Talking Badly

“Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.” – Plutarch

Check out this TED talk on how to have a better conversation; 10 easy steps to preventing you from poking your eyes whilst being talked at by the FNG at your office. Oh see, I bet this works better if the other person knows the rules, too. So maybe share it. And way to keep it real, Celeste. You had my attention at, “All that’s total crap”.

12 April | Tu
Get things moving | 3x
GA squats x 10
Wall press x 10
Leg drops x 15

Work | EMOM x 30:00 @ 95#
DL – RDL – Clean – FS

Stretch w/ the 6:00 crew

11 April | M
Pillars | 3x
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Plank raise x 6 @10s ea
Side plank + LL x :20 ea

Warm-up | 3x
BB RDL x 10
Row x 200m
SA Banded row x 10 ea

Work | Deadlift (205# base)
5 @ 55% (115#)
5 @ 65% (130#)
5 @ 75% (155#)
3 @ 85% (175#)
1+ @ 95% (195#) – one. rep.
4 sets:
Pendlay row x 10 @ 75# 65#
Right into
SA Press x 10 (25# DB)
Rest x 2:00
3 sets:
Death March x “W” (25# DBs)
Right into
Reaching dead bugs x 1:00
Rest x 2:00

Stretch | 10:00

M | Those side planks with the leg lifts. Fuck me. Did them from my knees… Worked on grounding myself with the feets on the DLs. So much tension. The last round, well, rep, at 95% felt heavy AF. Last time I did this workout I got four reps. Aaand I drop lbs on the Pendlay rows. But my position and movement felt good. Whatever energy system I used in this workout, I used it good – super solid sleep.

Tu | When all else fails, barbell EMOM, yes? Sore from Monday/wanting to be able to give it my all on Wednesday, so kept it light and fast. 


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