Don’t Spill the Scotch

“Happiness is not a finish line. If we can’t feel content on our journeys amidst the mess and the striving that we all inhabit, the open loops, the half-finished to-do lists, the-could-do-better-next-times, then we might never feel it.” -Ben Saunders

Kevin_Peterson squad goals.jpg
Sled-walking squad goals. Just add scotch [image by Kevin Peterson]
Really great TED Radio Hour on resilience this week. Today’s quote is from a guy who walked from the coast of Antarctica to the south pole and back. He was one of a team of two, working in 45:00 shifts. One person was the navigator and the other followed. He talked about how much he looked forward to being in the follower position because there was something to look at, the color his partner’s coat, the sleds and packs, and not just a giant white abyss ahead.

11 Feb |Th
Pillars | 3x
Hanging straight leg raise x 7
Scaption press x 10 @ 5s
GA squats x 10
Wall pressing leg drops x 15

Work | 30:00, rotating: (5 +115)
AD x 15 cals
Sled walk x 100m @ 90#
Row x 15 cals
Banded hip bridge x :45

Stretch | 15:00

Warming up took a bit longer than usual; the hammies and low back were pretty tight. This workout felt really great, kind of unexpectedly. Really focused on the glutes and not spilling the (imaginary) glass of scotch riding on the top of sled. And a good amount of heavier-than-usual breathing.


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