“Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.” -Paulo Coelho

sloooow dooownLoved this week’s Barbell Shrugged. I enjoy that you get training tips, life advice and girth jokes, all in one package.

The segment on going “all in” stuck with me. The discussion in the podcast was primarily focused on pushing things physically – resisting the habit of pacing during a workout, and allowing yourself to test your body’s capacity – it’s vomit-inducing, femur-bending capacity.

Let’s take that for a walk outside the gym. What if we avoided the habit of mentally measuring ourselves, giving partial effort to keep some in the reserve for all the other things that sort of matter?

James Clear wrote this really great article about a punch card for life, “Warren Buffet’s ’20-Slot’ Rule: How to Simplify Your Life and Maximize Your Results”. Essentially, it’s a model to help you practice selective focus, limiting the quantity of “investments” / tasks / goals you take on, and allowing you to concentrate your finite time and energy on the shit that really matters. More going all in.

Which doors would you close – what slots would you take back – given you knew your punch card was limited? ‘Cause you know it is.

15 Aug | Sa
MFR | 6:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Wall balls x10
Candlesticks x7
Push-ups x5

Work | EMOM! x24:00
Clean + High-hang Power Clean + Front Squat (95,105#)
DUs x:30
Slam balls x7 (30#)

3 rounds:
DB Bicep curls x10
Banded tricep push-downs x15

Stretch | 25:00
45DNC | 10
Protein Count | 117g

14 Aug | F
Rest Day
3 miles walking the paws in the morning

45DNC | 8 (-2 for recovery, no stretch)
Protein Count | 148g

13 Aug | Th
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Single-leg hip extension x10 ea
Push-ups x5
Jump rope x:30
Burpees x4 (NC Penalty)

Work | Recovery x30:00
Row x1:00
TGU x1 ea (35,35,44,44#)
AD x1:00
FLR on rings x1:00
Dead bugs x1:00

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC |10
Protein count | 171g

12 Aug | W
Warm-up | DUs + Mobility

Work | O-lifting
1×3 @ 65% (100#)
1×3 @ 70% (110#)
3×3 @ 75% (115#)
Low-hang Clean Pull w/ 2s pause  2×4 @ 90% (135#)
2×4 @ 95% (140#)
Press in Split Jerk Position
4×5 AHAP (65,75,70,70,70#)

MFR + Stretch | 25:00
45DNC | 10
Protein count | 133g

11 Aug | Tu
Warm up | 3 rounds:
Candlestick rolls x5
Body rows x10
KB swing x5
Burpees x7 (NC penalty)

Work | 4 sets:
Bench press x3 reps @ 75% (75#)
Right into
Chin-over-bar hold x:15
Right into
KB snatch x5 ea (35# KB)
Rest x3:00
3 sets:
Dead bugs x1:00
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC | 10
Protein count | 199g

10 Aug | M
Warm-it-up | 3 rounds
Back squat x10 empty bar
PVC OH walking lunges x10 steps
Wall run x20 shoulder taps
KB swing x5@35#
10 burpees (NC penalty)

Work | Back rack lunges 4×5 ea (60,70,85,85#)
Rest x1:30
Single-leg hip thrust 3×15 ea
Rest x1:00 btwn legs
5 rounds:
Row x300m row
Burpees x5

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC | 10
Protein count: 160g

Monday | I think 85 was the max I could do whilst maintaining proper movement on the back rack lunges (at least on the weak side). Lots of burning and squeezing on the thrusts. Really establishing those booty-brain pathways. The row + burpee combo was fun; I didn’t go balls to the wall, pacing myself until the last round. Got nice and sweaty:

sweaty selfie #nohairdontcare #whoneedsAC

Tuesday | The candlestick rolls are fun. Are you supposed to keep your feet together when heels-to-da-butt-ing? Cruised through the work; bench felt strong. Nailed the protein again.

Wednesday | That under arm lat area is sore AF, so it took a few extra rounds on the jerk to grease the wheel there. The split press was interesting – I really focused on hip position, keep the bucket full, and not cheating on the press. I’ve got work to do on my pushers. Olay makes me wired and hungry; I have a hard time falling asleep Wednesday nights.

Thursday | Recovery kicked my booty. I was pretty fatigued from the week’s work, then the FLR + Dead bugs + Row… oh hay abs! The TGUs felt strong I was just sweaty so getting a grip was more challenging than usual.

Friday | Rest day was needed. Failed to stretch; I should probably knock that out in the morning after the dog walk.

Saturday | It was hot as balls in the gymnasium. Everything felt good, though. Still no strippers, beer, or cocaine.





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