Radiohead v. Metallica

“See change as an opportunity instead of a threat.” – Andy J. Miller, Creative Pep Talk

creativeprocessor grant snider

Just discovered the Creative Pep Talk podcast and am loving it. The host is an illustrator, but I’ve found his words carry over to my field as well. Do Less More Better featured 20 tips for doing just that. (A couple of my faves: #2 Quit the thing that isn’t working  anymore and #20 Kill the FOMO and stick to the stuff that is good for you.) And I really loved his quote above. Be Radiohead, adapting to what is happening now, rather than Metallica, pontificating about the way things used to be (done).

 27 February | Thursday

30:00 AD
100m sled pull every 5:00 (135#)

26 February | Wednesday
PT & Rest Day

25 February | Twosday

MFR | 15:00

Warm up | 3 rds:
1:00 row
10 KBS
10 wall presses
10 R Kelly’s

Workout | 4 sets:
Back squat x3 (115, 125, 135)
1:00 rest
:30 Handstand holds
2:00 rest

4 Rounds:
Power clean x3 (105, 110, 110, 110#)
1:00 AD – not all out – consistent pace
1:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

Realized after I got home Tuesday evening that I did three sets of back squats instead of four. Cheater. A rest day was taken Wednesday because my shoulder was pretty spent from PT. Thursday was a gam day for the same reason.

Been meaning to nail down a thoughtful list of goals. I’ve struggled to do so. I like what Graeme Turner has to say in this article about incremental improvements every day. Kaizen.



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