Coming Together

“Those who are easily offended should be offended more often.” -Mae West

sips and sunshine
When you set your reading aside during some sips ‘n’ sunshine and discover the universe really has a way with pulling it all together for you, whichever way you read it.

21 May | Sa
Work | O-lifting
Snatch 10 x 3 @ 60% (60#)
Snatch pulls 4 x 2 (115#)
3 sets:
Leg curls x 6
Banded RDLs x 10 ea
Headstand curl up/downs x 3

Stretch | 25:00

20 May | F
Pillars | 3x
GA squats x 8
Prone Y raise x 8
Suspended SL squat x 8 ea

Work | 5x:
Farmers carries x 100m (44#ers)
AD x 1:00
Row x 1:00
FLR x 1:00

Auxilliary | 3x
Rev row sit backs x 6 4 (no shrug)
Rest x 1:00
Pistols x 3 ea
Banded hip bridges x 1:00

Stretch | 15:00

F | Recovery: Mission accomplished.

Sa | Found my groove on the last 5 sets of the snatches – chk chk (Sound check on the plates: Pass). The leg curls are LEGITIMATE. Gonna feel those and the banded RDLs manana, no doubt.

Learning lyrics with Gwen  Wrapped up the online learning this week. Did you know…  if you write your daily to do list the night before, it consolidates in your brain while you sleep and frees up memory for other tasks. Or that when you recall a memory, you actually change it. Just like the roller blades in Home Alone, the only way to keep that shit pristine – those magnificent memories you want to hold onto – is, in fact, to never take them out of the box. Now where’s the fun in that?

Compliments on the gams from the resident transient (…hmm) at my laundromat. Ahh, you know it’s coming together when...


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