A Ginja

 What you call a redheaded ninja.

Sunday | August 31

– Rest & Recovery Day –

Saturday | August 30

Mormon Trail Loop 

South Mountain

+/- 5 miles


Saturday’s Oly Comp was really fun and inspiring; chatting with and cheering on some really great people. I admire my amiga, Cassie, for pushing herself to participate. When I asked her what prompted her to do it she said because she really thinks it will help her training. The fear that can rear it’s pesky and persistent head during a routine training session seems pretty minuscule compared to the ones that present themselves when you lift solo, center stage, in a new gym, with a room staring at you and your lifting face (I imagine).

 That’s Cassie on the left there. Yep, she’s amazing.


Hoping this may be the beginning of the end of my “injury updates”… Because I am feeling really, really good. For the first time in a couple months my adductor doesn’t hurt – at all at the insertion point and only slightly when I make an aggressive lateral motion (which occurred unintentionally during a rather intense session of fetch with the four-legged spotted beast.) Feeling some soreness in my glutes, but not the piriformis pain, just soreness from use. Scoops!

08-31Good eats today and ten glorious hours of sleep last night.


Five Things Friday

Five Things… I am going to do this weekend:

1. Watch my friend Cassie at her Oly Comp at Infernal
2. Training Hike #2 with Jennifer K
3. Eat oysters on outdoor patios (Well, just one patio. And many oysters.)
4. Take another step towards upgrading
5. Sip coffee and read in the sunshine with my spotted dog

I’ve realized that maybe I need to come out of summer/injury hibernation and be more social. And align my “ought” with my “actual” in one particular sphere of life…

Friday | August 29

– Rest & Recovery –


Feeling good from the rehab workouts this week. Haven’t gotten awesome sleep the last couple days and am feeling it today fo’ sho’. Life stresses made it a challenging day and by the end of it I found myself craving a pint… of Chubby Hubby. But instead of running to the freezer section of the Sexy Safeway to get my fix of the “peanut-buttery, chocolate experience” (Did you listen to the podcast I shared about the engineered bliss points of industrialized foods?!?!) I utilized the distraction technique and opened up one of my current reads, The Cholesterol Myth, which happened to be at the chapter, “Sugar: The Real Demon in the Diet”. Yeah, nice timing, Universe. Finishing the chapter prompted me to crunch some numbers. I don’t consume too many foods with nutrition labels these days. And the foods that do have labels, well, I usually read the ingredients, but couldn’t care less about the FDA and it’s guidelines, but today was an exception…
25g of sugar per serving  x 4 servings = 100 g sugar in one Netflixing session
4g of sugar in a teaspoon = 100g sugar/4g  = 25 t of sugar
3 teaspoons per Tablespoon = 25 t/ 3 = 8.33 Tablespoons


(The average American consumes nearly that much – 22 teaspoons – a day.)


Maybe the title of this post should have been “How I recovered from my Chubby Hubby Addiction”. 


Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Yeah. That was my dinner last night. What? They were organic. And delicious.

R2DR face plant

Wednesday | August 27

   – Rest & Recovery –


  Didn’t beat myself up about dinner. The rest of the day was quality foods.

Thursday | August 28
(Recovery Workout with the Happy Hour Class)
7 Rounds:
1:00 AD
1:00 Row
1:00 Side Bridge
1:00 Jog


The recovery felt good, in particular the rowing. I did feel a small amount of pain at the attachment point of my pesky adductor during the side bridge – when my right side (the injured one) was stacked on top. During the side bridges I really focused on crackin’ the walnut and stacking my hips. It’s crazy to me how much easier one side is than the other. I subbed an additional minute on the AD for the jog as I didn’t want to incorporate both the row and the running at once. Gotta isolate my test factors. Today’s foam rolling felt REALLY good (and painful in a good way) on both outer hip and quad areas. I’m guessing that’s a result from Tuesdays TGU’s. Really missing the barbell today. (There’s an Instagram rant in there, but that’s for another day.)
 08-28Injured pup = shitty sleep. I don’t know how people with teacup humans do it.

