The Shadow

“I guess we’re all two people. One daylight, and the one we keep in shadow.” -Bruce Wayne/Batman


Sunday Evening
A Lonely Roman by Pavel Svedomsky, 1884 | Well, doesn’t this just capture the feelings of Sunday night perfectly? Hey the Broncos got the win, and it was a great weekend, but goddammit if I didn’t fuck up the tiger rug again.

Have you read about Jung’s concept of the shadow aspect? Clearly Bruce Wayne did. From what I understand, your shadow aspect is that part of your personality you try to keep hidden. You know, the one that reveals itself when you find someone drives you completely insane. That’s just you, seeing your shadow.

The part I find most poetic is the belief that the more you try to hide your shadow aspect, the darker and more dense it becomes.

23 Jan | Sa
Work | O-Lifting
Clean pulls 5 x 2 @ 110% (160#)
Clean (high hang + below knee + full) 5 x 1
3 sets:
Lateral wall runs x 5 steps ea direction
Banded shoulder rolls x 20 ea direction
Armadillos x :20 (subbed Banded dead bugs x 1:00)

22 Jan | F
Warm-up | 3x
Goblet squat x 5
TGUs x 2 ea (44#)
Row x 200m

Work | 3 sets:
Ring rows x 5
GHR x 5
Rest x 1:00

RDLs 4 x 4 @5050 (135#)
Rest 2:00

EMOM x 10:00, rotating:
Front rack KB lunge x 10 (26#ers)
Handstand hold x :20 (:20 max)

Stretch | 10:00

21 Jan | Th
Warm-up | 3x
Monster walks x 12 ea
Banded clammies x 12 ea
Banded hip bridge x 12

Work | Back Squat 5 x 2 (125,135,145,155,155#)
4 sets:
Ninja rolls x 5 ea
Lateral wall runs x 5-8 ea direction (5)
Atomic plank tucks x 5

Stretch | 10:00

20 Jan | W
Work | O-lifting
Power clean + 1 hang clean 1 x 7 (105,115,115,125,125,125,130#)
Power snatch 7 x 1 (75,85,85,90,90,90,95#)
3 sets:
Armadillos x :20
Partner planks x :20
HS holds x :20

Some stretching | 10:00

19 Jan | Tu

Warm-up | 3x
Snatch-grip RDL x 5
Body Row x 5
Pulls x 5
Hang-Power x 5

Work | EMOM x 20:00, rotating
Power snatch x 3 @ 75#
DUs x 30
– Rest x 4:00 –
EMOM x 10:00
KBS x 10 (44#)

Stretch | 15:00

Tuesday | Did 26:00 on the first EMOM, the first 6:00 being some supplemental warm-up, with a 65# barbell. Some tightness in the flexors and the low back on the right side.

Wednesday | The snatch felt strong. Must have been all that practice on Tuesday. I dig the armadillos, though it puts all my “Christmas” in one place, which feels weird. 

not that one
Nope. Not that Christmas…
all I got was
That’s the one!

Thursday |  That booty warm up! Took several reps to get that back squat right, kept shifting into the flexors rather than the glutes, but eventually got it right. Single leg ninja rolls are hard! Switched to two-footed version after the second round.

Speaking of footed, have you ever seen the blue-footed boobies?

Likely not the boobies that came to mind. But this is just one, so he’s a booby

Friday | Hips were a little sore, but damn those RDLs. Fun workout; awesome energy in the gymnasium.

Saturday | Slept in a bit so I was late getting to the gymnasium; does walking the dog count as a warm-up? The meaty part of the booty is wiiiked sore (that’s for all my peeps on the east coast in the snowpacalypse). The clean pulls felt good, but the bottom of the clean didn’t so I 86’ed those.



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