Dime [en español]

“Tell me what you see.”

“Somebody who’s lost. But maybe it’s all for the best. I’d rather imagine you might be, than you who you actually are.” –House of Cards, Chapter 39



My latest favorite time slayer: Fly Art.

10 Feb | W
Warm- up | Rowing + Mobility

Work | O-lifting
Snatch pulls 4 x 3 (105#)
Pause push jerks 4 x 2 (95,105,115,105#)
Front squat + chains 4 x 2 (135,155,135,135#)
3 sets:
Wall-pressing dead bugs x 1:00
Buenos dias x 5 (75#)
Broad jumps x 3

08 Feb | M
Pillars | 3x
Plank raise x 1:00
Prone glute press x 10
Super bird dogs x 10ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Ring rows x 7

Work | 5 rounds
AD x 15 cals
GHR x 10
Jump rope singles x 1:00
Tricep push-downs x 10

Monday | Feeling like a fatty. Breathing like one, too. There is work to be done! Improvement in the hip and low back.

Wednesday | Things felt pretty good. The front squats I stayed light because Big Joe brought it to my attention that my heel was coming up on my left foot. Crazy. Have some tightness on the right side in my low back this morning, and some mild pain when I open up the right hip.

Had a consult with Ray, which was super fascinating. The left glute isn’t firing, some part of my right upper quad, and then two muscles in my low back, none of which I can’t remember the name of. I’m going to have some sessions with him to see if we can get the right muscles turn on, and off.


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