Paint Your Day

“Your body is not your masterpiece – your life is.” – Glennon Melton in this great article

use your hands
image by Jessica Wong Cruickshank


12 April | Sunday
Rest Day

11 April | Saturday
Rest Day

10 April | Short Shorts Friday
Foam-rolling the scoops | 20:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Wall balls x8
Push-ups x5
Dead bugs x:30

Workout | RFESS 3×8 reps @ 32X1
1:00 rest btwn legs (15#)
– then –
3 sets:
RDL x5 (115, 125, 135#)
1:00 rest
Box step up x8 ea (45, 55, 60#)
1:00 rest
– then –
10:00 EMOM! (44#)
KBS x10

Chatting over beers whilst not stretching

09 April | Thursday
Mobility | 20:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Wall press x10
Wall ball x8
DUs x20

Training | 4 sets:
Bench press x10 @ 55#
1:00 rest
Knees to elbow x5
3:00 rest
– then –
3 Sets:
Chinese row x10 ea (15# DB – use 20# next time)
1:00 rest
Single leg hip thrust x12 ea (15# DB – use 20# next time)
1:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

Thursday: The Chinese aka Asian aka Hit-your-nips-with-the-dumbbell-the-first-two-sets-but-figure-it-out-by-the-last-one-ouch Row and hip thrusts were maybe not hard enough with the 15# dumbbells. I’m not sure I couldn’t have done all sets with the 20’s, but I’m thinking I should “size-up” next time, even if I have to finish with the smaller ones. Yes? Do I need to be able to do all sets at the same weight or is it fine if I have to shed some on that last round if need be?

Friday’s workout was brought to you by Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Guide to Fitness:


Perhaps not the most appropriate sponsor considering the “Masterpiece” article shared above, but why start being appropriate now? Besides, a set of hefty glutes is a useful life tool – I’m certain of it.

Friday’s workout delivered. The split squats are always challenging in a good way. I gotta fight a little bit not to cheat and use the quads, especially on that weaker right leg, but I can tell I’m improving. I love the loaded step-ups. And the beer and chat session after the workout closed out the week perfectly.

Took the weekend off and it was glorious. Except for the fact I may have watched one too many episodes of Game of Thrones. I woke up both relieved and disappointed; no dragons, no Jon Snow. (I’m playing catch-up and nearly through Season 2, so no spoilers!)

04-13 rearview-01


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