Christmas Trees & Bumble Bees

“Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.” – Oscar Wilde

This video makes me want to hot-wire a car and escape to South America…

a story for tomorrow. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.

 20 February | Friday
MFR | 20:00

Warm-up | 3 rds:
Row/ AD 1:00
Walk presses x10
Pass thrus x10
Ring rows x10
DUs :30

EMOM #1 | 15:00
Snatch high pull + power snatch (75#)

EMOM #2 | 15:00
Hang clean + clean (105#)

Stretch | 20:00

19 February | Thursday

18 February | Wednesday
MFR | 20:00

Workout | 5 rounds:
200m sled walk (115#)
2:00 AD
10 biceps curls (15s)


Stretch | 20:00

Between the shoulder PT and not sleeping very well this week, I welcomed  Wednesday’s recovery-ish worktout. Though 200m sled pulls are challenging, especially with all the debris out back. Get a pebble under your sled and that will stop you in your tracks! Yeah, I just got “all princess and the pea” on you. (?) I don’t know if it was the Iron Scap or if I slept funny (on my 13 mattresses) but I’ve been driving like an old lady since Tuesday (with limited neck mobility). Felt much better after Friday’s PT session though. Thanks, Chad.

Double EMOM Friday was good; modified the second EMOM adding a hang clean and eliminating a jerk. (Why are jerk and snatch jokes so funny?) Wanna know what else is funny? When you send your mom a selfie to show her your new ‘do and she has nothing to say about your hair, but instead comments on the size of your hands. It’s the camera angle, Mom!

redherr and manhands
Red herr and Manhands

Rest day Thursday (evening) I tried to watch a show on Vikings, which looked really awesome but was not so much. Watched Friends instead. That show is like a documentary we can show all the kids on what life was like before the internet and smart phones. And low-rise skinnies.

New stat block is in the works. I know, with baited breath…



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