Sand Castles

“Even then, she knew that there is no such thing as sure. There is no absolute anything. The gods love to fuck with us.” -Lauren Groff, Fates and Furies, A Novel 

the castles of today
Masterplan by Chad Wright

This week: that quote and this essay from Joe Rogan.

08 Nov | Su
Pillars | 3 sets
GA squats x 5
Banded walk x 12
Flexed Arm Hang x :20
Super bird dogs x 10

Warm-up | 3 rounds
Wall balls x 10
Ring rows x 10
DUs x 30

Work | Snatch pulls 10 x 2 @ 110% (115#)
Segment snatch 7 x 2 @ 70% (70#)  + :02 pause above knee
3 sets:
Banded knee abduction + OH single arm press x 10 ea
Bent-over reverse fly x 10 reps

07 Nov | Sa
Mormon – National – Geronimo Loop
South Mountain
6.0 miles

06 Nov | F
Rest for Frida

05 Nov | Th
M(other)F(ucke)R | 10:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds
Row x 1:00
Wall runs x 30 20 taps
KB swing X 10 (35#)

Work | Deadlifts – 210# base
5 @ 45%  (95#)
5 @ 55% (115#)
5 @ 65% (135#)
5 @ 75% (165#)
5+ @ 85% (9@185#)

4 sets:
Snatch grip rows x 8 (45, 50, 50,50#)
right into
Banded rows x 10
Rest x 1:30

Banded hip thrust 4 x 1:00
Rest x 1:00

Stretch | 20:00

04 Nov | W
Work | O-Lifting
Front squat + chains 4 x 2 (155, 165, 175, 175#)
C+J 7 x 1 @60% (95#)

4 sets:
Box squats x 5
Hip bridge + Sup single-arm bench press x 10ea (20, 26,26#)
GHR x 5

Stretch | 20:00

03 Nov | Tu

02 Nov | M
Roll it out | 5:00

Pillars | 3 rounds
Side plank clam x :30
Wall slides x 12
1-Arm plank 2(x :20)
Cossack lunge x 6ea

Warm up | 3 rounds
Back squat x 10
Row x 1:00
Lunges x 20 steps

Work | Back squat 5 x 3 (115,125,135,145,150#)
Reverse Zercher lunges 3 x 8 ea
Rest x 1:00 between legs-

EMOM x 10:00: 10 KBS
KB Dead bugs 3 x :45

Get bendy | 20:00

Monday | Pillars, the clammie and single arm planks are challenging in unexpected ways. I hear plank and I think core. Nope. The glutes were screaming in the clammie plank, and I learned why the single arm plank is categorized under “Scapular Stability”.

The back squats felt pretty good. The reverse Zerchers did not. Skipped those. Felt unstable on that right side. The DB Dead Bugs fucked with the tricep so I switched those to banded dead bugs.

Post-workout aura… but no migraine to follow, so a win.

Tuesday | My body is trying to tell me something. I think I shall listen: rest day.

Wednesday | Second-day squat sore is my favorite kind of sore… Leaving that one alone… Those upper anterior thigh muscles, whatever they are called, those and the flutes – I just love when those suckers are sore, despite the work pants problems they may create.

I liked the incorporation of the chains into the game. Boom. (Yep, Boom! I’m a grown ass woman and I’ll say what I wanna say, Jen Sinkler. Also, moist, moist, moist. Moist.) Notes for next time: two sips and widen the grip.

Excited to keep working on the box squats. That goes for the hip bridge bench combo move, too. I didn’t feel any winding in my lat so there’s some pathways to develop. I feel like my GHRs have gotten so much better since I started doing them.

Had some pretty persistent tingling pain down my arm and into the top of my hand Wednesday evening and into Thursday day.  It’s hard to describe but definitely ghosts of previous should issues. I do steer the mouse with that hand, and considering I spend pretty much 6-8 hrs working on the computer that’s a factor.

Thursday | Body felt pretty good, still some soreness in the shoulder and the glutes. The deadlifts felt good. My barbell math was shitty and I did some extra lbs (just 5 of them) on the last two sets. I didn’t push it on the weight of the snatch-grip row with the shoulder and all. They felt good, challenging to do without shrugging and shit, even without plates. Felt the burn on those banded thrusts. Mo’bunz in progress.

Saturday | Did some hiking. The glute/hip/piriformis/whatever-the-fuck-that-pain-is really started bothering me about halfway through. Unsure as to how much of the Summit Challenge I’ll be able to do, but being outside is nice no matter what.

Sunday | Came into the gym mostly to foam roll but ended up feeling like a workout. The segment snatch with the pause at the knee was very enlightening.



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