Make Time

“Sometimes it’s to your advantage for people to think you’re crazy.” – Thelonious Monk

sorry for the inconvenience
I like this article, 18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time for Again. I tried to pick a favorite, but couldn’t. And if you add “while drinking coffee” to each item…

 05 January | Monday
AM – 6:00 class

3 Sets:
Front squat x4 (115,125,125#)
1:00 rest
OH walking lunges x10 steps (45#)
2:00 Rest

3 Sets:
Pull ups x Unbroken (3,5,3)
right into
Wall ball x Unbroken (27,30,22)
right into
DUs x Unbroken (oh sheeeit)
2:00 Rest

Stretch | 20:00

PM – remote coaching

MFR | 20:00

4×5 Seated press (60,65,65,70#)
2:00 rest

Dips 4 sets x AMRAP-1 (boxes: 8,7,7,6)
1:00 min

4x30s Wall run w/ shoulder taps

Stretch | 20:00

Been a while since I’ve worked out early in the morning (beyond taking the dog for a walk or run) and oooh. I totally failed on the double-unders – could not get the timing down. It was pretty funny. (Well, it pissed me off at the time, which I find funny as I type this.) Front squat is feeling rather challenging – so I guess it’s good that we are doing that cycle.

Had an extra workout in the queue – and  after my performance this morning I decided today was the perfect day to complete it. The foam roller felt so good after the AM leg work. Press felt good, dips were good – they don’t bother my shoulder when I do it on the boxes but I am guessing that’s because it’s a lighter load. Wall runs were good but tough, Trunk is feeling weak. I don’t know if it’s actually weaker or if it’s the post-holiday mind games – a few days off and some drinking negates all progress ever, ya know.

Playing catch up on the Gymnastic Bodies Handstand Challenge. Hoped to get all caught up but was pretty fatigued after the wall walks. Completed the Day 1 challenge:




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