Blue Zones

“In soft regions are born soft men.” – Herodotus

Because a quote like that demands a lion

Found this TED talk about longevity to be really interesting, particularly the customs they follow in Okinawa – “ikigai” and Moai.

And here’s one about lions:

25 May | Monday
Warm-up | 4 rds:
DUs x20
Mobility Moves
Wall balls x10

Workout | Back Squat x6 sets
Rest x3:00 btwn
5 @ 135#
4 @ 140
3 @ 145
2 @ 150
1 @ 155
AMPRAP @ 135# (just 5)
– then –
3 rounds:
Front squats x6 @ 100#
Rest x1:00
KBS x10 (44#)
Rest x1:00
GHD sit-ups 3×10
Rest x1:00

Stretch + MFR | 25:00

24 May | Sunday
Active Rest Day
Geronimo Trail | +/- 4 miles

23 May | Saturrrrday
Mobility | 15:00

Workout | 10:00 of work: (5+200)
Run x200m
Power snatch x5 @65#
– Rest x5:00 –
8:00 of work: (3+15)
AD x15 cals
KB front rack lunge x10 steps (26ers)
Banded rows x10
– Rest x4:00 –
6:00 of work: (28)
AMRAP DU’s in sets of 10

Stretch | 25:00

22 May | Friday
Warm-up | 3 rds:
Wall balls x10
SA press x4 ea
Walking lunges x10
DUs x25

Workout | Back squat 3 x10 reps @ 95#
Rest x3:00
– then –
Single-arm press x8 ea (26#)
Rest x1:00
Banded pull-ups x5
Rest x2:00
– then –
GH raise 3 x6-8 (6,8,8)
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00

21 May | Thursday
Rest Day

Nothing to report on Friday’s sesh. 

I was a little intimidated for the first portion of Saturday’s workout – with the running. (Get stronger, build the base. Repeat.) Having re-approached following the hip injury, and working on building strength and proper movement patterns, I’ve gotten used to getting barbell winded. I’m calling it that because, architect, not coach. But you know what I mean, right? Anyway, back to Saturday. The winded I got felt good. And front rack lunges are tough! 

Checked out a new-to-me trail on South Mountain Sunday. With low traffic and fun terrain, I’ll be seeing more of you next weekend, Geronimo! 

Squat Monday went smoothly, though I didn’t get many reps in on the AMPRAP. Things felt fine, just heavy. Heavy things sometimes feel heavy. Crazy! Added some GHD sit-ups for fun. Mostly I just wanted to see my muscles flex. What?

ahnold says it's okay
Ahnold understands



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