Post-Texas Tuesday

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small. My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.” – Kim McMillen

Whoa. That’s a heavy quote for a Tuesday. Let’s blame Texas.

photo 1

I spent this past weekend in the fourth largest city in ‘Merica, Houston. I am sure it’s a fine place, and that four days isn’t enough time to draw accurate conclusions about an entire city, but that skyline looks like it’s giving me the bird. And we’ll just leave it at that.

30 Sept | Tuesday

4 x 5 Back Squat (75, 85, 95, 95#)
3:00 Rest btwn sets
– then –
4 Sets:
Banded strict pull-ups x 5
Rest :30
Single arm press x 8 reps each arm (26# KB)
Rest 2:00
– then –
3 Sets: (5:50)
50 DU’s 
5 slam ball
5 push-ups
– then –
Stretch Class

Things felt about how you would expect after four days away from the gymnasium, preempted by a week where you felt like you might be falling apart. The weights felt heavy. The pants felt tight. And the double-unders, which usually are not a problem, didn’t come easily. The griddle wasn’t hot. Hoping tomorrow is better.

As requested, some video of my BS. (That’s Back Squat, friends.)


At least Joe was there for some support. Beards help, too.

photo 2
Ligocki Approved

In other news, it turns sticking caffeine in your chonies doesn’t keep you trim.


Hoping to keep my sleep looking like last nights.




“The longer I hang around the CrossFit world the more hippie I become.” -Travis Mash talking Squatty Potty on the Barbell Shrugged Podcast.

I’m a planner; I like a routine and I like to stick to it. This week has not followed my plan.

golden goose
Look up the definition Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, had for “snozberries” and I bet you’ll learn something new today…

Was feeling pretty run down Tuesday and Wednesday so I stayed out of the gymnasium and got some extra rest. Also having experienced some pain again this week, I logged some time looking for additional information online and found this great article about posture. “If your posture is jacked up from hours of sitting at a desk, then not only will it ruin your snatch…but you’re also setting yourself up for a long list of injuries…” No need to elaborate, author, you have my attention…

25 Sept | Thursday

15:00 Self-Myofascial Release

4 Sets:

DB Bench Press x 8 ea. (26# KB)

Reverse Grip Barbell Rows x 8

2:00 Rest


2k Row @ hard effort (10:00 on the AD)

Stretch Class

The foam roller felt really great (or bad in a good way); I swear it feels like I have a pebble in my glute when I roll over that right side. Ooooch. Things are not feeling awesome this week, but I am hoping it’s just a little step back and not a halt. Stretch class was a nice way to end the sesh. I’m thankful for the awesome crew at DTP. No one is a dick (House Rule #2)




The Science Guy


22 Sept | Monday

4×5 Front Squat (65,75,85,95#)
 3:00 Rest btwn sets
– then –
Tidy up the plates with KP because Ice Ice and 
Sansone left a fucking mess
4 Sets:
COB hold x :15
Press x5 (55,60,65,65#)
 2:00 Rest
– then –
3×10 (ea side) Single leg hip thrust
1:00 Rest btwn legs 
Stretchin’ with Six (O’clock)

Front squat felt good, but heavy. As in 95 pounds felt like a PR. Feeling lots of tightness and fatigue in my lower back; this is not to be confused with pain. No pain. I can just tell it’s working.


COB and Press were a fun combo. Minus the first set of COB where I felt some pain in the elbow, they felt good. Next sets I adjusted my grip and that seemed to alleviate the “pull” in the elbow. Press is an excellent ab workout.

Not quite Oprah lighting:


I am going to assign the Single Leg Hip Thrusts a new name, the Christmas Abbotts because they were quite a thing. Two-day soreness, I am sure…

I feel like we are going to be better friends when I post these rather awkward videos.

Left side:


Gun side:


On the food front, over the weekend I made some nut milk. (That probably shouldn’t make me giggle, but it does.) Specifically I made Coffee Shop Worthy Caramel Vanilla Bean Hazelnut Milk. That’s a mouthful, but the final product lived up to it’s title; it’s legit. The aroma of the hazelnuts coupled with the vanilla bean is lovely; add espresso and it’s magic. It was really easy to make and my cheapo cost-effective blender handled the nuts without issue. (Again, giggles.) Next time I’m going to go with a 1:1 ration of nuts to water in an attempt to make it a little thicker.

