“Who has not asked himself at some time or another: am I a monster or is this what it means to be a person?” – Clarice Lispector

inner monsterThe first day of the work week provided a couple gems. First, this delightful segment which was presented in a disability seminar. Ah the Brits, they’re doing ti right. Anyway, it made my inner monster laugh all day. (Don’t you judge me!). Secondly was a New York Times piece, aptly titled, Why You Hate Work.  That graphic in the middle there made me sad for America. Almost as much as that Nationwide ad during the Super Bowl.

I found this to be the most comprehensive write-up on Sunday’s big game, The Butt of Every Football Player in the Super Bowl, Ranked. I particularly like the author’s synopsis of ranked numbers 18, 14, and, of course, the MVB, #1. I love football.

02 February | Monday
6:00 Class

Snatch Segment DL 4×3
Rest 2:00
– then –
15:00 AMRAP: (7 +14 modified)
5 push press/jerk (sit-ups x10)
5 Box Jumps
10 Walking Lunges
200m run

Stretch Class

01 February | Sunday
Rest Day

31 January | Saturday

Partner Kettle Baby (35#)
3 rounds: (15:49)
20 push-ups
20 box jumps
20 sit-ups
20 KBS (35#)
400m run


30 January | Friday

Mobility | 15:00

Warm-up | 3 rds:
2:00 AD
Wall presses x10

Workout | 30:00 of work:
Wall ball x8
Farmer’s carry x25m ( 53# KBs)
Reverse DB flys x10 (5# plates)
OH barbell carry x50m (65#)

Stretch | 20:00

Friday’s workout was challenging; the additional weight on the barbell carry made it tough. And the reverse flys were humbling.

Saturday’s partner workout was great and everything felt good. Running whilst carry shit is the most awkward thing ever. Though it does make your standard run (with smooth relaxed ease) seem much less awful, in general.

Hadn’t had a rest day this week (!) so I took one Sunday… and then felt sore Monday. The right shoulder wasn’t having the presses on the AMRAP and even during the DL’s I was feeling some tightness in my right tricep, which was a new sensation.

The sleep has been consistently good  for a while now and it really amazes me – though it shouldn’t – how that affects everything else.





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