Butts and/in Nature

“There is nothing more beautiful than nature early in the morning.” – Vince Van Gogh

Clunambuscribe, combining two of my favorites: butts and nature

Have you ever checked out the @getyourassinnature Instagram account? If you haven’t you’re missing out. Some goals for summer hiking season.

I thought this article on the health benefits of being outdoors was pretty cool. Mindfulness and microbes. Why is it that the Japanese have the best words for everything? And why do people dismiss this shit so easily – the only two comments are so negative. Someone needs to do some serious forest bathing.

Sadly, this weekend’s Grand Canyon hike has been postponed due to inclement weather. Yet, one does not want to become a cautionary tale. It’s looking like my introduction to the Canyon with be rim to rim in September. That gives me lots of time to get my ass in nature and prepare.

I’m holding out on watching any of the latest GoT because – summer is coming. But you can count me in for the butt games…

04 May | W
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting
Clean + Jerk 5 x 1 (115#)
Clean pulls 3 x 3 @100% of clean (145,155,155#)
Clean DLs  3 x 3 @105% of clean (155#)
Back squat 5 x 3 (125,130,135,140,145#)

Get Bendy | 20:00

Was a little slow getting started Wednesday. Used the clean and jerks to warm things up and test the tight, right QL. Once I got moving, everything felt good. The pulls felt strong, and I could really feel the glutes and hammies working on the clean DLs. The back squats feel so different; changing how I’m grounding myself has really changed how I feel about back squats. For the better.

I was hungry for some of the awesome accessory work – the “Part C” – that usually rounds out O-lifting. So I played around with some movement stuff before I went into stretch mode.

Can I do booty accessory work e’eryday? They say it can take a pounding… And then that it needs rest. I do Iso holds whilst brushing my teeth in the AM and PM, figuring it’s good for the teeth and the booty, but I’m curious how much of this stuff I can add in. 


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