I am still not sleeping as awesomely (?) as I’d like to be. I prefer to get a solid eight hours. Looks like I need to adjust a few thing to make that happen.



PR Sunday

How to check out a hottie at the gymnasium like a ninja…

peek a boo bully

…or a bullie.

 21 Sept | Sunday

Active Rest Day #2

Walking the dog

Ride the bici to drink beer with the ladies

Visual feedback from PR Sunday…

photo 1 (1)
With RunKeeper EVERYONE gets a trophy!
photo 2 (1)
Food prep PR with some help from the crock pot.
Those ladies make every day better! Go Devils!


Drank beer and ate bar food while I was PRing my Sunday con mis amigas. So yeah, that’s a reset button there on the food plates… (The pork rinds and sour beer were delicious.)



 20 Sept | Saturday

Active Rest Day #1

120:00 Yerd Wurk

 I like yard work – get your hands dirty, soak up some sunshine, work on your mobility by sitting at the bottom of the squat while you pull weeds. And the shower and iced coffee afterwards… not a bad culmination.


Elimination Friday

(Nope. This post is not about poop. I was just bored with the usual Friday title and that one fit…)

“How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.”

-Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone

That quote has been circling around my brain a lot recently. And today it was brought to my attention that I was holding onto a source of some negative shit for no good reason. So, I decided to be done with that. Which bring me to this week’s Five Things…

Five Things I’ve learned I can live without:

  1. Cardio
  2. Television
  3. Red Velvet Cupcakes from LGO
  4. A car (though having one makes life much easier)
  5. Drankin’

 19 Sept  | Friday

3×5 OverHead Squat @ light weight (55#)

2:00 rest btwn sets


3 Rounds:

Ring Hold x AMSAP (Ring Rows x5)

1:00 Row

2:00 Rest


10:00 TGUs (Subbed AD)

The OHS felt good, but awkward, which in my experience means you’re doing ’em right. Had to really think about the blades of my feet and sitting back. I think the first rep on each set was the worst, progressively getting better as I went along. It was the 11 of April the last time I’d done these so… The last set I did 6 reps because the 5th was not awesome and I didn’t want to end on that note.

The ring holds were an absolute no go; front right shoulder was not having it. So I subbed some perfect form ring rows and proceeded with the row. Kept my pace right at 1:55 which got me breathing. Donde esta mi aerobic base?

My glutes and hips were pretty fatigued from the other workouts this week and when I got to the TGU’s, well, it just didn’t feel good so I hopped on satan’s trike. Still not time for balls to the wall. Wall balls, however…

Then I stretched with five o’clock’s bro sesh.

As promised, more heart-stopping videos. OHShit…

And that brings us to Friday’s stat block, brought to you by Modern Family…

Elimination Friday





 18 Sept | Thursday


(from Wednesday’s Back Rack Lunges aka Booty Builders)

20 Minutes:

roll through

100 Sled Pull/Reverse Sled Pull

2:00 AD/Row

5 Ring Rows or Pull-Ups

5 Air Squats


Recovery felt great. Love those sled pulls.



“Make your combat stance your everyday stance.” – Miyamoto Musashi

During a recent session of internet browsing, I stumbled upon the article, “How CrossFit Ended My War with My Body“. That title. It resonated with me. So I read on… Like the author, and so many ladies I know, I had spent years over a decade trying to beat my body into submission. And then I walked into a CrossFit gym. And what started as just another attempt to achieve aesthetic goals evolved into an incredible (and ongoing) journey. Between the community I discovered & became a part of, picking up a barbell, being introduced to the paleo lifestyle, and throwing out the fucking scale, the combat has ended.

