The Key Log

“It’s cute with the right amount of dirty.” – Thomas

Thomas was referring to the commercial for the Obol, but it seems appropriate for my new ‘hood. With an alternate meaning of dirty. Well, as far as I know…

I spent the long(er), glorious holiday weekend settling into the new digs and getting to know the new ‘hood. It only took 3 trips to Ace and about as many to Goodwill to unload all the surplus goods. I’m not certain how I ended up with 30’ of cable line, or 14 night lights (clearly from the pre-amber goggle days), but man did that free up some floor space. And I finally got rid of the boxing gloves. I should have tucked those in the crawl space for use as a ferrel cat deterrant. Staaanky.

I’ve got feeling this move is gonna be the key log for some other changes on-deck. Clearing up the log jam of life. Woohoo!

Despite not having the internet yet, I was able to stream a few podcasts. Thanks neighbors! Diana Rodgers was the featured guest on the Harder to Kill Podcast and has me feelin’ all inspired to add some raised beds to the new yard once the weather cools down a little. And a clothes line.

laundry methods
sunshine > laundromat e’erytime

Get to know your neighbors.

07 Sept | M
MFR + Mobility | 15:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds
RDL x10 empty bar
DB rows x10 each @20#
Row x1:00

Work | Deadlift 4×1 (185,195,205,215#)
Rest x3:00
– then –
A lil cardio :
10:00 @ consistent pace
Wall walk x2
Row x300m
DUs x30
– Rest x4:00 –
10:00 @ consistent pace
KBS x5 @35#
Hang power clean x5 @65# (75#)
AD x15 cals

Stretch | 20:00
Protein: 141g

06 Sept | Su
Protein: The Macallen + McConnell’s

05 Sept | Sa
Warm-up | by Ali
Work | Partner Workout w/ Jorden
20:00 Rotating:
Run x200m
Box Jumps x10
Wall Balls x10
Tire Hits x10
Double-Unders x30

Stretch Class
Protein: 94g

04 Sept | F
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Front Squat x10
KB swing x10 @35#
AD x1:00

Work | Front squat 4×1 (135,145,150#)
Rest x3:00
Bench press 4×1 (95,105, 110#)
Rest x3:00
Dead bugs 4×1:00
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 25:00
Protein: 155g

03 Sept | Th
Recovery | 4 rounds:
AD x2:00
FLR x1:00
Dead Bugs x1:00
Run x400m
Row x2:00

Stretch | 20:00
Protein: 132g

02 Sept | W
Rest Day
Protein: 125g

Wednesday | Needed a rest day; took a rest day.

Thursday | Just rolled through recovery. Not mentally “in it” this week. The running portion of the recovery especially good. I feel those missing 5 lbs, in a very good way.

Friday | The front squat felt heavy at the bottom in the abs. I was excited to see how bench felt, and while the movement is feeling right, I was bummed not to get the PR. But, based on how I was feeling this week – stressed, a little distracted, and recovering from crappy sleep – it makes sense. Here’s the footage:

Saturday | The partner workout was really fun! It was nice to get outside, and in some nice morning weather, too!

Sunday | Rest day brought to you by scotch and ice cream. In moderation. The wheels are not off the crazy bus. 

Monday | Started the new week off feeling great. The deadlifts felt good, despite just a hint of tightness on the right side in the low back region.

The “cardio” was cathartic; I was breathing hard and sweaty as fuck, but ooh it felt good.

I want to keep going, pushing myself  more. I don’t need to go all “Pappas” – and I know staying in touch with how things are feeling is vital – but I’d really like to drive those 1RMs up. And continue to build the muscles. Aesthetically, I want the glutes and the hammies, but, fuck, I want to increase Bench and Press and maybe even get some pull-ups.

Did I just do that thing where I say I want ALL the things? I think so.



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