“The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it.” -Gene Amole

I’m with the Hedonists on the principles of Eudaimonia. I’m pretty sure mine involves this:

Accompanied by sunrise


18 Oct | Su
Rest Day

17 Oct | Sa
Warm-it-up | MFR Lite + Mobility + DUs

Work | Olé
Clean + Jerk
6x(3+2) @80% (110#)
BTN Jerk
1RM (Heavy single) (110,115,125#)

Stretch Sesh w/ chats | 30:00

16 Oct | F
Pillars | 3 rounds
Arch up x5
Side Plank w/ leg lift x6 (FAIL!)
Prone Glute Press x10
Wall Press x10

Warm-up | 3 rounds
Lunges x20 steps
Zing zows x10
Sit-ups x10

Work | 3 rounds
Reverse Zercher lunges x10 ea (46,55,60#)
Rest x1:00
Chin-up negatives x5
Rest x3:00
3 sets:
Reverse flys x15 reps (5+2.5#)
Right into
Biceps curls x10 (15#)
Rest x1:30

Stretch | 20:00

15 Oct | Th
Pillars | 3 times through:
Plank w/ Front Tap x6ea
GA Squats x8
Hip Hikes x15ea
Wall balls x7
Hollow rocks x:30

Work | 20:00
AD x1:00
TGU x1ea (44#)
Sit-up x10
Banded rows x10
DUs x20 (UB)

Stretch | 20:00

14 Oct | W
Warm-up + Mobility | 15:00

Work | O-Lifting
TNG Power Snatch – reset at hip
2×4 @70% (70#)
2×3 @75% (75#)
2×3 @80% (80,75#)
Snatch High-pull from HH (position 4)
3×4 @70% (70#)
Snatch Balance
1×5 @60% (70#)
1×4 @65% (75#)
3×3 @70% (80#)

Half-ass Stretch

13 Oct | Tu

12 Oct | M

It was a weird week. My face felt like it was going to explode for the first half of it, thus the extra rest. The remainder of the week I’ll cop to feeling like a slacker and trying to play catch up, despite knowing taking some downtime was the right call.

Friday’s pillars left me speechless; I could NOT get leg lifts with the plank. The body just would not engage. And the prone glute presses look ridiculous, but holy sore boo-tay, Batman. So… Much… Squeezing.

The zercher work always leaves me sore the next day, and this week was no different. The glutes were sore for Oly class on Saturday, as were the mid-back and tris from Thursday’s training. I like it when my booty is sore for Oly; it’s easy to tell if I try to cheat on the cleans with my quads or flexors. Sunday I was sore in all the places: glutes, hammies, back and arms.

Feeling ready to attack the week ahead.

Post-Nutrition Challenge Eudaimonia. Okay, I know – not a thing, but if it were…

Post NC sweetness
Enjoyed some almond butter sweetened with honey. This is how it tasted. Clean up was a bitch

Oh yeah, and I’m back on for the Summit Challenge. Yep, still have the tendencies of a rebel.


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