– What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than Sally –

Do you ever catch yourself doing something that, well…

Ah, the ’90’s were so amazing. Do you remember LA Gear?

I had the white pair.

End of tangent. Back to the hmm…

Lately I’ve been really fucking irritated fixated on the cheater at our ‘nasium. So much so that I began to think, huh, why am I so preoccupied with this person? After some deliberation, I’ve concluded that the source of my frustration with this individual is that I used to be her. Not that I ever shorted reps or lied about my time on the Stair Master (We’re talking the 90’s here, people!) but I most definitely have cheated myself.

There needs to be an emoji for this
Me. At the ‘Nasium. Eyeing the Cheater. There needs to be an emoji for this

When I think about that person I was – and hey, the one constant in our lives is change; I’m a different person today that I was last week in some capacity – I wonder, what would have helped me recognize the foolishness of my ways? Someone calling me out? Someone washing me in their wisdom? Someone leading the way? For all I know, I was surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable people bashing their foreheads in frustration trying to get me to listen. But I wasn’t there yet. (Like Arya and the Many-Faced God, perhaps. The summer will be long without Game of Thrones.) The path is the goal. No one can find it for you.

“Discovering one’s self, one’s talent and ambition and learning how to express it is a creative process so may not be rushed… In the end, the process takes as long as it takes — you can’t push the river.” – Mark Twight, Why

Finally, not the 90’s but appropriate for this week…

22 June | Monday
Feeling-a-little-broken-again Day
Warm-up | MFR + Mobility

Workout | AD x25:00
Wall walks x2 every 5:00

Stretch Class Version 2.0 | 20:00

21 June | Sunday
Rest Day

20 June | Saturday
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Row x:45
Yump rope x:30

Workout | “Flight Simulator” (15:19)
DUs in UB sets: 5,10,15… 45, 50,45…15,10,5
My rep scheme: 5…40,42,45,44,48,50…5

Stretch Class | 20:00

19 June | Friday
Warm-up | 3 Rounds:
Wall balls x10
Walking lunges x10
Row x:45

Workout | RDL 5×4 @4040 (95, 105,115,115,115#)
Rest x3:00
“Tempo – where the mojo resides”
– then –
EMOM x20:00
Evens – push press x3 @ 65#
Odds – AD x:30 @ consistent pace

Stretch + MFR | 25:00

Friday | I wondered how heavy I should go on the RDLs. I knew when I got there.

Saturday | Sheeeit gets interesting after 40 (reps). I certainly hope so.

Sunday | Deployed all the recovery techniques…

Spring 2015 2015-06-21 007
New foam roller courtesy of Mike C

Monday | Tight on the right from calf to hip = Recovery sesh

My girl Kate Galliett dropped some knowledge bombs on The Simply Human Podcast. It appears that I could improve upon my glute bridge technique and modify my foot position during split squats. Check out her work in the garden…




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