36 Questions

birds and flix
I think by “birds” she means the Cardinals. She certainly does not mean Denver.

This article, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” has been popping up all weekend on my social media feeds. Maybe it’s those algorithms doing their thing, or perhaps it’s just on my radar – you know, like when you buy a new-to-you car and suddenly white Honda Accords are everywhere. Okay, maybe that’s a bad example, but you likely know what I’m trying to say here – we see what we are looking for.

I really enjoyed the read, especially the part about love being an action not an event that happens to us. And the part about , “what it means to bother to know someone,” seems especially relevant in this curated, “connected” world of ours.

badass Egypt
“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Whenever I hear that I am reminded of my favorite “discovery” from art history class at the ASU – votive statues from the Abu Temple. The scholars debate on the reason for the exaggerated eyes; whatever the reason, I find them to be fascinating.

Can you imagine staring someone in the eyes for a solid 4 minutes? That’d be like staring someone in the face for the duration of Fran. Awkward.

11 January | Sunday
Rest Day

10 January | Saturday
9:00a Class

Warm-up | Ultimate frisbee

The Dice Game
1 = 100m run
2 = double-unders
3 = push-ups
4 = sit-ups
5 = kettlebell swings (44#)
6 = power cleans (95#)

Stretch Class

Enjoyed Saturday’s ultimate frisbee. I’ve determined it was fun because it was such a small group so everyone got a lot of action – and who doesn’t love that. The Dice Game involved 5 or 6 rounds – I lost track. I thought the last one was the “roughest” – 3 rounds of the run + power cleans x5. Need to run more. Gonna do a test jog Monday AM. 

– Rest Day bacon wrapped, chorizo stuff dates –



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