Coming up with the title is hard. So when I get stumped I’m just gonna share with you what I had for dinner.

Tuesday’s Rehab Mode Training:

10:00 Foam Rollin’

30:00 AD with 30 Double-Unders every 5:00

20:00 Stretchin’

 Feedback: I did it.

And I had some good eats today and 9.5 hours of sleep last night.

Stat Block

Here’s my new stat block. In my handwritten journal, I track more than just my workouts. I want to try to do that here, too, just maybe without words… So much typing in my day already. Sleep makes you stronger. Eating real food does, too (or at least it makes me FEEL stronger and more awesome). So let’s break it down: On the NUTRITION line, each marker represents 10% of my day’s food. If that portion fits within my paleo template, I add a plate, a bumper plate of course.  The SLEEP markers represent an hour of sleep, or portion there of. This block represents last night, Saturday, August 2nd. My eats were 80/20 and I got 7-1/2 hours of glorious sleep. The more optimally I eat and sleep, the more plates I can load on that barbell. Get it…?

Books & Afterpants

“You have a choice: have a nice day or fuck off.”


Most weekends, I meet up with my friend Archie at our neighborhood dog park. We sit, people and dog watch, and chat for an hour or so. It’s one of my favorite things, really; Archie is a smart guy so the conversation is always interesting. And there are puppies. A few weeks ago, there was a lady that apparently wan’t having a very good morning. Maybe she hadn’t had her coffee, yet. Maybe she has an old lady hip, too. Whatever the cause, it was pretty out of control.  So Archie pointed out to her that, well, she could choose to make the day great or she could go pound sand. I found this to be pretty great  at the time and applicable to all this rehab business, too. As I work on getting healthy again, I also have to focus on the positive, on the can. Not that can, you perv, the ‘can do’. The bright side. The coffee cup half full. So, I headed into this weekend with Archie’s mantra on my mind…

One discovery I have made is that I am going to have some free time, or at the very least, leftover energy with fewer, and less intense, training sessions during the week. Gotta refocus that energy on other spheres… This weekend it was finishing a book that’s taken me entirely too much time to read. And a perk of spending a nice chunk of your weekend reading? Afterpants, that’s what. So yeah, that was my weekend outside of the gymnasium. This is what the movement consisted of:

Saturday’s Rehab:

30:00 AD

Every 5:00 do some handstands and/or handstand walks

Sunday’s Active Recovery/Rehab/Just Move:

+/- 5 miles walking around the lake with Bo

Feedback: Saturday’s Airdyne was particularly sweaty, which made it great. All the bodies in the gymnasium also made it more enjoyable – listening to the cadence of the barbells dropping while I creeped on the sidelines. The handstands felt good, though the “walking (forward)” part is still “in progress”. I focused on keeping my core engaged, my shoulders in the locked out position, and keeping my glutes and legs tight. I iced my back after all the PT exercises later that morning. Sunday… felt pretty good… until the last mile or so. My hip started to hurt a little bit and I was feeling a little pain in my right knee – I’m talking 1 on a 10 scale – just enough to notice it. While walking I tried to be more aware of my posture: hips under, glutes engaged, shoulders down and back. The down and back portion was a little painful just below my scapula on the right side.

I have a PT session with Dr. Dom tomorrow morning.


KT Tape is Magic

And it makes your skin tingle when you get out of the shower. Proof.

Wednesday’s Movement (Z1 Rehab Mode)

3 rounds:
Banded rows x 10 reps (single arm, red band)
Rest 1:00
DB press x 10 rep (single arm, 26# KB, which I realize in hindsight is NOT a DB)
Rest 1:00

AD (Airdyne) 1:00

Then, 3 rounds:
Biceps curl x 10 reps (1 @ 20# DB, 2-3 @ 15# DB)
Rest 1:00
Banded triceps pull-downs x 15 reps; (Red band on first set; purple remaining) 
Rest 1:00

AD 1:00

And finally:
20 min of stretch with the 6:00 crew


Considering how badly my lower back felt this morning, I am amazed how good I feel this evening. Workout felt fine; no alarm bells went off or anything. As I sit here eating a sweet potato I should have left to cook a little longer and icing my voodoo points, my right glute is yelling at me a little. We’ll see how things feel tomorrow, which will be a rest day ’cause Leah B is in town! We are going to perform The Leahs WOD: drinks, dinner, and catching up.

Monday on Two-sday

Covering two days here, while I get in the habit of posting my notes online instead of by hand in my training diary. Dear Diary…

30:00 AD
5 beautiful push-ups every 5:00

My back started to bother me on Sunday so I hit PT with Dr. Dom. Some adjustments were made and Dr. Brandon did some Graston-ing on my mulitifidi. Ouch. 

Rest day

My low back is still bothering me today so the only activity I did was walking the spotted dog in the morning. 

Over the weekend, I heard an interesting discussion on America’s Test Kitchen. The conversation was with author Michael Moss and addressed “how food companies weaponize ingredients to create addiction.” Weaponize. Woah. Interesting stuff. You can take a listen here (if you want to get right to business fast forward to the 15:55 mark):


The Devil’s Tricycle

Playing catch up on my workouts as I figure out all this blogging business…

Friday’s Workout:
30:00 AD @ Z1 (That’s code for 30 minutes on the Airdyne at a conversational pace. I don’t know who established these zones, or how many of them there are, but I do know I have a hard time staying in Zone 1.)
Every 5:00 hope of the trike and perform 5 body rows

Saturday’s Workout:
30:00 AD @ Z1 + D (That’s Vitamin D. From the sun.)
Every 5:00 KB rack carry for 100m (I used two 35# kettlebells)

Both workouts felt good. Friday I had to stop the body rows on the last set as my right shoulder did that thing where it hurts. Saturday I was reminded that I gotta bring in the ear buds. The rack carries are fun and always challenging; practicing that belly breathing.