Suck Less

“The way I estimate, I’ve done about 6000 hours of jiu-jitsu. So, my advice on that is, if you show up for a decade, eventually you will quit sucking.” – Forrest Griffin

start March off with a badass
Ronda Rousey is such a badass. And definitely has RBF

Last week was really rough. This weekend called for some taking stock and getting shit done. Turns out those two items aren’t mutually exclusive. I watched Ronda Rousey do her thing, which only took 14 seconds. Also relaxed with a couple black & while films, the Vivian Maier documentary and Ida. Both were amazing (the cinematography in Ida is breath-taking) and visually inspiring. Feeling ready to tackle the week ahead. Suddenly this feels like both a movie review and a journal entry…

(I may have done a google search of “suck less”. Risky, I know, but I live on the edge. This one from The Oatmeal was my favorite search result.)

 01 March  | Sunday

Yoga Class + Brunching

28 February | Saturday
Warm-up w/ class

Workout | 4 rds:
Front Squat x5 (95#)
Farmer’s Carry x100m (44# KBs)
2:00 Row

Some Stretchin’

27 February | Friday
Shoulder PT Day

Warm up w/ 4:00 class (for 15.1)

Workout | 5 rds:
Hang cleans x3 (95#)
GH raises x7
Sit-ups x15
2:00 AD

Stretch x20:00

Took a yoga class with JK Sunday and, as she put it so perfectly, every time I take a yoga class I am reminded why I don’t take yoga classes. I spent most of class trying to place the instructor; I think that’s considered “doing it wrong”. (She’s a cashier at my Whole Foods.)

I should have used my arsenal of archived workouts the tail end of last week. It didn’t occur to me to do that until after the fact, but that would have been smart. Instead I made shit up on the fly, which I did not enjoy, nor find to be particularly beneficial.



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