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“The world is of our making and of our undoing.”  -Anthony T. Hincks

You ever spend some time on something, only to pause, ponder, and scrap the whole damned thing? Welcome to this week’s blog update! Instead, here’s a gym jam for your step mill experience:

08 June | F
Mobility | 3x
Cossacks x 10 ea
Scap press x 5
Prone y raise x 10
TVAs x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Tempo goblets x 5
SA KB snatch x 3

Work |
A. EMOM x 16:00, alternating:
Power cleans x 3 (Tall cleans, 105#)
DB bench x 5 + sit-ups x 10 (30#ers)
B. Alternating TGUs x 15:00 (1ea@35, 2ea@44, 4ea@53, 2ea@26 BU)
C. Stairs x 20:00

09 June | Sa
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Bird dawgs x 10ea
Reverse curl-ups x 10 – no ball on that last one

Warm-up | 3x
Assault bike x 2:00
Samurais x 2 ea
Windmills x 3 ea

Work |
A. FS 7 x 2 [heavy] [3:00] (2@145, 2@150, 2@150/145, 145#)
B1. 1-1/4 BS 5 x 5 [RI] (105#)
B2. Sled push x L [1:30] (153#)
C. Wall walks x 12 [as req’d]

Stretch x 17:00

Dry sauna x 20:00

10 June | Su
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
A-T-Ys x 5ea
Slam balls x 5

Work |
A. Snatch 10 x 2 [across] {2:00] (Powers: 5@85#, 5@90#)
B. Clean pulls 5 x 2 @115% 1RM [1:30] (185#)
C. BS 5 x 5 [med lbs] [2:00] (145#)
D1. GHD (yas!) 3 x 10 [1:00]
D2. McGills x :45 ea [:30]

Dry sauna x 20:00

F | Foreign globo gym. Very nice.

Sa | Squats felt good, all things considered (that whole haven’t-worked-out-in-four-days thing). Part B was a nice reminder – like the grunt work – that getting through hard things is just about keeping after it. Damn turning that rogue sled around is nice. My plan for wall walks was to make it an EMOM with two e’ry minute. But I found that when I did that, my bracing for the second one really sucked ass. The wall at this globo where I could walk was slippery as fuck, so that was a contributing factor. The sauna was fucking awesome. I am considering keeping a membership here for Fridays and weekends…

Su | Remember to have fun. Lighten the fuck up, Gunz. Started to get all upset with myself about my damn snatches, and then I asked myself the following:

  • Am I a professional or competitive weightlifter? Nope.
  • Do you want to be? Mmm… that would be pretty cool, but I have other priorities (and genetics), so… negative.
  • Do I snatch on a daily basis? Weekly basis? No. No.
  • Does having a strong snatch improve my life outside the gym?…

    j law coming in hot

Haha! Got to use a 35# barbell – Tukee MSF FTW! My right side is really sore and I really felt the BS in that glute. The GH raises on the GHD were hard – had to find that muscle memory – but improved immensely by the last round. Anyone else struggle to get this version of the Rogue GHD into proper position for glute-ham raises? Nah, me neither.

Science is uncovering so many benefits of the sauna. Perhaps that will fix my snatch… Stop it.