canned coconut milk (which I drink my fair share of): guar gum. I found some online that is free of the stuff, but, really? I must look into some local grass-fed dairy options, if they exist.



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