08 Sept | Monday

5×5 Front Squat @ light weight (75# all sets)
– then –
4 Sets:
Chin over bar hold AMSAP (35s,25s, 27s,25s)
Rest 1:00
Handstand walk 10-15 ft
Rest 2:00
– then –
3 Sets:
Bicep curls x10 (15#DB)
right into
Tricep push-downs x10 (red band)
Rest 2:00
– then –
20:00 Stretch Sesh

I was pretty excited and nervous for this workout; thrilled to be grasping a barbell but terrified I was either going to feel the bad kind of pain or move poorly and hurt myself. (It feels like forever, but when I look back at my training log it’s been about 3 months since I’ve done any lifting.) I took it easy on the front squats and warmed up slowly. Kept it at 75# because 75# never felt so heavy. My hip flexors fatigued quickly and it was strange to me to feel it there first. I also noticed that my core got pretty tired by the end, too. Here is the video of my last set… (Is that an ass wink or just a funny angle? I don’t think I had an ass wink pre-injury!!! WTF.)

The chin over bar holds were a challenge as my shoulders really want to say hello to my ears. Again, just felt a little weak. Next time I gotta put the clock front and center where I can see it, instead of off to the side. I think I could have eeked out some additional time that way.

Handstands are fun but I didn’t make much progress in the travel distance today. Seriously, once I was finished with the front squats a little euphoria set in and that was that. The bi’s and tri’s felt good. All in all I was thrilled today. Excited to see how I feel tomorrow…

Minus that whole flooding thing, rain storms make for delicious sleeps.

Football Sunday!

“I just don’t think you are gonna lose the people that matter if you’re not around while they’re eating beer and pizza.” – Liz Wolfe of the Balanced Bites Podcast speaking on weeding out the friends from the drinkin’ buddies

07 Sept | Sunday

Rest Day:

+/- 3 mile walk with Bo
Laundry for time
Football! Let’s go Den-vuh!


Woke up this morning feeling the last three days of “not rehab” workouts. My dog was really sick last week so I didn’t get much walking in. I missed that as I really enjoy my morning walks; it’s my chance to get the day going, grease the wheels, and check out what’s going on in my ‘hood. I was glad to be able to put in a few miles today. (Funny how often times it takes losing the ability to do something to make you appreciate it… Eh?) Gotta mind myself with the piriformis though as my low back and right glute are “speaking to me” today. Will inject some stretching and lacrosse ball work during the game, and likely some curse words, too. Because Broncos.


 06 Sept | Saturday

 Training Hike #3:

Corona de Loma Trail
at South Mountain
+/- 5.25 miles


I hadn’t hiked this trail before and it was fun! Really flat and scenic to begin… then up the mountain you go with some switchbacks. I will definitely do this one again.

corona del lomo elev

corona del lomo
And this is why we get up early…

The hike felt good. I was really tired though as I stayed up too late Friday night.

another crazy friday night

I noticed something the other day, however: my movement patterns have changed. When doing things like tieing my shoes or picking up a kettlebell, jump rope, or other accoutrement, I find myself bending at the waist rather than squatting down. Makes sense to me. It hurt to be at the bottom of the squat, so we’ll just take advantage of the bendiness and fold in half. Problem solved. <Sad trombone> So this week I’ll be mindful of that AND practicing better posture.

What this guy says makes so much sense. And isn’t it funny that rather than using pain as a tool to help us figure out the problem, we just try to stop the pain. Huh.

I made some nanner bread to put in this week’s lunches. The recipe is from Juli Bauer & George Bryant’s cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. I didn’t have a bread pan, so I just used a 9×9 square pan. Next time I make it I’ll halve the “swirl” component of the recipe and halve THAT amount of cinnamon, too. The texture and flavor are awesome, I just didn’t need quite so much of the sweetness. (Words that rarely come out of my mouth.)
swirl goo
Kerrygold + Njoy chips + cinnamon + honey = swirl goo
palomg nanner
I feel so fancy when I use parchment paper
paleomg nanner yum
Eat me. Okay.
Holy smokes this is a long post! It’s almost game time… But first: my stat block:

Five Things Friday

Today’s Five Things… The first five stops that come to mind on my architectural bucket list:

1. Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright
2. The Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor
3. Lalibela, Ethiopia
4. The High Line
5. Prague. Yes, the entire, lovely city.

05 Sept | Friday

Recovery Workout
continuous movement rotating:
Sled Pull 100m – reverse @ 50m (90#)
Farmers Carry 100m – switch arm @ 50m (44#)
Slam Ball Toss 50m (20#)
Snatch Grip Barbell Carry 50m (45#)

Feedback from yesterday’s workout is good! Muscle soreness but no pain. Today’s recovery felt good, too. Really felt the reverse sled pulls… glute buuuurn! (Sled drag tip: pretend there is a glass of your favorite scotch resting on top of the plates… the more you fish tale, the emptier your glass. Is that weird? Let’s blame Friday.) The slam ball tosses always feel weird. I can slam the slam ball, but throwing that shit around – awkward. Makes me feel like the fat kid in gym class. Maybe I need to work on my mechanics. Oh and those farmer’s carries. Who the fuck needs crunches – abs for days in pro-gress (say it like a Canadian, eh).



This week has been stressful and my sleep has been crap. I took Tuesday and Wednesday as rest days.


