Ninja Principles 

 “Our separation of each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” – Albert Einstein

taking stock
The new year meets whatever nasty bug is going around meets the horrific shit happening in this world and it leaves me taking stock. And searching for words… I think this fella has the right idea.

Really enjoyed the article on the blog this morning, “Is Your Fitness Pyramid Wrong?” (Though I think the author is a little turned around – the mobility is the base, not the pinnacle, of the pyramid. C’mon! Words matter!) Anyway, it lead me down an internet stream during which I discovered… wait for it… the Core Ninja Principles for Supreme Life Mastery. It’s amazing what 37 minutes on the internet can yield. It’s a great read and a nice balance of profound shit and curse words and who doesn’t love that. Yin and yang, indeed. You can also find an interesting read on the militarization of fitness on that site, too.

08 January | Thursday

Mobility | 10:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
8 scap push-ups
20 DUs
10 wall balls
:30 dead bugs

4 sets:
COB hold x AMSAP (30,31,30,27)
:30 rest
HS walk x Max. L (-5,-3,0,2)
2:00 rest

4 sets:
Single leg RDL x6 ea. (35# KB)
:30 rest
Zercher reverse lunge x6 ea. (65#)
2:00 rest

GB Handstand Challenge
Day 3 | Wrist Mobility (:30)
Day 4 | Locked Elbows (3×10)

07 January | Wednesday

MFR | 20:00

Workout | 6:00 class
30:00 rotating:
15 tire hits + row
Sled pull (120#)

Stretch sesh

Handstand Challenge #2 | Finger Strength (x20)

06 January | Tuesday

Mobility | 15:00

Warm-up | 4 rounds:
1:00 AD
10 wall presses
10 KBS
20 DUs

“Bro Sesh” because Two-A-Day Monday

4 sets:
Hip thrust x5 (95,115# x3)
1:00 rest
Hollow rocks x :30
2:00 rest

4 Sets:
GH raise x5
1:00 rest
DB bicep curls x6 (20# DB)
1:00 rest
Banded triceps extension x8
1:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

Monday I learned that two-a-days are for special occasions. I am still feeling the hollow rocks from Tuesday, which is a nice feeling and actually helps on all the handstand work as it makes it easy to tell when you’re properly engaged. Speaking of the Handstand Challenge, so far the hardest one for me has been the second day:

Staying locked out like that for 30 reps is really hard. Also, her elbows freak me the fuck out.

Wednesday’s recovery was awesome. It was beautiful outside and the sled pulls and tire hits were a nice combo. Had some interesting feedback during Thursday’s workout. The COB holds resulted in me losing feeling in two fingers for the remainder of the workout. Clearly I have some shoulder stuff happening. The single leg lunge work was a great reminder of how on point I have to be with position and movement. The “old lady” aka “Tony the Tiger” hip is feeling stronger, but still doesn’t move the same as ma’ good side.

The sleep has been awesome and I will work on keeping it that way.



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