More Freaky Humans

“If you want to win anything — a race, your self, your life — you have to go a little berserk.” -George Sheehan

Ali and I were chatting about how CrossFit has evolved as it’s popularity has grown, from a novice perspective. It’s awesome that more people are checking out CrossFit, but I think the Kool-Aid has become a little watered down. A few years ago it was my experience that CrossFit involved a community of people supporting one another in bettering themselves. Period.

Now I’m not saying that community is gone – one of the many things that makes DTP so fantastic is it’s sense of community. But it appears that many noobs aren’t picking up on the “lifestyle” message. I know people who have “gone Paleo” or “do CrossFit” now, but what they mean is they are “on-yet-another-diet” and “get-really-sweaty-for-an-hour” with all other factors remaining the same – no thought on the bigger picture. There’s a difference between “minimum effective dose” and “how can I cheat the system”. Where do you draw the line? I’ll hold myself to a higher standard in the gym, but as soon as I step out the door it’s business as usual…?

its my blog I make the rules
I realize I’m making some broad generalizations, but my blog, my rules.

The latest promo video attempts to make that connection between gym and life, although I think they missed the mark. They don’t succeed in demonstrating how flipping tires or performing toes-to-bar don’t merely, in their own works, make you a better tire flipper. How about squatting down to pick up a child and bag of groceries or loading a 45# bag of dog food from the shelf to you shoulder – no cart required. While I understand that not all training translates in such an obvious way, if you’re trying convince a population of people without exposure to this methodology shouldn’t you speak their language? The promo clip is pretty motivational and bad-ass, but it tastes of fitspo, which I despise like decaf. And you can keep your ripped, bloody hands.

29 January | Pre-Friday

Mobility | 15:00

Training | 10:00 of work @ consistent pace: (5 rds)
200m run
Bench press x5 (75#)
Du’s x20

4:00 rest

10:00 @ consistent pace: (3 rds +14)
Box jump step down x10
Renegade row x10 total reps (15# DBs)
AD x20 cals

4:00 rest

10:00 @ consistent pace: (3 rds +15)
KB snatch x5 ea (35#)
Knees to elbows x5 (floor)
200m run

Stretch | 20:00

28 January | Wednesday

Chattin’ whilst Rollin’  | 20:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds NFT:
10 Wall Balls
10 OH Walking Lunges
:45 Row

Training | Back squat w/ 3:00 rest btwn sets:
1.  5 reps @ 100#
2.  4 @ 105#
3.  3 @ 115#
4.  2 @ 120#
5.  1 @ 125#
6.  AMRAP @ 100# (13)

– then –

3 Sets:
Single leg RDL x8 ea. (35# KB)
1:00 rest
Box step ups x8 ea. (45, 50, 55#)
right into
1:00 Row

GB Handstand Challenge | Day 9 Knee Control (30 reps)
S2HS practice

Stretch | 20:00

Wednesday’s back squat workout was interesting – a couple focal points were spotting straight ahead rather than looking at the floor and keeping my arms close to my body, using my elbows to keep my chest from falling forward, driving up. I think I could have eeked out a couple more reps. I tend to “save some” for the rest of the workout. 

As I write this, I am not experiencing the second-day delayed muscles soreness that usually follows RDLs and step-ups. So next time I’ll try the RDLs using the 44# KB and start with a heavier weight on the barbell for the step-ups. In the past I hadn’t used a 45# plate at the base because the ridges in the plate made me a little uncomfortable (waaaah!). I didn’t understand that you want the hip above the knee in the start position – to get those glutes engaged rather than the quad, I am guessing… Anyway, that start position really changed how these felt. The right side still feels weaker than the left, as my knee wants to fall in when I step up. But I’m aware of this, and it’s improving. So, yay progress. (And was there supposed to be a rest after the row??? I took 2:00… Pppt…)

Thursday was “running in the rain” day and that was awesome. It felt good to run. I dropped to my knees on the push-up portion of the renegade row (continuous movement) but planked out on the row itself, being mindful of the hip position. I also modified the knees to elbow to the floor version ’cause that hanging action bugs the shoulder. Must get that looked at now that the insurance has reset for the year. 2014 – Year of the Hip. 2015- Year of the Shoulder.

Work was really stressful. And nothing makes the espresso taste better.



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