“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” – Henry Rollins

Was going to post an image of Mr. Rollins up here, but that’s just too much handsome to deal with right now.

Let’s have a chat about coffee. I drink it. Everyday. Black with some full fat coconut milk. I enjoy the smell, the ritual of making it – of drinking it. I thought perhaps I should look into whether or not my love for the bean is playing a role in my disrupted sleep pattern. Thanks to social media I stumbled up, Coffee and Hormones: Here’s How Coffee Really Affects Your Health.  I read it thinking it would probably make me want to cut back more than I already have. Instead, it made me feel good about my lifestyle overall and what I put in my mouth. So, with a little more tucked away in my warehouse of knowledge, I will continue to enjoy the pleasure of my morning cup ‘o…

just pleasures

just pleasures2

15 October | Wednesday

Warm up | 3 rounds:
Wall press x10
Clammies x10 (ea side)

Training | 6 sets:
2:00 AD build up in speed with each 30 second increment
1:00 Rest
– then –
Iron Scap regime

Well, I learned that Tom is tricky with his use of words… The AirDyne workout was really just AD Sprints in disguise! Sneaky, sneaky. Sprinting of any kind is not a strength of mine, but then, that’s more reason to them, no? The RPM scheme kept was +/- 60, 64, 68, 72. By the sixth round the last :30 was burning real good.

The ‘Iron Scap’ regime should be called ‘Angry Scap’. I am unsure of the particulars of each movement (which is problematic for a detail-oriented mind) and that much band work brings me back to my globo gym days, which I did/do not enjoy. I am sure there is some profound metaphor for life in this little snapshot; how I just want to do the fun things (barbells!) not the accessory work that will actually lead to improvement. But I still don’t want to do it. I got to the Tiger Walks and said fuck it. Then I went to Whole Foods in my “Reebok CrossFit” apparel and felt obnoxious.



Power Pose

“No one is you and that is your power.” – Dave Grohl

I don’t know if he really said that, but it totally made me feel like striking a power pose. (Thank you, JK.)



I’ve been making (with my hands) study models to explore facade options for a little project here in the office. I haven’t made physical models in years. No lie. I’m going to work to do more making with my hands. I enjoy it and no doubt it enriches the end product. Listen to Bob...

happy trees


13 October | Tuesday

Warm up| Easy row

4×5 BB bench press @ 13X1 (65, 70, 75, 75#)
3:00 rest btwn sets
– then –
4 Sets:
Wall runs x 20-30 seconds (20, 22, 25, 22s)
1:00 rest
50 DU’s (Unbroken: 50, 25, 49, 50)
2:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

The bench was okay; I did feel just a little… pang, on the posterior side of the bad shoulder (the right one). 

The wall runs were fun and challenging (at least the breathing part!). The limiting factor was my lumbar. In hindsight I see I should have been FACING the wall. (Oooooh… wall walk up, then run. I just kicked up into a handstand.)

Double-unders felt good.

I am feeling good. Fired up.




The Wolf

“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.” – German Proverb

 13 October | Monday

Warm up | 1000m row @ mod. pace

Training | 3×6 (ea) Single leg RDLs (26# KB)
1:00 rest btwn sides
– then –
5 Sets: :30 AD sprint
3:00 rest

Stretchin’ | 20:00

Started the day with some stair sprints at the Predock (Nelson Fine Arts Museum on campus). Man I love that building. Only did like 6 sets up and down. Nothing crazy. Mostly just fun. Bo enjoyed it too. 

Predock Sprints
Some archiporn for you. You. Are. Welcome.

I ended up doing 6 sets of RDLs… because I did 3 rounds with the weight in the wrong hand. Whoopsies! Thankfully Ali had her eye on me and corrected my ways. Once I had the right set-up I felt it a lot more in ma’ glutes and it took a lot of focus to make sure I kept my hips and shoulders positioned properly whilst maintaining balance. Good stuff. 