Thursday | 04 September

4 Rounds:
Strict Press x3 Reps
right into
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) x 5 ea side @ 3131 tempo
right into
Wall Walks x2
rest 3:00


5:00 AMRAP DU’s in Sets of 10

Kept it light on the Strict Press (65#) since I’ve been rehabbing with just body-weight and some KBs. Felt good. The RFESS felt really strong on the left side (with the right foot on the bench) but less so on the right (but it was like that before this hip issue arose…interesting). On the right side I had a hell of a time not cheating and engaging my left quad. Also noticed my right knee wanted to fall in a bit rather than track over my toes. The wall walks felt nice and strong. As did the rest.

I got 16 rounds on the AMRAP, missing more than a handful on rep eight and nine: fatigue = shrugged shoulders = shortened rope = missed reps.


I’ve been mulling over the idea of incorporating liver into my diet because of it’s incredible nutrient density. Wednesday night I popped my organ meet cherry (Gross, Leah) and prepared and ate grass-fed beef liver. I added it into some burgers and was pleasantly surprised. And I did it while brushing up on my Spanish with the help of a Scotsman (Coffee Break Spanish Podcast) and yes hearing someone talking with a Scottish accent move fluently into Spanish is a trip. Or maybe I am just easily entertained.





Finally, I recently stumbled upon this article and the title has been rolling around in my head ever since. I guess it struck me because it’s what I’ve been doing for a while in a couple spheres of my life. I need to stop that shit. Now for an action plan…

Measuring Backwards

The long weekend is coming to an end…


giphy beaker chin shake


I usually take stock of the week, past and upcoming, Sunday evenings (in this case Monday), reflecting on with what got done, what didn’t, where some progress was made and what I want to improve upon the next week. As a list-maker and organizer of things I’ve always considered it mental housekeeping; getting everything put in place for success. (Not that it always works, but I try to tip the scales in my favor.) James Clear recently wrote an article about this very thing, Measuring Backward, Not Forward. In it he addresses how we can utilize recent feedback to nudge us closer, no matter how incrementally, to our goals. As he poses in his piece, how can you improve by just a little bit this week…? 


Monday | 01 September

10:00 of QT with the foam roller
4 rounds:
3:00 Row 
5x single arm KB Press (16#)
30 DUs
5:00 Satan’s Tricycle
20:00 Stretch Class


Feedback from today’s training: I am feeling excellent. Not particularly strong, mind you. And rather squishy. But I don’t feel pain. And that is progress.

Between the chapter on sugar in The Cholesterol Myth and this lecture by Dr. Robert H. Lustig at the University of California, San Francisco, I’ve totally got sugar on my brain. I find it to be really interesting. The more you know…



A Ginja

 What you call a redheaded ninja.

Sunday | August 31

– Rest & Recovery Day –

Saturday | August 30

Mormon Trail Loop 

South Mountain

+/- 5 miles


Saturday’s Oly Comp was really fun and inspiring; chatting with and cheering on some really great people. I admire my amiga, Cassie, for pushing herself to participate. When I asked her what prompted her to do it she said because she really thinks it will help her training. The fear that can rear it’s pesky and persistent head during a routine training session seems pretty minuscule compared to the ones that present themselves when you lift solo, center stage, in a new gym, with a room staring at you and your lifting face (I imagine).

 That’s Cassie on the left there. Yep, she’s amazing.


Hoping this may be the beginning of the end of my “injury updates”… Because I am feeling really, really good. For the first time in a couple months my adductor doesn’t hurt – at all at the insertion point and only slightly when I make an aggressive lateral motion (which occurred unintentionally during a rather intense session of fetch with the four-legged spotted beast.) Feeling some soreness in my glutes, but not the piriformis pain, just soreness from use. Scoops!

08-31Good eats today and ten glorious hours of sleep last night.

Five Things Friday

Five Things… I am going to do this weekend:

1. Watch my friend Cassie at her Oly Comp at Infernal
2. Training Hike #2 with Jennifer K
3. Eat oysters on outdoor patios (Well, just one patio. And many oysters.)
4. Take another step towards upgrading
5. Sip coffee and read in the sunshine with my spotted dog

I’ve realized that maybe I need to come out of summer/injury hibernation and be more social. And align my “ought” with my “actual” in one particular sphere of life…

Friday | August 29

– Rest & Recovery –


Feeling good from the rehab workouts this week. Haven’t gotten awesome sleep the last couple days and am feeling it today fo’ sho’. Life stresses made it a challenging day and by the end of it I found myself craving a pint… of Chubby Hubby. But instead of running to the freezer section of the Sexy Safeway to get my fix of the “peanut-buttery, chocolate experience” (Did you listen to the podcast I shared about the engineered bliss points of industrialized foods?!?!) I utilized the distraction technique and opened up one of my current reads, The Cholesterol Myth, which happened to be at the chapter, “Sugar: The Real Demon in the Diet”. Yeah, nice timing, Universe. Finishing the chapter prompted me to crunch some numbers. I don’t consume too many foods with nutrition labels these days. And the foods that do have labels, well, I usually read the ingredients, but couldn’t care less about the FDA and it’s guidelines, but today was an exception…
25g of sugar per serving  x 4 servings = 100 g sugar in one Netflixing session
4g of sugar in a teaspoon = 100g sugar/4g  = 25 t of sugar
3 teaspoons per Tablespoon = 25 t/ 3 = 8.33 Tablespoons


(The average American consumes nearly that much – 22 teaspoons – a day.)


Maybe the title of this post should have been “How I recovered from my Chubby Hubby Addiction”.