Mortal Wounds

“As a society you can defend yourself against all outside enemies, but you’re completely vulnerable to one mad man in your midst.” – Sebastian Junger

Corsican Vendetta Knife – “May all your wounds be mortal”

Dan Carlin – Disengaging the Lizard Brain

11 June | Sa
Warm-up | Enter gymnasium + move your mouth

Work | O-Lifting
Clean + Jerk 10 x 3 @ 65-70% (2 @95#,8 @105#)
Rack Pull 4 x 3 (3 @205, 235#)
3 sets:
Split Squats x 8-10 (8,8,10 @45#)
Box Jump x 3
Pull-ups 3 x AMRAP (.75 under, .75 over, body rows – release + reengage e’ery rep)

Handstands | 15:00
Stretch | 15:00

10 June | F
Mobility | 3x
Banded Clammies x 12 ea
P$’s Side Ab Things x :30
Calf Raises x 40 ea variety (2)
Scap Press x 8 @ 5s

Warm up |3x
Row x 1:00
Chinese Row x 10 (15#ers)
SL BB DLs x 5 ea

Work |Hip Thrusts 4 x 10 (95,115,135,145#; start around here next time)
Rest x 2:00
Zercher Reverse Lunges 3 x 6 ea (85,85,95#)
Rest x 1:00 between sides
Gladiator TGUs x 10:00 (worked up to 25#)

F | I was interested to see how the Gladiator TGUs went because (a) new movement and (b) I am currently unable to hold a side plank with a leg lift without going to my knee. They were really fun! Awkward getting up after you turn over, but bracing in the leg-lifted position with a loaded arm seems easier than in a standard, unloaded side plank. Hmmm…?

Sa | Worked on positioning on the jerks, not reaching with the leg that goes back, and getting low. Rack pulls were cool;we’ll see what Sunday reveals. The split squat into box jump combo was insane! Really thought I was gonna eat box on that first rep. Didn’t. Pull-up attempts = lots of motivation for all the rowing reps in my future.

Going through an old workout journal and came across this amazingly life-like booty sketch:

sketching skills
Man, I really captured the Booty 5000 goals there. Also present: some interesting/funny notes on programming/coaching #whenyourcoachkeepsitreal



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