“There are big ships and there are small ships, but the best ships are friendships.” -Joe Ligocki

johnnys to dos
If the To Do’s are good enough for The Man in Black, they are good enough for me.

I was gonna do a more comprehensive post, but this week has been hectic thus far and I am not finding my words so well. The soution: lists! Lists are my favorite!

This Week’s Math:

+ The C-word (Carbs!)  I’ve put on a little chub in my middle and while this could be many contributing factors, I’d like to tinker with the carbs and see how I feel. I noted when I was logging my food that often times I was below my target for carbs. I’m not going to log my food, but I want to add a sweet potato or plantain to my post-workout meal and see how things pan out.  (Females, Carbohydrates, and Hormones by Robb Wolf)

+ Walking “Not walking is like having zero fat in your diet” -Katy Bowman (The Simply Human Podcast #58)

– Sugar Been craving sweets which, from what I understand, can also be an indication that a person might want to up the carbs. Or all the modern foods are fucking with my cavelady brain.

– Being rude & selfish (No You are Not Running Late, You are Rude and Selfish)

= Sleep  This documentary is scary for a lot of reasons. I shall resist my desire to rant and save it for a future post.

19 January | Monday

Training | 6:00 class
Front squat 4×2 (115, 125, 135, 145#)
3:00 Rest

12:00 TGUs:
Bottoms up (26# KB)
Barbell (35# BB)

Stretch | 20:00

GB Handstand Challenge | Day 9
Scapular Elevation (30 reps)

18 January | Sunday

Reformed Pilates

17 January | Saturday

MFR | 20:00

Workout | 9:00 class

20:00 EMOM! Rotating:
•Barbell Complex
Snatch-grip DL, DL, (not power) Clean, Jerk (2 rds @95, 8 rds @105#)
•50m sprint

Stretch | 20:00

GB Handstand Challenge:
Day 8 – Pelvic Tilt (45 reps)

Saturday’s EMOM was challenging and fun, as it involved full cleans and sprints, neither of which I have done much (any) of since the hip started bothering me. My form on the cleans was not ideal as I kept moving to the balls of my feet. But I am sure as I do more reps I will ‘clean’ that up. Ha! Though I spent a good chunk of my post-gym Saturday watching the awesome slo-mo vids on Fu Barbell…

The pilates experience on Sunday was great. The studio space was VERY small and I always find it annoying when you HAVE to reserve a spot a week in advance. Reformed has their branding on point – the space, the merch, the website. Tight. (Though I would love to point out that I am not a printer – I am not looking to “get toned”.) Oh, and the workout was really fun! Neither Jennifer nor I fell off the carriage once! Seriously, I can see how pilates could be a great way to improve flexibility and core strength. It’s a nice option for an active rest day.

Monday brought some pretty intense soreness in the inner thigh region from Saturday’s EMOM. I was concerned, but Ali worked with me to really warm up before the front squats and once I got going it was apparent that the soreness was just that, not pain from poking the bear  (or tiger?). The squats felt good as did the TGUs. I actually got one complete bottoms up TGU and tried the barbell variety for the very first time! Next time I want to put some weight on that sucker!

BB TGUs uno


BB TGUs dos

Closed out Monday’s session with the GB Handstand Challenge as well as some work on straddle to handstand. I stacked two 45’s and straddled up against the wall. Starting off the plates allowed me to pull up with my abs instead of punching off the ground with my feet. Will work on reducing the plates I need to use in order to pull. Straddle to handstand: not really “useful” but really fun.

straddle to HS
Not me. Yet.


Today is day three of taking the “Nemesis” protein (the stuff that I attributed to some skin issues in December). I am hoping now that my sleep is back on track, that I won’t have any skin flares. If I do, free protein for someone “special”… muhahaha.


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