Food & Fascia

“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.” – Voltaire

girl v cat
This week’s goal: Be more like the little girl and less like the cat

It’s beautiful outside today. Sunshine collection outweighs assembling words, so bear with me. I really liked this week’s episode of Barbell Shrugged. I know, I know, I like every week of Barbell Shrugged! Jill Miller opened with a hip/shoulder scenario and then went right into a discussion on the diaphragm, asymmetry and posture. Um yes! I need to know more and have ordered her book from Amazon.

Also loved the latest from the ladies over at Balanced Bites. They have such a great dynamic. Liz is knocked up and all about the babies. Diane is not and has zero interest in the babies. And yet, they have maintained their witty banter and informative, entertaining discussions. There’s hope for us all!

There seemed to be a food theme to my reading list this week. First from Molly Galbraith we have, My New “Diet” – Exactly How I Eat Each Day. I shudder at the Diet Sunkist, but appreciate the overall message of “chill the fuck out and do what works for you and your goals”. It contrasted, but also complimented an article by James Barnum via Eat to Perform, How To Lose Body Fat and Keep It Off. I need to be reminded how all this shit works in our bodies. There were several links within that article I liked, but particularly the one, Feed Your Cardio: An Argument Against Using Cardio to Get Lean. What’s with all these remedial reads? That’s a conversation for coffee. Speaking of reading, how about this gem: 100 Legal Sites to Download Literature. I prefer to read a physical book myself, but it’s good to know there are options.

And finally, check out this photo essay showing people from around the world with their daily food intake. Visual food logging. I wonder if seeing an assemblage of what we ate each day would change our behavior, not just from a health perspective, but from a sustainable one.

08 March | Sunday
Mormon Trail Loop
@ South Mtn
+/- 5.0 miles

07 March | Saturday
MFR | 20:00

Warm-up | 4 rounds:
Wall balls x10
Sit-ups x15
DUs x20

Workout | Back Squat 4×2 (125, 135, 145, 155#)
400m run
KBS (35#)

06 March | Friday

05 March | Thursday

Training | 4 sets:
DB bench press x6 reps
:30 rest
Banded pull ups x5 reps
1:30 rest
– and then –
3:00 AD @ easy pace
15:00 AD 30/30’s
:30 sprint
:30 rest

Sunday hiking was fantastic. Being outside is my stress management technique, so I need to re-prioritize getting that in at least once a week.

Saturday’s back squats felt really great. The push-ups did not; After about a dozen reps on the first set, I dropped to my knees to keep my arms tight to my body and avoid the wing-flair-crooked-neck thing that everyone does when they fatigue. The run felt slow and heavy.

Friday’s rest day was good. No 15.2 for me.

leg day lucas
Hooray for the Open! Lucas loves leg day

Thursday. Oh, Thursday. I did a bunch of PT work Wednesday, some of which included pull-ups on some machine I am forgetting the name of. Essentially you lay on a sled at an incline and do pull-ups. Either I was fatigued from that or I was just mentally not into it. Could have been the latter…

get on with it

And lastly, noted for future 30/30 assignments: the “sprint” component is relative.

Trying a new thing. The stat block in isolation isn’t proving to be that helpful. Made a weekly “rear view” to see about spotting trends. We will see if it’s helpful or if it was just a fun-in-Illustrator exercise.



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