The Fancy Post

“No, no, I am but shadow of myself;
You are deceived, my substance is not here;
For what you see is but the smallest part…”
– Bill Shakespeare, Henry VI

Donde estas mis fuckeths?


03 May | Sunday

Warm-up | 3 rds:
Walking lunges x10
Wall press x10
V-ups x10
DUs x20

Workout | 5 rds:
Row x1:00
Sled pull x100m (135#)
FLR x1:00
Tire hits x20

Stretch + Mobilize | 20:00

02 May | Saturday
9:00a Class

Warm-up | 3 rds:
Run x200m
Wall balls x5
KBS x5
Box yumps x5
Hang  snatch x5

Workout | 4 rds with my partner Uber Amber!:
Wall balls x1:00 (14#)
KBS x1:00 (35#)
Box step-ups x1:00
Hang snatch x1:00 (65#)
AD x1:00

Stretch + Shootin’ the Sheeit | 20:00

Saturday’s class workout was good times. I really liked the, “It’s your minute” mindset: go hard, cruise through, work for :30, etc. Go by feel. My hips and glutes were pretty sore so my goal was to just cruise through. I worked consistently on each of the stations with the exception of the KBS. On that one I went hard for :40, practicing pulling the KB down from the top position, then took the remainder for rest. It was a fun crew and class; established a great vibe for the rest of the day.

Sunday my sunrise hike was sidelined by my desire to sleep in. I decided to hit the ‘nasium for a late morning workout – brought the music, the coffee, and the spotted beast. It was glorious. Sunday service, indeed. Everything felt good, though my low back was pretty tight to start. I’d planned on doing some front rack carries, but switched those out for tire hits after a test run getting the KBs to the overhead door.

the hammer
Tire hits, the symphony version. That guy plays THE FUCKING HAMMER.

Typically, I listen to podcasts when I clean my casa – temptation bundling at it’s finest. One of these said podcasts lead me down a google path that reminded me why gymnastics is so awesome. Check out these little people and their body awareness:

Those hollow positions! What little leo’ed badasses. My imaginary kid definitely takes gymnastic classes.

And finally, a fancy fucking collage to pump me up for the impending work week:

Is that one on the right ohm or do I get to punch you in the arm?





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