I’ve said goodbye to the Facebook. Gonna cool it on the metrics for a while. Summer is coming. Less is more.

Friday’s Five Best Things:

  1. Chris Moore, aka The Barbell Buddha aka The Guy on Barbell Shrugged with the Enormous Noggin, dishing out another epic quote on this week’s podcast, “The apocalypse is coming; better get my bench [numbers] up.” You might need some context; listen here. The last 10:00 are the meatiest.
  2. Diana Rodgers taking everyone to task in, “Should Sustainability be Part of The Food Pyramid?” Check out that Snickers vs Grass-Fed Beef cost comparison…
  3. This illustration. It’s funny because it’s true.
  4. SwiftKey’s Emoji Report, from which I learned the “solidarity” fist emoji is actually the “handy” emoji…

    the more you know jon snow
    The more you know…
  5. And finally, I’ve saved the best for fifth, this talk from Sarah Lewis on the difference between success and mastery, and the value of the near-win: How Do Our Near-Wins Motivate Us To Keep Going?

01 May | Friday
Warm-up | 3 rds:
Row x :45
R Kelly’s
Conversations with Ligocki
Wishing for longer shorts

Workout | Double EMOMs!
EMOM Numero Uno x20:00:
Evens: slam ball x5 (30#)
Odds: bench press x5 (80#)

EMOM Dos x14:00:
Evens: KBS x5 @ 53#
Odds: push press x5 (80#)

Serious Stretch + MFR | 30:00

30 April | Thursday
Rest Day Ballet, as in “I went the the” not “check out my fancy fucking spin moves”

29 April | Wednesday
I ❤ these squat “Mondays”
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Push-ups x8
Wall balls x10
V-ups x12

Workout | Back squat x6 sets
Rest x3-4 mins btwn
Set 1: 3 reps @ 140#
Set 2: 3 @ 145#
Set 3: 2 @ 150#
Set 4: 2 @ 155#
Set 5: 1 @ 160#
Set 6: AMRAP @ 135# (diez)
– then –
Front squat 3×6 @ 100#
– then –
5:00 of 30/30’s
AD x :30
Rest x :30

Mobility + Stretch | 35:00

28 April | Tuesday
Mobility | 10:00

Workout | 5 rounds:
Row x :30
DUs x :30
AD x 1:00
– then –
Press 3×5 @ 70#
2:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

27 April | Monday
Another Rest Day

This past week just felt off. Discombobulated – that would be the word. And a mouthful. Considering the week a reset of sorts. 

Sometimes, when there are lots of people in the gym and they are all waiting in line to pee or to change into their DTP gear, I take a few extra minutes in the ladies to take selfies of my scoops-in-progress…

It doesn’t feel right to make fun of the millennials without posting a selfie of my own

Tuesday’s workout was a good ease back into the gym after back-to-back rest days. I was interested to see how things went Wednesday with all the squats… and they felt fine! Here’s the AMRAP set as requested:

The Double EMOMs felt good. Shifting the foam-rolling from pre- to post-workout has sorta fucked up my routine. What I mean is, I am still finding the groove for the new one. It’ll settle in just fine I’m sure. Less talk, more focus, Morgan.



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