Strictly Business

“Squat day is a good day.” – Coach Ice Ice

No fluff on this post. My internet was down last night so I just wanna sneak this one in before I have fun with exterior elevations.

15 Sept | Monday

QT with the foam roller

3×5 Back Squat; rest 3:00 btwn sets (65# all sets)


3×5 RDL; rest 2:00 btwn sets (65# all sets)


15:00 of TGUs (35# KB)


The first (warm-up) set – BB only – was rough. It was as if my hip flexors didn’t know what to do.  But each set felt a bit better than the last. Set 5 felt the best; weak, like I have lost strength (duh), but no bad pain. 65# all sets

Wasn’t sure about the RDLs, which can be Romanian OR Russian according to KP, but they felt great with just the right amount of stretch on the hammies. So I kept the weight light and proceeded…

And the get-ups, oh those get-ups; I love this movement! They felt stronger than last weeks – still some cramping in the flexors when I tuck the knee under on the way up. I considered grabbing the 44# KB, but stayed at 35# as I want to be able to train the rest of the week.

Here’s some amazing footage of my return to the back squat…






Say it like the Dowager…



14 Sept | Sunday
Rest and Recovery Day!
Dog walking
Vitamin D collecting
Laundry doing
Food prepping
Broncos winning


 13 Sept | Saturday
Training Hike #4:
Alta/Bajada Trail
@ South Mtn
+/- 8 miles
Holbert Trail
@ South Mtn
+/- 4 miles


Friday’s fat-burning and recovery workout was magical; all my parts are feeling good. This is a relief as Thursday I really thought I was broken again. I was looking forward to testing how the distance on the Saturday’s hike made everything feel, but we had to change our plans. The access road to the trailhead was closed. Nooooooooooo! Gotta start upping the mileage on the training hikes (and frequency) because the 15th of November – and it’s 23 miles of trails – is just around the corner. Experience has taught me, while this isn’t Rim to Rim, it’s nothing to wag a finger at. (The Leahs’ Summit Challenge circa 2011: 2 hikes, 2 Havana Lattes and a 2-hour breakfast at LGO.)
Someone once told me they never hike South Mountain because it’s “ugly”…
Got some sleep banking in last night. Hope to do some more this evening.


So it’s been one of those weeks. The kind where you interact with a person(s) who may just be missing their brain, or at least part of it. A person that makes you question…

It’s fitting then that Friday’s Five Things are ones that make absolutely no sense:

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes – Why you fuckin’ up your espresso with some fake pumpkin flavoring, mang? If you must, get a Dirty Chai instead; it’s fun to order and your barista will still respect you tomorrow.

2. Naming your vehicle* – It’s a car, not a dog. It already has a model name and isn’t gonna come when you call it.*

3. “Egg White” anything – Why toss the best part of the egg?  And Egg Beaters? That’s squint level stupidity.

4. “Three-Ingredient” recipes on Pinterest – If the ingredients have ingredients you need to try that math again.

5. Rompers. And underwear with center seams – Ladies, am I right???

*Unless you have this.

 12 Sept | Friday

– Recovery and Fat-Burning Workout –

30:00 rotating:

3:00 AirDyne

2:00 Row

1:00 Fwd-leaning rest + side plank (alternating)

Feeling better than yesterday, which I have coined “Confessional Thursday” due the mind-dump of a post. I am having some discomfort with the piriformis and tightness in my lower back, but the time at the gymnasium  this afternoon helped out tremendously. My barbell ‘resurgence” may just have to be more of a crescendo than a surge.




If the new iPhones get any larger I’m reverting back to this method for supplying the soundtrack when I go for a run:

the next iPhone

Who am I kidding – I don’t run.

11 Sept | Thursday

– Rest/PT Rant Day – 



Put in some Z1 miles walking the dog this morning and did some stretching and “PT exercises” this evening. I’m still pretty sore from this week’s workouts and while I know a majority of the discomfort is just your standard post-workout muscle soreness, there are a few spots that I know aren’t that. I am feeling frustrated that with all my PT sessions (there were 20 of them) I never really found out definitively what the problem was/is. Nor do I think I have completely resolved the issue. So, if I don’t know what was wrong, how can I address the incorrect movement pattern so I don’t just keep this cycle going? Psoas, sacrum, glute medius, piriformis syndrome, adductor tendinopathy, trigger points, blah, blah, blah…

What DO I know? I know that I have a pretty significant anterior pelvic tilt. Maybe I can start there. And here. Sometimes I feel like the more I learn about all this, the more I have to fix.




 10 Sept | Wednesday

4 Rounds:
KB bench press x10; right into (26# KB)
Banded rows X 10 reps ea. arm (red band)
3:00 rest


3×10 Press (50# For reals. All sets. Last set I failed around rep 8)
2:00 rest between sets


3 Rounds:
L-sit x15-20s 
30s rest
50 DU’s
90s rest


Yay! Yay! I get to train today – squats!

And by Wednesday:

I can’t do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. My muscles are g-o-n-e.

The first portion of Wednesday’s workout went smoothly. I really like the KB bench because it demonstrates my weaknesses. On my left side I can press all day. On my right side, the last two reps are challenging to complete with good form. Also, it still amazes me how cracking the walnut/engaging the glutes makes me press more. Crazy.

The second segment sucked. I felt so weak! I’ve heard, and am hoping it’s not an urban legend, that your body remembers the level of fitness you had achieved and that makes it easier to “come back”. I can’t seem to locate any science to speak on that, but if Matty Ice says it’s so, it must be true.

In last part of the workout my L-sits were more like like Z-sits as I did them bent-leg – my quads were having none of this straight leg business. But hey, I can still do double-unders!