AD SPRINTS ARE INSANE. Easy on paper; ridiculous in action. I really felt like I might vom. And seriously, unless the whisky is involved, that never happens. Each round I felt more winded after the sprint and took longer to recover. After round 5 I think it took a full 2:00 to stop breathing hard. 

In terms of my injuries, everything is feeling really great. I am pretty excited. Now just not to go crazy and fuck shit up again. Must remind myself of the goal here: move well and get/stay healthy.


Table Sauce

Ketchup. Catch up. Get it?

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” – Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

It was an interesting week. I learned a lot. And was reminded of the Four Agreements:

I think the Fifth Agreement would be pick a better typeface next time, yes?

And My So-Called Life. I loved that show.


11 October | Saturday

PSC Training Hike #6

Warpaint – Corona de Loma – National Loop

10.3 miles

Saturday’s hike felt strong. JK and I met our mileage goal and kept a good pace. Next weekend will be the first of our back-to-back hike days. Yay-uh!

What does this cactus remind you of?

We played the cloud game, except with cacti. It was very entertaining.

The elevation of the hike, clearly.

WP_CDL_NL loop

Not much of an appetite the last week or so. This is crazy, though it makes the clean eatin’ even easier. Bright side.


Self-Talk & Standing Stations

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.” – John Steinbeck


I’ve been hearing a lot about the power of positive self-talk lately. And wouldn’t you know, this morning on NPR (that either makes me sound really smart or it makes you judge me) there was a segment on that very subject! In “Why Saying is Believing – The Science of Self-Talk“, not only do they discuss the power to be had by changing our internal dialogue, they bring in the Victorians and Lebron James to do so! It’s fantastic and I highly recommend you take a listen.

07 October | Tuesday

Warm up | 3 rounds:
5 Push-ups
10 KB swings
15 DUs

Training | KB Press 4×5 (26,30,30,30)
1:00 Rest btwn sets
– then –
10:00 EMOM x1 Wall Walk
– then –
20:00 AD w/
100m suitcase carry (44#)
every 5:00

Stretch | 20:00

Today at work I realized that I have totally nailed the adjustment to the standing work station. When I first implemented it at the beginning of the year I could only stand for an hour or so and sometimes, depending on the amount of focus the task at hand required, not even for that long. I progressively added more time, breaking when I needed to rest and for meetings, lunch, etc. (It really would be awesome to see the reaction of my colleauges should I demand to stand during a meeting. May have to test that out… ) Now I don’t even notice the time in terms of how long I’ve been standing. I am still working on perfecting my standing posture, however. This seems crazy because it’s s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g. But then I recall all those folks I see running in the morning, looking a little something like this:

phoebe runs

and remember that running is supposed to be second nature, too. So, I’ll just keep practicing my proper stance until it IS second nature. 

Wow. I really went on a tangent there.

Onto feedback from the workout this evening… The squats and AD springs from yesterday had me quite sore today. As is usually the case, once I got moving, that soreness subsided significantly. I somehow managed to interpret the KB Presses as Single Arm KB Bench Presses. Must read more carefully, Morgan! With the band presses (and everything really) it still amazes me that squeezing my ass makes my arms stronger. Some sort of gym voodoo or something.

The wall walks felt really strong. Those are fun. And my lack of a giant rack allows me get right up tight to the gypsum board. We’ll count that one as a win. (Mostly I just wanted to make it awkward for Tom to read.)
I felt a little fired up today so threw in some time on the AD and some suitcase carries for my trunk.

I have found my groove with the eats again. This is likely due to the fact that ice cream season is over. Now I just gotta fix that sleep. I’m being very mindful of the caffeine and am rocking my amber glasses as soon as I step in the door when I get home from DTP.


Easy, Breezy.

There’s a story there, but I am too tired to tell it. What a tease.

Deadpool summarizes Monday night.


