“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” – Jay Danzie

Lulu lemons

Found this write-up about the Lulu’s, Branded Calves, to be very interesting. What image does the Lululemon logo conjure up for me, personally? “First world problems” followed  way too quickly by “an ass like an angel”.

11 February | Wednesday

Roller | 15:00

Warm up | 3 rds:
10 OH Walking Lunges
10 Wallballs
20 DUs

Training | Back squat
w/ 3:00 rest between sets
1.  5 reps @ 105#
2.  4 @ 110#
3.  3 @ 120#
4.  2 @ 125#
5.  1 @ 130#
6.  AMRAP @ 105# (17)
– and zen –
3 Sets:
Barbell RDL x8 each leg (45# BB)
1:00 rest
DB step-ups x8 each leg (26# KBs)
right into
Row x 1:00
2:00 rest

10 February | Tuesday

MFR | 15:00

Warm-up | 3 rds:
5 push ups
10 KBS
20 DUs

Workout | 4 sets:
Bench press x3 w/ :03 pause @ top (85,90,90,95#)
1:00 rest
Chinese row x5 ea. (20# DB)
2:00 rest
– then –
15:00 of TGU work

Stretch | 20:00

Tuesday was TGU day. I nearly completed an bottoms up with the 26# KB. Nearly.

bottoms up dance
The bottoms-up completion dance

Really paid attention to my back position on the squat. There was lots of chatter on the internet and my podcasts about PPT and improper lumbar position in the back squat, as well as low bar and high bar variations. It was interesting. Anyway, the back squats felt good, despite my lower back still being sore from Monday’s deficit deadlifts. I noted that on my last AMRAP rep I shifted weight to my left side, so I stopped there. 

I really “enjoyed” Wednesday’s sequence. It was challenging in a quiet way. Does that make sense? 



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