Be Yourself(ish)

“If the girl is truly no one, she has nothing to fear.” – Jagen H’ghar to the former Arya Stark


I think my favorite Game of Thrones story line right now is that of Arya Stark and her pledge to loss of self. And that Jon Snow is not dead. Though after the Game of Butts recap, I sort of wish Khal Drogo was not dead instead…

07 May | Sa
Warm-up | AD + Dus

Work | O-lifting 2.0
Snatch – build up to a heavy single (85#), then:
Snatch 3 x 1 @ 85% (80#)
C+J – build up to a heavy single (125#), then:
C+J 3 x 1 @ 85% (120#)
3 sets:
Half moons x 8 (15#)
Planche push-ups x 5
Scales x 5 + 5s hold, ea leg, ea direction

Bonus booty work | 4x:
Frog pumps x :40
Rest x :45

Stretch + Mob | 20:00

06 May | F 
Pillars | Calf raises x 40 ea kind + 3x:
Wall press x 10
GA squat x 10
Elev SL glute bridge x 8 ea
Side plank x :30 ea

Warm-up | 3x
AD X 1:00
Wall balls x 7
Sit-ups x 10

Work | EMOM x 10:00, rotating:
Clean + FS + FS @ 105#
DUs x 30
– Rest x 4:00 –
EMOM x 10:00, rotating:
Wall walk + taps x 10
Slam balls x 7 @ 30#
– Rest x 4:00 –
TGUs x 10:00 (44,53#)

Friday | Worked on speed on the double-unders, getting ’em done unbroken and under :20. Focused on taking small steps from the ground on the wall walks, rather than cheating with a big first step. Tried the taps again, and the shoulders felt good.

Saturday | Dig the earlier class time; shit was perfect in the gym; cool weather, nice lighting, and smelled like rain…

Lots of heightened body awareness and feedback on part “C” (which it suddenly occurs to me that I never label as such. Tricky.) I really like trying out all these new movements, especially when I suck at them. All this establishing new neural patterns really falls right in line with an online class I’m taking. Fuck yeah, law of serendipity!

frog pumps & drop ins.gif
When there’s a drop-in in class and you checkin’ their form



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