Dreamer’s Dilemma

The Dreamer’s Dilemma

Mulling over this excessively lengthy, but thought (and action!)-provoking read. It talks about the trade-offs that occur when we exchange human experiences for virtual ones, the digital dilemma.

“Every hour I spent online was not spent in the physical world. Every minute I was engrossed in a virtual interaction I was not involved in a human encounter. Every second absorbed in some trivia was a second less for any form of reflection, or calm, or spirituality.” -Andrew Sullivan

03 Oct | M
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Single-arm plank x :20 ea
Reaching dead bugs x :45

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Wall ball x 7
GHR x 7

Work | Back squat 10 x 2 (145, 145, 155#…)
Rest x 2:00
BB bi’s x 10
Rest x 1:00
BB skullcrushers x 10
Rest x 1:00

Stretch | 10:00

02 Oct | Su
Mobility | 3x
Wall rotation + press x 10
Prone glute press x 10
Side plank + leg-lift hold x :40 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Wall ball x 7
Single-arm press x 7 ea
KBS x 10

Work | Double EMOM in the rain
EMOM x 10:00
Bench press x 3 + hang power snatch to OHS x 3 (75#)
-Rest x 4:00-
EMOM x 10:00
Power clean x 3 (95#) + row x 100m
Reverse row sit-backs x 6
Ring leg curls x 8
Bobisdottirs x 20
Rest 2:00

Stretch whilst getting eaten by ‘squitos | 10:00

01 Oct | Sa
Mobilty | 3x
Single-leg adductor squat x 8 ea
Single-leg elev hip bridge x 10 ea
Scap press x 10
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Banded rows x 10
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting – Week 5
Snatch-grip RDLs 4 x 4 (115, 125, 135#…)
Clean DL + clean high-pull x 2 (115, 125#…)
Unicorn clean x 1
Push press hold x 4 (15s @105#, 15s @115#, 15s @120#, 125#, 24s @120#)
Tricep push-downs x 100

Release | 20:00

Saturday stats:

  • Warm-up | Yes! two O-ly’s in a row #streak
  • RDLs | Yes
  • Clean combo | Ooh yes
  • OH holds | Man, I just wasn’t able to push press that barbell OH at 125#! The push holds themselves felt really strong. Visualizing and creating torque… Looking forward to seeing the response tomorrow.
  • Tri’s for the guys | Mmm Hmmm

Sunday’s glorious rainstorms called for some EMOMs with the o’head door open and some chill tunes complementing the sound of the rain on the roof. Tested my side plank+ leg lift holds without the assistance of the from-the-knee position. Tried a couple times on each side, but couldn’t get stable. I noticed my hip position was different so I’ll work on that from the knee and re-test down the road.

I’d planned on a threesome of EMOMs – Saturday’s class workout. Misinterpreted the writing on the wall and did ALL the work, EVERY minute, rather than rotating. By the time I got to the third scheduled EMOM (deadlifts + push presses) my right QL was speaking to me so I stopped, satisfied and pretty spent from the 20:00 of work. C’mon, Morgan. (Yes, I do know better.)

Finished with some auxiliary moves, stretched, and called it a day. The Bobisdottirs are just my attempts to channel my inner-Annie…

They weren’t very challenging, so I’m not sure if I wasn’t in the proper position, or if all the glute work is paying off. Mmm, girl, yes!

Monday’s workout felt short, but solid. I thought I was taking it easy doing BW on the BS, but last time I did it with less. My back is still tight so Tuesday’s looking like a nice round of recovery work.


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