The Bigger Life & A Glorious Sunset

“At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box.” – Italian Proverb

dreams and nightmares
Dismaland – Photography Matt Tipper

Ya ever get stuck making an important decision, one where you’re split on the pros and cons? The Happier Podcast provided a solid tip on the matter: choose the bigger life. I love it because it’s so telling about the person making the decision. Helpful.

Especially if we are talking end of life care. Yeah, I totally just took it down a notch. But this week’s Freakonomics posed a really interesting question: If you were given a terminal diagnosis and there was an opportunity to take a cash rebate in lieu of standard end-of-life care from your insurance provider, would you take it? What would you do with it?

Gimme the glorious sunset. Bigger life over longer life, no doubt.

no smiling

27 Aug | Th
MFR | 10:00
Recovery | 20:00
AD x5:00
Wall walks x2

Stretch | 25:00
45DNC (10)

26 Aug | W
MFR | 5:00
Warm-up | DUs + Mobility
Work | Olé Class
TnG Cleans:
1×5 @65% (100#)
1×5 @70% (105#)
1×3 @75% (115#)
2×2 @80% (120#)
Jerks: 2x
1×4 @75% (100#)
1×3 @80% (110#)
1×2 @85% (115#)
RDLS 3×4 @110% of Clean (165#)

Stretch | 20:00
45 DNC (10)
Protein: 168g

25 Aug | Tu
MFR + Mobility | 15:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Row x1:00
Back squat x10
Single-leg RDL x10 ea

Work | Back squat 5×1 (140,150,160,170,180# PR!)
Rest x3:00
3 rounds:
RFESS x6 reps @3030 (15# DBs)
Rest x1:00 btwn legs
Front squat x5 @110#
Rest x4:00
– then –
Row x2:00 (1967m)
Row hard x1:30
Row easy x1:30
Row hard x1:00
Row easy x1:00
Row hard x:45
Row easy x:45
Row hard x:30

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC (10)
Protein: 163g

24 Aug | M
Warm up | 3 rounds:
RDL x10
Walking lunges x20
KBS x10 @44#

Work | 4 rounds: (I did 3… oopsies)
Snatch grip RDL x5 (95,115,125#)
right into
DB bench press x6 (26ers, 35s, 35s)
Rest x3:00
3 rounds:
Pendlay snatch-grip row x6 (65#)
right into
Ring dip hold x:15
Rest x2:00
AB roll-outs 3×10
Rest x:30

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC (10)
Protein count: 154g

Monday | Per O-Lifting class a week or so ago, I was trying to focus on keeping the “water in the bucket” on the RDLs – not initiate the movement by sticking my ass out. Took a vid, but it’s sort of a shitty angle…

They felt good, with just a little pull in the right tricep. DB bench felt strong! I’ve tried to do it with 35# KBs before and failed. Succeeded this time. Dropped a round on part “A” accidentally. Focus. The rows were challenging as were the holds, locking out fully on the right side = herrrd.

Tuesday | The back squats felt good; like, better than they have maybe ever. On the last set (PR!) I felt myself shift forward a bit which stopped me from going lower – didn’t wanna collapse forward – but it felt good.

It’s crazy how different movements are feeling, especially the bench press and back squat. Having this kinda “oooohhh” moment… 

… So that’s how that’s supposed to feel.

Used the toe on the bench method my girl Kate suggested on the RFESS and hey now! Much less push off in the opposite leg. Really feeling ma’ abs during the front squats lately – at the bottom. The row felt good and I left the gymnasium with jello legs.

Wednesday | Was thankful for the lighter volume in this week’s Ole class. I was feeling the lifts from Tuesday, especially at the bottom of the cleans and the RDLs.

Thursday | A short recovery sesh to grease the groove. Spent some extra time stretching and foam-rolling.

Winding down the Nutrition Challenge. Looking forward to seeing the metrics.



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