 17 Sept | Wednesday

3 Sets: (I did 4 sets because… Because.)

Back Racked Lunge x 8 ea leg (used 35# BB)

1:00 rest

Handstand Walk x 8′ (5′ max distance traveled unbroken)

1:00 rest


4 sets:

Chin Over Bar Hold x AMSAP (23,31,30,25)

1:00 rest

Kettle Bell Swings x 15 @35#

2:00 rest

Made the lunges walking lunges with the barbell. I started with the 45# barbell, but my right adductor was having none of that. Switched to the 35# lady bar and proceeded. That push off the ground with my right leg was weak – really had to focus on engaging that glute an pushing the knee out, which I did. 

The handstand walks were challenging; I can stand in one place for infinity, but moving forward, that’s tricky. I’ve been working on positioning my hands so they face forward rather than out at a 45° degree angle and that seems to be helping a little bit as it prevents me from moving backwards. 

I suck at the COB holds. And hate them. (I believe these two factors go hand-in-hand). Around 20s my elbows start shaking, which makes my face jiggle, so at least it’s entertaining. 

On the kettle bell swings I made an effort to pull the KB back into the bottom position rather than letting it float down. I am not sure if it actually moved any faster. I also tried to be really aware of the top position, trying to look like this at the top.

As requested by El Hefe, here are some videos of the COB holds…

The most exciting video you will ever see…


The second most exciting video you will ever see..


I’m improving on my effort to complete all the day’s coffee drankin’ by noon (and resisting the urge for maaaaaaaaas). I learned the half-life of the stuff is 5 hours…

Yikes! If I were to keep drinking the stuff in the afternoon, I’d be in a continuous caffeine loop! No gracias.


The 3-Item List

“The trouble is, you think you have time” – Gautama Buddha

I had a professor in grad school who wore a Canadian Tuxedo everyday. Every. Day. My twenty-something, design-school self found that to be very lazy. There I was being taught the importance of aesthetics & design and the power of the message they send… by a dude in head-to-toe denim. These factors did not reconcile.

Fast forward to my thirty-something, design-professional self, with an every-growing list of things I want to accomplish – things to learn, stuff to make, cities to explore, coffee to drink, PRs to set! If our actions speak our priorities, how can I move past all the noise, all the distractions and get meaningful shit done? Now I think I understand that denim uniform my professor had; it was a tool to eliminate decision fatigue and expedite the day. (Or maybe he just really liked denim.)

While I don’t have a uniform (yet), I’m going to implement some methods to be more productive and take fucking action. I’m going back to my 3-items lists, capping my “to do” lists at the three most important tasks of the day. I’m also going to focus on creating more and consuming less, and being more selective with my time on the interwebs. And maybe I’ll plaster my casa with this infographic. (I’m not sure what’s happening there in number four…)


  16 Sept | Tuesday

 4 Sets:

Bench Press x 8 reps (65,70,75,75#)

right into

Single-arm banded rows x 8 each arm (red band)

rest 2:00


3 Sets:

DB push press x 8 reps (20# DB)

rest 1:00

Slam ball x 6 reps (20#)

rest 1:00


10:00 of DU’s


Bench felt good. KP, my amazing spotter, gave me some great cues that helped me finish that last set. The right side was slower to finish than the left; not sure if that means its the weaker one or that it’s compensating for the left. Rows felt good, maybe I need to go to a thicker band because I don’t really feel any fatigue while I am doing them, though they force me to focus on posture/position.

DB push press is craziness. With a barbell everything goes in the right direction. With the dumbbells the arms want to go everywhere – so it’s much harder. I like it. Slam balls felt good – really felt it in my hammies on the pull down to the floor. (Noting what this feels like for barbell movements.) Stuck with the 20# because my lower back was feeling a little fatigued (and this isnt’ the time for balls to the wall) but in the future I’ll go with that 30#er, especially with the smaller rep scheme.

And holy shit, that was a lot of double-unders. My strategy was to allow myself enough recovery between sets to be able to complete the next set without question. There’s nothing more frustrating than “wasting reps” by failing one or two reps shy of the mark. This worked up until I was approaching the 50 unbroken (which was around the 6:00 mark) Then my arms were tired and didn’t want to listen to my commands. It was fun though and felt good. Jumping rope = not Z1.


dubble unders
What I looked like on the way down the ladder…


Had one of our clients drop off some delicious short rib enchiladas and guac from his restaurant. There were delicious…