Sunday’s Workout


Sunday's Workout

That blurry butt up there is my spotted dog, Bo Bardi. We put in about 5 miles around the lake this morning. Z1 all the way.


The Devil’s Tricycle

Playing catch up on my workouts as I figure out all this blogging business…

Friday’s Workout:
30:00 AD @ Z1 (That’s code for 30 minutes on the Airdyne at a conversational pace. I don’t know who established these zones, or how many of them there are, but I do know I have a hard time staying in Zone 1.)
Every 5:00 hope of the trike and perform 5 body rows

Saturday’s Workout:
30:00 AD @ Z1 + D (That’s Vitamin D. From the sun.)
Every 5:00 KB rack carry for 100m (I used two 35# kettlebells)

Both workouts felt good. Friday I had to stop the body rows on the last set as my right shoulder did that thing where it hurts. Saturday I was reminded that I gotta bring in the ear buds. The rack carries are fun and always challenging; practicing that belly breathing.



Rehab Socks

A nagging hip injury and an intermittent shoulder issue have required me to take my training down a notch. A(nother) good chat with Tom has made me realize I need to own the fact I am not 100% (walk the walks, friends). Time to put on the rehab hat. Eh, I don’t wear hats unless my bangs need cut. Tube socks, however, have several redeeming qualitites: support, coverage, comfort, stripes. So, I will put on my rehab socks… (Funny how that sounds like ‘rehab sucks”, yeah?)

Thursday’s Training:
4 rounds:
-single arm KB bench press x 6
-rest 1 min
-single arm banded row x 10
-rest 2 min

-handstand walks 4 x 15’, resting 1 min between walks

4 rounds:
-chin up hold w/ underhand grip 10 sec (adding 5 second increments until it’s challenging)
-double-unders – 30 seconds
-rest 1 min

The single arm press and rows felt good, but kinda easy. (Was that how they were supposed to feel?) The rows were maybe a little awkward, but I suppose part of that was just keeping my shoulders in proper position.

The handstand walks were fun, though the forward progression is a new challenge. The max. distance I covered was maybe 7 feet.

Chin-up holds are legit. Shoulders down and back. Worked up to 20 seconds. Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to slowly resist on the way down or not, or if the focus was just holding at the top. Nothing exciting to report on the DU’s other than I fucking own those bitches. Finally.

Did some foam rolling and stretching with the happy hour class. Right glute/hip region was pretty pissed.

Letting it all hang out (AKA my first blog post)

Oh man. First remote coaching workout is in the books. This is what it looked like:

Family-Guy_ice cream
Okay, not really. But seriously, here’s what it was:

A. Hip thrusts (Uh!) 3 sets of 10 reps resting 30 seconds between rounds
B. Clams: 3×12 ea. side
C. Banded monster walks: 3×12 steps ea. direction
D. Row: 20 minutes, putting in 5 push-ups every 5:00

So how did it feel? Like maybe the ol’ lady hip needs some reinforcement. Hip thrusts felt good (and I’m sure weren’t awkward to watch at all). On both the clams and monster walks my right side fatigued quicker than the left, with a reduced range of motion with the clams and my right knee wanting to fall inward when my right leg was leading on the walks. Dr. Dom taped up my back at PT today after tinkering with it so it was a little sore before I started the row and it was more so by the end of 20:00. I think Monday’s Sorensen Test may be a contributing factor…