The Ouroboros

“Live less out of habit and more out of intent.”


I learned a lot from the time I spent in South America. My first day in Buenos Aires, as my roomates and I excitedly explored our digs, we took note of all it’s oddities; everything  in our apartment was scaled-down in size, “cute”, minimal, but beautiful. (And there was a bidet in the bathroom. Score.) What there wasn’t much of was space. Where were we gonna put all of our shit?! I mean, no way was I going to spend six months in Argentina without bringing every single pair of shoes I owned.

George Carlin is the best. Anyway, what I came to understand as I settled into my new city was that so much of what I thought I needed was superfluous. Of all those shoes I lugged nearly 6,000 miles, I literally wore 3 pairs. If there’s something we have ingrained in us as Americans is this idea of mindless consumption, on so many scales. Our manicured yards stretch our water recources thin and keep our neighbors at a distance. And our ridiculously over-sized homes that we then work to fill with cheap, meaningless shit. Even our ever-expanding bodies are a representation of our excess. Or maybe we are just like gold fish and grow to the size of our environment. Big house, big belly.

We spend so much of our precious time earning money to buy all this shit. I really liked this article on Raptitude, Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed. Some of the comments are pretty interesting, too. It makes me want wanna watch Fight Club and listen to the Avett Brothers. But for now, I have to get back to work.

work for your shit

08 April | Wednesday
Mobility | 20:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds
Row x1:00
Wall walk x2

Training | Power clean – heavy single (125, 145, 145, 140#)
– then –
16:00 EMOM:
Evens: hang power clean x4 @50% (115#; last three rds 3@115#)
Odds: hand release push-ups x5 + 15 DUs
– then –
Single arm OH walking lunge 4×20 (26# KB)
Rest 1:30

Stretch | 15:00

07 April | Tuesday
MFR + Mobility | 20:00

Warm-up | 4 rounds:
5 glute-hammies
8 push-ups
30 DUs

Workout | 5 rounds:
Sled walk x100m (135#)
AD x1:00
Fwd-leaning rest x1:00

Stretch class | 20:00

06 April | Monday
Mobility | 15:00

Workout | Back Squat – heavy single (155, 175#)
Rest 10:00
CP Battery: Back Squat xAMRAP @85% (3 @150#)
– then –
Power Clean – heavy single (125, 145#)

Monday – got back up to pre-injury BS numbers! Yay! That power clean though. I’ve hit 145# a few times in the past. But not Monday. Or Wednesday.

Mondays requested recordings:

Wednesday’s heavy power cleans went pretty much like Mondays. But the video… Christian’s position in the frame coupled with the angle of the camera… Bahahaha! I die!

04-08 rearview-01-01-01



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