The Perfect Drug

The day after barbell re-introduction:

day after barbell

 09 Sept | Tuesday

10:00 the-good-kinda-hurt of the foam roller

10:00 @ 65-75% intensity:
Box step up x 8 
Push up x 4
TGU x 2
AD x 10 cals

– 4:00 rest –

10:00 @ 65-75% intensity:
200m jog
KB swings x 5
Body rows x 5
Wall walk x 210:00 @ 65-75% intensity:
20:00 Stretch Class


As I previously noted, I’m a tad sore from yesterday. The motion lotion helped, however. All the movements were pain-free, when you factor out the soreness. I used a light kettle bell on the TGU’s as I’m a little wobbly transitioning to my knee and standing up on the right side. In the second segment, I felt like a fat kid on the playground during the jog. Good gawd. I was looking forward to the row, but the happy hour class had all the rowers so instead Ice Ice and I cheered on the 6:00 class from our ADs. Like this:  


Statler and Waldorf
I’m on the left with the voluminous hair.
I haven’t been protecting my sleep this week. Gotta reel that in. No amount of good eats can make up for the sleeps.
I don’t perform well after a few days of short and/or shitty sleep. I think back to architecture school where all-nighters were frequent. Man, I would have gotten much more done – and better work at that – had I allowed my body the sleep it needed. I’d joke about being able to feel days falling of the end of my life, not knowing just how true that was. This TEDx talk from Doc Parsley hits on all the points of sleep, how it’s our body’s perfect drug, and why it’s so hard for us to accept.




 08 Sept | Monday

5×5 Front Squat @ light weight (75# all sets)
– then –
4 Sets:
Chin over bar hold AMSAP (35s,25s, 27s,25s)
Rest 1:00
Handstand walk 10-15 ft
Rest 2:00
– then –
3 Sets:
Bicep curls x10 (15#DB)
right into
Tricep push-downs x10 (red band)
Rest 2:00
– then –
20:00 Stretch Sesh

I was pretty excited and nervous for this workout; thrilled to be grasping a barbell but terrified I was either going to feel the bad kind of pain or move poorly and hurt myself. (It feels like forever, but when I look back at my training log it’s been about 3 months since I’ve done any lifting.) I took it easy on the front squats and warmed up slowly. Kept it at 75# because 75# never felt so heavy. My hip flexors fatigued quickly and it was strange to me to feel it there first. I also noticed that my core got pretty tired by the end, too. Here is the video of my last set… (Is that an ass wink or just a funny angle? I don’t think I had an ass wink pre-injury!!! WTF.)

The chin over bar holds were a challenge as my shoulders really want to say hello to my ears. Again, just felt a little weak. Next time I gotta put the clock front and center where I can see it, instead of off to the side. I think I could have eeked out some additional time that way.

Handstands are fun but I didn’t make much progress in the travel distance today. Seriously, once I was finished with the front squats a little euphoria set in and that was that. The bi’s and tri’s felt good. All in all I was thrilled today. Excited to see how I feel tomorrow…

Minus that whole flooding thing, rain storms make for delicious sleeps.

Football Sunday!

“I just don’t think you are gonna lose the people that matter if you’re not around while they’re eating beer and pizza.” – Liz Wolfe of the Balanced Bites Podcast speaking on weeding out the friends from the drinkin’ buddies

07 Sept | Sunday

Rest Day:

+/- 3 mile walk with Bo
Laundry for time
Football! Let’s go Den-vuh!


Woke up this morning feeling the last three days of “not rehab” workouts. My dog was really sick last week so I didn’t get much walking in. I missed that as I really enjoy my morning walks; it’s my chance to get the day going, grease the wheels, and check out what’s going on in my ‘hood. I was glad to be able to put in a few miles today. (Funny how often times it takes losing the ability to do something to make you appreciate it… Eh?) Gotta mind myself with the piriformis though as my low back and right glute are “speaking to me” today. Will inject some stretching and lacrosse ball work during the game, and likely some curse words, too. Because Broncos.


 06 Sept | Saturday

 Training Hike #3:

Corona de Loma Trail
at South Mountain
+/- 5.25 miles


I hadn’t hiked this trail before and it was fun! Really flat and scenic to begin… then up the mountain you go with some switchbacks. I will definitely do this one again.

corona del lomo elev

corona del lomo
And this is why we get up early…

The hike felt good. I was really tired though as I stayed up too late Friday night.

another crazy friday night

I noticed something the other day, however: my movement patterns have changed. When doing things like tieing my shoes or picking up a kettlebell, jump rope, or other accoutrement, I find myself bending at the waist rather than squatting down. Makes sense to me. It hurt to be at the bottom of the squat, so we’ll just take advantage of the bendiness and fold in half. Problem solved. <Sad trombone> So this week I’ll be mindful of that AND practicing better posture.

What this guy says makes so much sense. And isn’t it funny that rather than using pain as a tool to help us figure out the problem, we just try to stop the pain. Huh.

I made some nanner bread to put in this week’s lunches. The recipe is from Juli Bauer & George Bryant’s cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. I didn’t have a bread pan, so I just used a 9×9 square pan. Next time I make it I’ll halve the “swirl” component of the recipe and halve THAT amount of cinnamon, too. The texture and flavor are awesome, I just didn’t need quite so much of the sweetness. (Words that rarely come out of my mouth.)
swirl goo
Kerrygold + Njoy chips + cinnamon + honey = swirl goo
palomg nanner
I feel so fancy when I use parchment paper
paleomg nanner yum
Eat me. Okay.
Holy smokes this is a long post! It’s almost game time… But first: my stat block: