Letting it all hang out (AKA my first blog post)

Oh man. First remote coaching workout is in the books. This is what it looked like:

Family-Guy_ice cream
Okay, not really. But seriously, here’s what it was:

A. Hip thrusts (Uh!) 3 sets of 10 reps resting 30 seconds between rounds
B. Clams: 3×12 ea. side
C. Banded monster walks: 3×12 steps ea. direction
D. Row: 20 minutes, putting in 5 push-ups every 5:00

So how did it feel? Like maybe the ol’ lady hip needs some reinforcement. Hip thrusts felt good (and I’m sure weren’t awkward to watch at all). On both the clams and monster walks my right side fatigued quicker than the left, with a reduced range of motion with the clams and my right knee wanting to fall inward when my right leg was leading on the walks. Dr. Dom taped up my back at PT today after tinkering with it so it was a little sore before I started the row and it was more so by the end of 20:00. I think Monday’s Sorensen Test may be a contributing factor…