Narcissus & Nirvana  

“I don’t care what you think unless it is about me.” – Kurt Cobain

not narcissus
Besiegt by Gotthard Sonnenfeld | Okay, not Narcissus, but inspired by Greek mythology – the story of Hades and Persephone. Google tells me that title is German for “Defeated”. Well, that’s a pretty small shield…

It’s really handy having friends that are counselors for a living. Say, for instance, you get a new coworker and you want to know how to fuck with him, because he is your nemesis in every way. Well, you chat up your counselor friend and he tells you how to defeat the narcissist!

This friend informed me that often times narcissists end up in leadership roles, despite not necessarily being good at the task. (Probably because everyone hates them! And because they never stop talking about Bernie Sanders.)

According to this recent New York Times article, narcissism is on the rise. It’s a short read, and lest you be like me, there’s a quiz involved. Ooh, does being a lover of the quiz, seeing where what falls amongst their peers, suggest I’ve got some tendencies of my own? Good thing I took the quiz and found out!

You might be a narcissist if-01
These are my results. Someone hire a graphic designer for this research team stat! I got 5/40 with some “facets” of authority and exhibitionism.

Here’s a link to the quiz so you can check out your own self-love inventory. Where did you fall on the curve?

14 Feb | Su
Hike @ South Mtn
Holbert Trail

13 Feb | Sa
Work | O-lifting
Clean high pulls 4×3 (105,105,105,115#)
Clean 4 x 2 (105#)
BS + Chains 4 x2 (worked up to 175#)
3 sets:
COB hold x :20
Not-so-high box jumps x3
Banded Abs x :30

Assessment with Ray – NeuroKinetic Therapy

12 Feb | F
Work | 30:00
AD x 1:30
Farmer’s carry x 100m (44s)
Row x 1:00
Wall walk x 1

Things felt really good Saturday morning. Coming out of the bottom on the cleans and squats felt a little slow. Ray’s assessment revealed that my outer quad is compensating for my mid quad (I don’t know Greek or Latin so I can never remember the names of the parts! Except for the coccyx.) thus changing the movement pattern. And one part of my tricep is doing the work of two parts. Interesting stuff; next time I need to take better notes.

Things felt good Sunday morning so I took the hip for a test-hike at South Mountain. Oh man, three minutes after leaving the trail head I realized how much I’ve missed the hiking. Everything felt good, though I didn’t go as far as I normally would.  I really hope to get back into a weekly hike routine, even if it’s shorter, easier hikes than I’d prefer.



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