06 October | Monday

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
10x Hip Bridges and March
10x KB swings
10x Wall Balls

– then –

4×5 Front Squat (85,95,95,105#)
3:00 Rest btwn sets
4 Sets:
COB hold x 20 seconds
:30 Rest
BB lunges x 20 steps (10 ea) (35#BB)
2:00 Rest
4 Sets:
AD sprints@ :45 sprint, 2:00 easy spin

– then –

 Stretch | 20:00

 I found this article and thought maybe I would try to incorporate some of these into my warm-ups. Thoughts, El Hefe? 

The squats felt heavy. I clearly have some trunk work to do, in addition to regaining the strength I lost from rest and rehab. It is SO strange where I feel fatigue when I squat, it’s not in my legs its in my flexor region. Perhaps a diagram would help…?


COB holds I still hate, but I want to the dead-hangs so keep ’em coming. I attempted to add weight to the lady barbell but I could tell my form went to shit when I did (knee on the right side collapsed in and I wanted to lean forward) so I just kept it barbell only. I was out of breath after the lunges…

How I looked after lunges. Just ask Matty Ice.

 The AD sprints felt good. I mean, they are awful, but the sunset was pretty and the mosquitoes kept me company.

And here’s a minute of your life you’ll never get back…



“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things that we do.” – Freya Stark

The beginning of the month always has me reflecting on the previous one, checking in with my goals and such. In what areas did I progress? Regress? Do I need to adjust the actions steps? And sometimes even taking stock to see if an item is still something I want to achieve.

Inevitably this process leads to a look at how I’m allocating my time and where I’m getting distracted. Because, yes, it happens all the freaking time. Unless Netflix stops adding new episodes of Walking Dead or I find the end of the internet, it’s gonna keep on a happenin’!

This re-evaluation of both goals and time always brings me back to a post by James Clear, “What To Do When You Have Too Many Ideas (And Not Enough Time. I’ll let you read it for yourself, but the metaphor of trimming the rose bush, has stuck with me. Essentially, I can attempt to do everything in a really shitty fashion (because that’s what happens when you’re over-tasked – I don’t care who you are or how much you proclaim you’re an excellent multi-tasker) and have them all fail. Or I can trim down the list, focus on the important shit, and get those fuckers to bloom.

pruning brows and personality
Speak on it, Boney. Speak. On. It.

What are your biggest distractions…?

04 October | Saturday

Training Hike #5

Alta Training Trail Route
@ South Mountain

9.67 mi

photo (1)

Not only did JK and I totally exceed our planned mileage (maybe due to some questionable navigation skills by yours truly) but we also upped our pace significantly! Yay us!


03 October | Friday

RDLs 4×4 @ 42×1 (75,95,105,105#)
2:00 Rest btwn sets
– then –
4 Sets:
BTN Seated Press x3 (55,60,65,60#)
1:00 Rest
Zing Zows x5
1:00 Rest
Hand Release Push Ups x5
1:00 Rest
– then – (because)
AD 15:00 w/
2x Wall Walks Every 5:00

I was unsure as to how heavy or challenging the RDLs were supposed to be, but by the time I got up to 105# keeping everything in position was tough. While I do feel them in my glutes and hammies I also feel fatigue in my mid-back, trying to keep good position. Is this normal? Should this be more of a glute burner? Behind-the-neck (BTN) press is so awkward. A wider grip is required, yes? I felt a lot more fatigue on my right side, in the area of my shoulder that likes to get all fired up and pissy (the middle just above the scap). Zing Zows (because AHJ has informed me that my R’s are just Z’s + 1’s) felt good, which surprised me as they followed the BTNs. I decided to add some AirDyne action in there because frankly I need to sweat. I do know there’s a difference between training and just getting sweaty, but I just wanna get sweaty for a while. I feel like I am sitting at the valley of the roller coaster and am jonesin’ to climb back up…


 02 October | Thursday

 Rest & Recovery Day

Sometimes rest requires drinks.

This week’s Rest & Recovery resulted in reduced amounts and quality of sleep as well as SEVERE brain fog for the duration of Friday. Despite these factors, I will call it a success.

How every attempt at communication felt post-rest day Thursday.

The Scrimshaw will serve as the stat block this time.