Going by Feel

  “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” – Stephen R. Covey

Rene Burri 1980
Image by René Burri, 1980


20 April | Monday
Warm-up | 4 rounds:
HR push-ups x5
KBS x10
DUs x20

Training | Back squat x6 sets
Rest 3-4 mins btwn:
5 @ 140# (135#)
4 @ 145# (140)
3 @ 150#
2 @ 155#
1 @ 160#
AMRAP @ 140# (5)
– then –
Front squat 3×6 @ 95#
– then –
5:00 of 30/30’s
DUs x :30
Rest x :30

MRF & stretch | 30:00

19 April | Sunday
Hiking with Jennifer!
Cholla Trail @ Camelback
+/- 4.0 miles
“respect the mountain”

18 April | Saturday
Training | Row x10:00 of 30/30’s:
:30 easy row (+/- 2:30 pace)
:30 hard row (+/- 1:50 pace)
– then –
Press 3×5 (75,70,70#)
Rest x2:00 btwn
– then –
4 rounds:
Run x200m
Unbroken DU’s x20
Burpees x10

Foam-rolling followed by stretch | 30:00

The 30/30’s on the rower are interesting in that the time goes really fast despite being pretty painful. Maybe it’s just that, as a taller, long-armed individual, I am built for rowing. Either way, Saturday my ass was sore; the last 3:00 were rough. But I survived 🙂 I wasn’t able to get my sprint pace down to 1:45, which was my goal.

Ah the press, it felt good – no shoulder pain or anything. I felt the previous day’s ring push-ups. Dropped weight after the first set because my form wasn’t so good (doing the strained neck, belly and butt-out, lopsided push thing, so I put the kibash on that ish). Failed on the very last rep.

Despite some negative self-talk at the onset of the last segment of Saturday’s Session, I am happy with how it went. I noticed I was pretty much able to recover on the run, which made the DUs easy, breezy. And burpees, well, they always get me breathing hard, but I really focused on good form and not flopping around. I can tell I have some extra lbs, but I’m not saying that felt bad.

Monday’s squat started out a little rough. Sore from the hiking maybe? Lightened the load on the first two sets because they didn’t feel awesome. In retrospect though, what’s five lbs? Anyway, caught up on the third set. The weight was challenging; I noticed they got a little shallower as the weight went up, but was still breaking parallel. The front squats felt great – better than last week’s for sure. Perfect reps and the weight felt light.



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