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21-24 Aug | F – Su
Off the grid-ish

20 Aug | Th
Travel Day:
3 mile dog-walk
45DNC (10)
Protein Count: 118g

19 Aug | W
Warm-up | DUs + Mobility moves

Work | Snatch + OHS:
1×4 @ 65% (55#)
1×3 @ 70% (65#)
4X3 @ 75% (75#)
Snatch Pull:
1×4 @100% (105#)
4×3 @ 110% (115#)
Front Squat:
1×5 @ 70% (115#)
1×3 @ 75% (125#)
1×3 @ 80% (135#)
3×2 @ 85% (140#)

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC (10)
Protein Count: 160g

18 Aug | Tu
Warm-up | 3 rounds
Press x10
DB reverse fly’s x10
DU’s x30

Work | 4 rounds:
Single-arm press x8 ea (26# KB)
Rest x1:00
Chin-over-bar hold x:17 (:20 intervals)
Rest x2:00
4 rounds:
Farmer’s walk around the gym (53# KBs)
Right into
Good mornings x10 (65,65,75,75#)
Rest x2:00
– and then –
DU’s x400 for time (8:07)

Stretch Class
45DNC (10)
Protein: 151g

17 Aug | M
6:00 Class
MFR | 6:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Wall balls x10
DUs x20
OH Walking Lunges x10

Work | Power Clean 5×3 (115,125,135,130,130#)
Rest x3:00 btwn sets
Back Squat 3×5 @80% (115,125,135#)
Rest x3:00 btwn sets

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC (10)
Protein count: 143g

16 Aug | Su
Rest Day:
Dog walks
Deprivation Dip
Stretch +MFR
45DNC (10)
Protein: 101g

Sunday | My first experience in the deprivation tank was awesome. The sensation in the water is so amazing; the water is a little warmer than body temp so the line between where your body starst and ends  is blurry. The water almost becomes an extension of yourself. In a nutshell: completely effortless skinny dipping in a blanket of darkness.

Had a “cheat”. Hot sauce counts as a vegetable right?

Monday | Partnered up with Matty Nice for his last workout at DTP before heading to the SF. Everything felt great. I wasn’t moving as well as I can, but the sleep has been off, so we’ll chalk it up to that.

Tuesday | Crabby AF. Gymnasium time helped resolve that. I stuck with the 26# KB on the SA Press; when I tried going up to the 30# DB my form got shitty. COBs felt solid so I went with :20 holds. Only a little bit of tightness in the right bicep, but nothing compared to what it’s been in the past. Not sure about the Buenos Dias. Thought about my ass, but felt it most in my hammies and abs. Started with sets of 40 on the DUs but after two sets of that I broke it down in 20s.

Wednesday | No glute soreness from the good mornings. Noted. Am still amazed at how O-lifting makes me feel.  Love it.

Thursday | Travel day. We’ll see how I do when I take the  45DNC on the road…

Off-the-grid-ish | Based on my trip last month and then again this past weekend, it seems not moving is the absolute worst. My low back is sooo tight. I worked to walked, stand and move when the opportunity presented itself, but it’s crazy how what you surround yourself with, you become.

And, in conclusion, I will rant a bit…

Dear family, friends, and strangers,
I do not want nor care to hear your feedback on what I put in my mouth. The commentary, whether outright or tucked into some snide remark – the one about McDonalds for breakfast just keeps getting funnier – all of it is annoying and really pathetic. I am happy to answer your questions, but don’t put your shit on me.                       




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