Living Room Recess

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” – Alan W. Watts

A few weeks ago, my girl Kate posted an awesome video on her Instagram feed. Contrary to what usually pops up on the social media feed, it wasn’t a clip showing the “perfect” ____ (fill in that blank). The perfect lift, the perfect muscle-up, the perfect straddle-to-handstand… drool. Instead, it was by her own definition, a “FAIL” clip. And I couldn’t have <heart> ed it harder. I loved that it wasn’t just another highlight reel.

The content of the caption is what really got to me. Kate (I feel like we would be friends, so we’re on a first name basis here) talked about taking 20-30 minutes everyday for “play” in her living room to just move around and explore what your body is, or is not (yet) able to do. Just check it out here…


Sounds fun, right? And what a good way to check in with yourself as to what’s moving well, what isn’t, what hurts like b-jesus, etc. I have the perfect spot set up in the new Casa de Zeebus for just such a thing. So the hit list for the time being: Sleep, Play, Reads.

What’s your hit list for the week?

21 Sept | M
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
RDL x10
Row x200m
DB reverse fly x10  (5# plates)

Work | Deadlift x5 sets (205# base)
Rest x3:00 btwn
5 @50% (105#)
5 @60% (125#)
3 @70% (145#)
3 @80% (165#)
3+ @90% (7 @185#)
3 sets:
KB single-leg RDL x8ea (35#KB)
Right into
KB swing x10 @44#
Rest x1:30
EMOM x12:00
Wall walks x2 (6 rds)

20 Sept | Su
Rest Day
Hiking | Geronimo Trail
@ South Mountain
5-7 miles depending upon whose app you ask

19 Sept | Sa
Work | Olé Class
Clean + Jerk 5×1 @85% (115#)
RDLs 3×4 @100% (135#)
BTN Jerk:
4 @60% (80#)
4 @65% (85#)
3 @70% (95#)
3 @75% (100#)
2 @80% (110#)

Stretch | 20:00
MFR | 5:00

18 Sept | F
Rolling | 5:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Front squat x10 reps – empty bar
Single-arm band rows x10 each arm
Run x200m

Work | Front squat x5 sets
Rest x3:00 btwn
5 @45% (75#)
5 @55% (85#)
5 @65% (100#)
5 @75% (110#)
5+ @85% (3 @125#)
– then –
5 rounds:
Sled wak x100m (2@115#, 3@140#)
Front rack KB carry x50m; Farmer’s carry 50m back (35# KBs)
GH raise x5

17 Sept | Th
Cleaning floors for time
Protein: 123g

Monday | The right shoulder was buggin’ a little bit. Didn’t feel it too much in the deadlift, a little bit as the weight approached 200#, but it wasn’t feeling good on the wall walks so I stopped after 6 rounds. Also, 2 wall walks OTM can get cha breathin’ pretty good. Here’s the vid of the DL:

Almost Dextered Sansone there giving me advice midway through the lift. Also, totally thought that last rep was ugly when I was doing it, but it doesn’t look so bad in the vid. Maybe could have gotten a couple reps in there…

Sunday | First hike in a while. and the first one to kick off our Summit Challenge practice. I really like the Geronimo Trail; there’s not a lot of traffic and some nice view of downtown. But mostly, there aren’t any people. Did I say that already? Sore glute media (That’s the plural form of ‘medius’, right? OR the butt channel. Hmm…) today. Not sure if it’s from the hiking or the O-lifting, or the combination.

Saturday | Note to self: I gotta get to the gym earlier to warm-up for Oly Class. The C&J’s felt great! Had to remind myself a few times to stick with the Rx weights as they felt lighter than usual  #trusttheprogram

Friday | Front squats felt good, just heavy by that last round. I feel like the abs are the weak point…

The sled drag, rack carry portion was good; those rack carries are always… enlightening.

Thursday | We had a doggy digestion/lack of dog door situation on the homefront, so it was a different kind of workout/rest day.

In other news, I am a winner! I mean, obvs.

pooped pants
I don’t know. It just made me laugh…

But seriously, I won a free membership to the Unbreakable Body program. What?!? That’s right the one with my girl Kate. Haaay! I am still in the initial phase of assessment, but am excited to give it a try.

First day of the second cycle of nutrition challenge is in the books… I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me, especially with that fasting day and the sleep component. I have a lot of questions but know they will likely answer themselves here in the first week or so.



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