Nor does it care about your visible abs or booty goals

Two pieces I chewed over this week that intersected nicely with one another, as well as with where my head’s been a lot lately were an article on the NY Times website, What Is Your Purpose? and Millennials in Today’s Workforce from The Diane Rehm Show.

It seems that Millennials are seeking more from their work than just a paycheck, they want purpose and meaning. Don’t we all, I ask you? It just so happens that their numbers just might provoke a real change in the way we work.

Maslow said that only one in every 100 people achieve  self-actualization. Perhaps the Millennials are going to  better those odds.

09 May | Saturday
Warm-up | 3 rds:
Row x:45
Mobility moves
DUs x20

Workout | 10 rounds:
Press x5 @ 50% 1RM (55#)
Rest x1:30
Pendlay rows X 5 @ 40×0 tempo (55#)
Rest x1:30
– then –
3 sets Max. unbroken DUs (55, 42, 58)
Rest x2:00 btwn sets

Stretchin’ & Rollin’ | 30:00

08 May | Friday
Warm-up | 3 rds:
Row x:45
DUs x20

Training | Back squat 4×10 (95, 95, 105, 115#)
5 regular reps then
5  just-the-middle-section-yo reps
– then –
Reverse lunge 3×10 ea (55# BB)
Rest x1:00 btwn legs
– then –
3 rds:
Pillar plank to press up x10
Rest x1:00
Reverse DB fly x12 (10# DBs)
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00

07 May | Thursday
Rest Day

06 May | Wednesday
Warm-up | 4 rds:
Row x:30
DUs x 15

Workout | EMOM! x20:00
Evens: Power clean + jerk x3 @ 85#
Odds: Wall ball x10

Stretch & foam-roll all by lonesome so I shut my pie hole and focus | 35:00

Tuesday’s extremely tight ‘strangs (ham) left me with the realization that I might need to stop wearing heels to work completely. Or I could just be one of these ladies. The 80’s are back, you know…

Yep. Looks just like me with my fresh ‘do

Wednesday’s workout felt good, though I was thankful for a lighter Rx weight on the barbell. Considered using the 20# wallball, but stuck with the 14#er and focused on not going so deep … into the wall ball. That coupled with the proper breathing and the not keeping your arms extended is seriously gonna make me a wallballer. Fo’ sho’ yo’.

Friday’s back squats and reverse BB lunges were awesome. Those mid-section only reps are a challenge. Getting stronger on the DB flies; they feel a lot better. I no longer have to resist the urge to shrug when I do them. And I enjoy the pillar to plank press. In the demo video the guy is very deliberate with his movements. TG, is that necessary or can the transitions be smoother provided you are maintaining the plank – glutei locked and loaded? (New favorite booty word: glutei. So official.)

Woke up sore in the booty glutei Saturday…

When Friday’s workout hits ya like, whoa!

Saturdays presses and rows felt good. My 1Rm on strict press is currently 90#, so I used more than 50% but all the reps felt good. The last couple sets of the tempo Pendlay rows were tough, but the rest of the reps were pretty easy. I am still experiencing some tricep and low back tightness on the right side. And where it all connects in my arm pit – the rotator cuff? – I could stretch and roll that ish all day long without relief. I need to find some more myofascial release moves for that area. 

More questions for TG: If I get a set of these stall bars can I mount then in the ‘nasium? I’m not even trying to be dirty right now. I don’t know why but all this kinda shit looks crazy hard, but super fun to me:



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