Rest Day Randomness

Today is  a rest day (on one, off one, check-in with self, repeat) so I had some extra down time in my evening. I spent it baking delicious Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies to bring into the office tomorrow while listening to a podcast about human sexual evolution. 

Bulletproof Radio Podcast – Episdoe 138 – Geoffrey Miller on Sex, Power and Domination

Listen to the fact of the day then fast forward to about the 8:00 mark if you wanna get right to business. 


The sleep wasn’t awesome last night; I stayed up late(r) getting some work out the door as I am taking next week off-fuh-fuh.


The Yoozh

I’ve been feeling extremely introverted lately. Thought maybe my work or this injury had me “in the grip”. I took a Jung-based personality test this afternoon to compare it to the last one I remember the results of, which admittedly was a long time ago – during grad school, circa 2007. Back then I fell into the ENTJ type. My results this afternoon:

Personality 08-13-14
I may be feeling introverted but it’s not due to it being my inferior function.
Rehab Sesh:
10:00 Foam Rollin’
AD 30:00, every 5:00 2x wall walks
10:00 of Stretchin’

The devil’s tricycle really felt good, as did the wall walks. Made sure to pay close attention to my positioning – shoulders, abs engaged, crack the walnut – and how things felt. No negative feedback.


Twenty a Day


Finally finished reading Eat the Yolks. With all it’s myth-busting, knowledge bombs, and humor, it’s one I will definitely be sharing with my neighbors in the Little Free Library on my street. Up next is some fiction, House of Leaves, which has been patiently waiting on the shelf for years. I am trying to make reading a daily ritual so I’m starting with 20 pages a day.

Monday | August 11 | 2-0-1-4

30:00 AD, every 5:00 perform 1:00 forward leaning rest or side plank (30 sec ea. side)

Had PT this morning. Stood at the workstation for 4 hours without issue. The AD made me sweat and that felt good. Felt like I was walking with a pimp limp today, though I did not verify this with anyone else.


Hiker Hierarchy

Downhill traffic yields to uphill traffic. Reminder #2 on this very official list. Pay close attention to Reminder #5 , which I would’ve entitled, “Use Your Fucking Headphones”.

Art of Manliness: 6 Reminders on Hiking Etiquette

Saturday, August 9, 2014 – Summit Challenge Training Hike #1:

South Mountain – Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout  +/- 4 miles in length, +1200 ft

Hiked with my lovely and awesome friend, Jennifer K. this morning. She and I are participating in the Phoenix Summit Challenge 7 in November. We’re gonna need a team name and costumes and are open to suggestions and sponsorship. 

All parts felt good, though once I got home and out of the car I felt a little fatigue in my right glute/hammie region.  I wouldn’t say “pain”… let’s call it “tightness”.  

On the nutrition front, a couple of my favorite podcasts, the Balanced Bites Podcast and the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, have been talking ketogenic diets and nutritional ketosis. I took a lot of notes and had a few “what!?!” moments, in particular, looking at your triglycerides to optimize your carb intake. I’ve been meaning to get some blood work done and all this talk I am hearing on Vitamin D,  low testosterone levels in us ladies, and ketosis has me pretty amped to finally get after it. (Yes, amped.)


Look out slow-in-the-fast-lane drivers and whole food-ers takin’ up the whole damned aisle with your self-involvement. The fuse is short this week.

bad bangs bitch

Real Housewives of Classic Art

Friday’s Rehab:

30:00 AD, every 5:00 5 single arm KB presses (26# KB)

It’s been a really light week – essentially one rehab day, two days rest – with a lot of extra sleep in there. Work has been stressful and that coupled with feeling like I am never gonna feel good again pretty much shut me down. That being said, I woke up this morning with everything other than my inner thigh feeling better than it has in a long time. Had some ART at the insertion point of the adductor this morning and will see how I respond to that. It’s just nice that only one things hurts today.



Coming up with the title is hard. So when I get stumped I’m just gonna share with you what I had for dinner.

Tuesday’s Rehab Mode Training:

10:00 Foam Rollin’

30:00 AD with 30 Double-Unders every 5:00

20:00 Stretchin’

 Feedback: I did it.

And I had some good eats today and 9.5 hours of sleep last night.

Stat Block

Here’s my new stat block. In my handwritten journal, I track more than just my workouts. I want to try to do that here, too, just maybe without words… So much typing in my day already. Sleep makes you stronger. Eating real food does, too (or at least it makes me FEEL stronger and more awesome). So let’s break it down: On the NUTRITION line, each marker represents 10% of my day’s food. If that portion fits within my paleo template, I add a plate, a bumper plate of course.  The SLEEP markers represent an hour of sleep, or portion there of. This block represents last night, Saturday, August 2nd. My eats were 80/20 and I got 7-1/2 hours of glorious sleep. The more optimally I eat and sleep, the more plates I can load on that barbell. Get it…?