“It is fatal to know too much at the outset. Boredom comes as quickly to the traveler who knows his route as the novelist who is over-certain of his plot.” – Paul Thoreau

Mi casa es…

I’ve been mulling over a metaphor Kate Galliett put out there recently: your life as a bookshelf. One story alone does not define you, unless you choose it to do so. Think about that – about all that has made up your life thus far. Can you picture it, your bookshelf? (Yes! Stacked! Finally! Just not the way I thought I’d wanted to be…)

Some stories are a few worn pages, folded in half and tucked between those heavy hardcovers. Others are expanding volumes that leave you fathoming how it’s possible to contain so much.

What are some of your titles? What are you giving the most space to? What would the cover of “those years” look like? What font captures “that one summer”? On what kind of paper is your first great love scrawled upon?

And isn’t it interesting to think, just like our memories, the stories shift each time we “reread” them. And then there’s all that wonder of what is yet to be written…

25 Oct | W
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Cossacks x 10 ea
TVAs – no gaps x 15

Work |
A. 3x:
Row x 300m
KBS x 10 (45#)
DUs x 20
B. Cleans 15 x 2 [2:00]
(TC: 2@105, 3@115; C: 2@115, 3@125, 5@135#)
C. Snatch balance 5 x 2 (75, 75, 4@70#)
D. Hanging knee raise 3 x 10 [1:00]

26 Oct | Th
Mobility | 3x
Bird dogs x 12 ea
SA plank x :20 ea
Prone y raise x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall ballin’ x 8
Banded RDLs x 8 ea

A1. GHR x 10
A2. DB rev fly x 10 (10#)
A3. DL x 5, press x 5, GM x 5
B. DL 5 x 3 [3:00] (195, 205, 215(on 3), 210(on 3), 205#)
C. Sn-grip pause DL – 3s @ mid-thigh, ATK, mid-shin [1:30] (75#)
D1. [Cable] pallof 3 x 15 ea [1:00] (15, 20, 20#)
D2. SA DB press x 10 ea [1:00] (20, 22.5, 22.5#)

Stretch | 13:00

28 Oct | Sa
Mobility | 3x
Shoulder CARs x 3 ea
Cossacks x 6 ea
Rev curl-ups x 10
Wall walk + taps x 5 ea

Work |
A. Bike x 15:00
B. 5x:
Sled x 30m (+135#)
Farmers carries x 30m (50/55#)
HS holds x :30
Lateral box steps x 5 ea
C. Row x 10:00
D. Stepmill x 15:00

Handstand shapes + stretch | 15:00

29 Oct | Su
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Scap press x 10
Monster walks x 10 steps R-L-F-B

Warm-up | 2x
TGUs x 2 ea (35, 40, BU: 25, 30#)

Work |
A1. SL HB holds x :30 ea [:30]
A2. DUs x 30 + Singles x 30 [1:00]
B. 10 x 1 Clean + PC x 1 [1:30]
(95, 105, 11, 115, 120, 125, 130 (PC), 130 (PC), 125, 130#)
C1. Sled 5 x 20m
C2. SA DB snatch x 5 ea
C3. Farmers carries x 20m
C. EMOM x 10:00, KBS x 10 (55#)
D. Wall-pressing DBs 3 x 20

Stretch | 10:00

W | The cleans were really fun on the platform – and they felt good – no pain or funkiness out of the bottom. I can pick up where I left off with those next time (feeling good day after test: passed). The snatch balance felt good but my right shoulder was sticky on the movement. I kept it light – just because you see some ugly shit at the globo doesn’t mean you gotta join in. Word? Footless bench – it’s a thing. 

Th | Deadlifts are feeling better off the floor. Really felt the pause DLs in my back. A lot. Not sure about my position on those. Think I was in more of a snatch position when I did them last week… Pallofs are pretty rad. My abs feel diff’rent.

F Sa | Tired AF Friday = rest day. The sled work, I really, really like it. The most challenging part of this workout at least today was that row. Been doing “no hands” on the stepmill. Haven’t eaten shit once. Why? Keeps me checked in. And so I don’t make the ranking.

Su | Failed on the power cleans which kinda cracked me up. The sled was in use, so I subbed some KB swangs. Tested foot position on the dead bugs. Interested to see how it felt differently with both legs feet touching vs both legs feet slightly apart. 


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