Tuesdays are for Answers

At work this week I spent all day Monday asking questions. Which meant that Tuesday would yield all sorts of answers. But not necessarily quality ones. For days like today, we have the Bullshit Prevention Protocol and Pocket Guide to Prevention. 


Tuesday | August 26
10:00 Self-myofascial release whilst chatting with Cocky Ligocki
30:00 Satan’s Trike Training
Every 5:00 perform 30 DU’s and 6 single arm KB bench press (26#) focusing on locking down the scoops & trunk 
10:00 Stretching


Things felt good! Tomorrow is a rest and recovery day.


Been sleeping really well lately. Which is especially awesome since sleep is the new doping drug.


“Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.” – Ray Bradbury, The Meadow


Monday | 25 August
+/- 10:00 Foam Rollin’ + Lacrosse Ballin’ 
        30:00 AD – Every 5:00 2x Turkish Get-Ups (light KB – 26#) ea. side
        Stretch with the Happy Hour class… and KP!


The AirDyne-ing feels great; no pain at all, not even hopping on and off the thing. I was really excited to test the Turkish Get-Ups and they did feel good… except for the transition from position 3 to 4. That movement caused both hips to cramp up, which then made me a little wobbly in the lunge and stand. SO, I switched to waiter’s carries with the 35# KB at the 20:00 mark. 

 Have decided to start keeping one of these for a while…

photo 1

Because I have been having entirely too much of this…

photo 2


Check yo-self. Despite indulging in a few too many pints this summer (Random side revelation: I’ve transitioned from beer to ice cream. I’m not sure how I feel about that… Beer includes friends. Ice cream includes Netflix. I conclude, I need to be drinking more beer.) it was a clean eats start to the work week.


Five Things Friday

Five things I learned this week:

1. There is a difference between kippers and sardines; kippers are smoked herring and sardines are sardines. 
2. Butter leaf lettuce is delicious and can totally sammich a burger better than a bun.
3. I now know where the saying, “Cut off your nose to spite your face” originated. Thank you, NPR.
4. Ya know, that time the roofer said he fixed the hole in the roof? Yeah, he was wrong.
5. I gotta be nicer to myself. Kicking my own ass is super unproductive.

Friday | 22 August 2014:

10:00 working things out with the foam roller & lacrosse ball

30:00 AD – every 5:00 do 5 glorious (that means with perfect form) push ups and 20 DU’s

10:00 streeeeetch

Yep. Ride that bike. Everything felt fine, minus the piriformis. Dr Dom says to use a tennis ball, but clearly he doesn’t know what that ball is up against. Lacrosse ball it is. On the last set of DU’s I did as many as I could unbroken and got 53. Just for funsies. My shoulder is feeling better so maybe next week I can start to incorporate some upper body work. We will see what The Oracle says.


R & R(ecovery)

“Most of the world does zero thinking, so it makes it feel like any thinking is over-analyzing.” -Stretch Coach Ice Ice


– Rest (and Recovery) Day –


I admit I am tired of rest days. Perhaps because when I think of “rest” days I picture myself lounging on the sofa, sipping scotch and downing pints of Jeni’s while binge-watching Gran Hotel. When in fact, these “off” days are “recovery” days, and look nothing like that. (Though I MAY have watched an episode or two of the Gran Hotel, just to keep me up on ma Spanish.) I perused my labyrinth of bookmarked articles and stumbled upon this gem, Are You Recovering, Or Are You Just Resting?, from Whole9. I particularly like the “Stress is Stress” segment, as well as the discussion on “dose”.


“Being committed to recovery means that sometimes you don’t train hard, even if you really want to, and even if everyone else is doing it.”


the picture of rest


Slept like the dead and had a beer with ma dinner, which was Nom Nom Paleo’s Little O Burgers & big helpin’ of broccoli. Tasty.