Delta & the Deep Six

That sounds like a band name, right?  

“When people are ready to, they change. They never do it before then, and sometimes they die before they get around to it. You can’t make them change if they don’t want to, just like when they do want to, you can’t stop them.” – Andy Warhol

Recently I’ve had a couple friends ask me about my experience with “Paleo”. It’s been a bit of a challenge to not overwhelm said friends with all my “weird” ways in response. I’m a passionate person who shares easily (or an opinionated loud-mouth, depending upon the audience) so when asked, especially by someone dear to me, I answer. Yessir.

Inevitably the converstion arrives at the issue of cost; money being that false motive we put out there when we don’t want to share, or don’t realize, what the real issue is. No one will call bullshit on your money excuse, because no one wants to talk about money! Thank god for the internet and the folks who ARE willing to do the talking (and the researching, writing, and sharing)! Robb Wolf breaks it down perfectly in his post, “Paleo is EXPENSIVE!”. I particularly enjoyed the “Hippy Excuses for Failure”. And while the original source of the article is down, this take** on “Is Eating Paleo Expensive or Are You Just Addicted to Shoes?” does it justice.

all the monies
If your monthly budget told your story what would it say about you? Mine would say that being a red-head is a commitment, student loans are a trap and espresso is the nectar of the gods

I believe some of these same rebuttals can be applied to “expensive” gym memberships – you know, the local, independent facilities that aren’t banking on you NOT showing up. Step one is to recognize the difference between price and value. What are getting for your membership? Are the instructors committed to educating themselves in their field or are they stuck with their one and only method for success? Do they ask you what your goals are and program accordingly? Do they read? (No. Seriously. Do they?) What do they read? I mean, I’m not gonna listen to any yahoo in an “Instructor” T-shirt.

Unless it’s Tom Hardy in an Instructor T-shirt. (And then I really wouldn’t listen.)

Personally, I reigned in my spending and cleaned up my diet by cutting back on eating out all the time and boozin’ it up. Even with my gym dues and a few Americanos a week from my favorite coffee shops, I have more money in my pocket then when I was paying $20/month at a globo gym. They say your actions speak your priorities. Maybe they should say your bank statement does.

I don’t know, the real food movement was an easy buy-in for me. It makes sense. Food shouldn’t need a label, nor should it come in a box. And being in the design field I know that good, fast, and cheap don’t coexist. So spending more money on a membership that has provided me with SO much more than just space, equipment, and white board, didn’t take a lot of convincing.

Lest this all comes off all self-righteous, rest assured I  have a Δ variable to figure out myself. This article really resonated with me… To be continued…

**I think we call this plagiarism. At the very least, state the author who’s ideas are being shared (verbatim). But, as Liz Wolfe likes to point out, the internet is like peeing in a swimming pool; once it’s out there, it’s everyone’s.

15 February | Sunday
Active Rest Day

14 February | Saturday
Roller | 15:00

Training | 5 sets:
5:00 AD
Sled walk x100m
KB swing x8 (53#)

Stretch | 20:00

13 February | Friday
Active Rest Day
Shoulder PT

12 February | Thursday

20:00 EMOM: (105#)
1 power clean
1 hang clean
2 push press/jerk

Stretch | 20:00

Jumped in on Thursday’s class EMOM and pushed my scheduled “Thursday” workout to Saturday. The EMOM felt good; I went a little heavier than I usually do. I think I could power clean all day at 105, the jerks were what got to be challenging. I have noticed when I start to fatigue I want to stick my butt out, relax my trunk, at the top of the jerk. Next time I’d like to work snatches, specifically getting under the bar, though that will depend upon how the shoulder is doing.

Friday afternoon I had a PT session for said shoulder with Amy at TOPS. I left that joint feeling like a new person; by the time I got home it felt like I’d done Fran, one-armed. Amy had warned me that I would likely be sore and she was not kidding. Saturday I modified the workout because my right shoulder and upper back were sore to touch and the bicep/triceps were TIGHT. I made sure to do the stretching exercises demo’d at PT.

Saturday’s AD sesh was good. Loaded up the sled with 120# for three rounds, making sure I was feeling it my scoops. I did and while it wasn’t easy I thought maybe I should add some additional weight and see how it felt. Bumped the sled up to 145# which I could move, but felt it more in my flexors than in my glutes. Why is dat? Anyway, I went back to the 120# because glutes. I used a heavy KB on the swings because I wasn’t lifting above chest-level.

So many great podcasts this week. The Simply Human Podcast episode with Kate Galliett was so interesting to me for obvious reasons. Deep Six!!! Here’s one of the video segments from the podcast:

And I just started listening to the Bret Contreras Podcast and am really liking it. I’m not so well versed in anatomy and body mechanics, but I still think it’s interesting. And he seems to do a ton of reasearch and drops all sorts of other resources, such as this video on squat mechanics:




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