Partitioning Life & Infinite Fitness

the better question

Partitioned Grocery Carts

Started the weekend off at the grocery store. As I unloaded my goods on the conveyor, I got a comment from the fella in front of me about not having anything “bad” in my cart. Eyes on your own plate, bro! But, I think he was trying to give me a compliment, so I just smiled politely…

smile politely

I typically don’t have trouble spending all my money on filling up my cart with a colorful array of fruits & veggies and a stack of creature foods. But I still found this segment about partitioning shopping carts to be a really awesome idea. It turns out that simply by dividing the basket of a shopping cart into two halves with duct tape (that shit is handy as fuck), shoppers increased the amount of produce they bought. We all just need a reminder once in a while, eh?

Partitioned Incomes

This week’s Paleo Solution Podcast features an interview with Jared Stone, author of “Year of the Cow – How 420 pounds of Beef Built a Better life for One American Family”. If you eat meat, you should listen to this podcast. I’m definitely adding this book to the summer reading queue.

The podcast covers the transition of cattle from pastures into and on CAFOs and corn-fed diets.  Robb dropped a stat about how Americans in the 1900’s spent 40-60% of their household income on food, compared to a fraction of that currently. This lead me on a tangent that really surprised me. Here are some visuals:

paritioned incomes-01
From an article on The Atlantic, “How America Spends Monday: 100 Years in the Life of the Family Budget” by Derek Thompson. Click the image to read the article

I wonder if we were to partition our budgets in addition to our grocery carts, If we might be a healthier nation…

Back to the podcast, I also really loved the evolution of the author’s initial question “How can I best use this grass-fed cow?” from an experiment in nose-to-tail eating into a much bigger interpretation of the same question:

“If I eat this grass-fed steer and I used the energy, the metabolic energy that it gives me and I go and I play video games for four hours, am I making the best use of that animal that I possibly can? If I go mindlessly surf the channels for two hours, am I making the best of that animal that I possibly can and that’s the other side that this forced me to confront and I didn’t expect it at all.” – Jared Stone

Okay, so, don’t waste that animal’s life by being a lazy fucking sloth – make a contribution. Got it.

Infinite Fitness

Lastly, I must mention the latest and greatest from the fellas at Barbell Shrugged. This week they have a great conversation with Kenny Kane of CrossFit LA. I really liked what this guy had to say. He also drew some cool diagrams on the chalkboard. Here’s a snippet in which he refers to one of them…

“Within this context, this pyramid to me is the physical. What is the physical? Twenty, thirty, forty percent? But the mental and emotional development, I put the word “infinite’ there because to me that’s infinite fitness. Maybe your metrics with age and time will decline, but if you’re mentally on it and if you’ve got your heart in the right place you’re going to continue to evolve with that disciplined physical practice over the arc of time.” – Kenny Kane

07 June | Sunday
Hike @ South Mountain
Geronimo – National – Mormon Loop
6.5 mi

06 June | Saturday
Warm-up | 3 rds:
AD x1:00
Wall press x10
Walking lunges x10
Mobility moves
DUs x20

Workout | Front squat 5×3 @105#
Rest x3:00 btwn
– then –
4 rds:
Death March 4 x1 @20# DBs (wall ball wall > whiteboard > back=1)
Rest x1:00
Single-arm press x5 ea (30# DB)
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00

05 June | Friday
Warm-up | I can’t remember – didn’t write it down – but I did one.

Workout | (6 sets)
TGUs x50 alternating reps (35# KB)
Every 5:00, AD x15 cals

Stretch | 20:00

The TGU workout was a challenge. I started with the 35# KB and hoped to move up to the 44# KB for the last 10 on each side. But about halfway through I realized my actual goal would be to maintain using the 35#er for the duration. I did it. Next time: elbow sleeves. Rubbed those puppies raw. Haven’t done that since elbowing the heavy bag too many times.

Thought Saturday’s workout was gonna be recovery-ish. Ha! Those death marches are aptly named. Though one could also be called them heavy breathers. Mmm… let’s stick with the march. I really feel those in the glutei and my mid and low back. The front squats felt heavy considering there wasn’t a whole lot of weight on the bar, but I’m guessing the previous day’s get-ups made that so.

Loved the Sunday hike. The weather was beautiful, the trail quiet, and the company awesome. Screw Central Park, we’ve got you beat NYC:


I am giving a new food journal app a try. Why? Well, a little because I like to monitor shit, but I hate tracking macros. And mostly because it involves pics and the idea of having a visual food log seems fun and fresh. The app is called Two Grand. The interface is pretty nice and I like that you can find recipes and set & track other goals, as well, not solely the eats.



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