Let It Ride

“The harder we try with the conscious will to do something, the less we shall succeed.

Proficiency and the results of proficiency come only to those who have learned the paradoxical art of doing and not doing, or combining relaxation with activity, of letting go as a person in order that the immanent and transcendent unknown quantity may take hold.

We cannot make ourselves understand; the most we can do is to foster a state of mind, in which understanding may come to us”. Aldous Huxley, The Law of Reversed Effort

December brought the start of a new audio book, though I’m not sure how much further I’ll make it; too many fucks, even for me. Or maybe I’ve already gleaned out of it what was intended… Hmm. Here’s an excerpt on The Backwards Law. And if all the fucks get to you too, hit the last three paragraphs.

And if instead, you’re saying, “Fuck, Morgan! I’ve had my fill of the words,” here’s a highly scientific dominant personality trait quiz. I got Intelligence, which only proves it’s flawed.

03 Dec | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall slides x 10
DUs x 30
Slam ball x 7

Work | O-lifting – Week 5
3x: (65, 65, 75#)
Heaving snatch balance x 2
Snatch balance x 2
Two-position snatch [floor – hang] + OHS 5 x 1 (75, 80, 85, 90, 95#)
Tabata hollow body holds/push-ups

02 Dec | F
Mobility | 3x
Single-leg adductor squat x 10 ea
Chin-over-bar holds x :20
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
KB sequence
DUs x 30
KB row x 8 ea

Work [From the archives]| Back squats 10 x 2 (165#)
Rest x 2:00
BB bi’s x 10
Rest x 1:00
Tricep push-downs x 20
Rest x 1:00
Death march 3 x 20 steps (26# KBs)
Rest x 1:30

Stretch | Not tonight, Batman

30 Nov | W
Mobility | 3x
Prone glute press x 10
Scap press x 10
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Wall ball x 10
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting – Week 5
Tall muscle clean 3 x 3 (75, 85, 90#)
Tall power clean 3 x 3 (95, 105, 100#)
Tall clean 3 x 3 (105, 105, 110#)
Mid-hang clean 3 x 3 (115, 120, 125#)
Clean segment DL [2s pause @1″ – knee – mid thigh] 3 x 3 (145#)
Clean 3 x 1 (145, 135, 140, 140#)

W | Lots of volume; really enjoyed the progression. On the mid-hangs I was surprised at how much I’d gotten accustomed to standing all the way up and then backing down to get tension, rather than keeping tension from the floor. Oooh, awareness. Pre-fatigue was a real thing by the time we arrived to the full cleans. Protecting that right hip a bit, so I was cautious not to go crazy with the lbs. Pretty happy with how solid they felt coming outta the bottom. 

queso del fuego.JPG
I was gonna post some footage, but the clean progression pales in comparison to the cheese on the face of El Fuego, amiright? You know you smiled too…

F | Rolled thru the workout. Gotta up my game with the death march using KBs; I think it’s easier with KBs compared to the dumbbells, but will wait for the soreness check manana. Post work-out re-feed food prep morphed into My Drunk Kitchen with shocking speed #lightweight #noob

Sa | My hip and back felt a little tight, but the movement felt good. Kept it light so it’d stay that way. Well – *steps into the honestly zone* – the balance things stay light regardless. Gotta get faster on the push/pull under there. The snatches felt nice, with minimal air brakes. Here are some visuals…. which I’ll also file under “when you are reminded why a beanie pairs better with side braids than a pony”… #penishead #justthetip #whyamIhashtaggingeverything




The thing we tell ourselves… What are you rehearsing?

26 Nov | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Slam balls x 7
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting – Week 4
2-Position snatch [below the knee, mid-thigh] (85#)
Buenos dias 3 x 6 (95#)
OHS pin squat 3 x 3 (85, 95, 95#)
Samurai squats x 5 ea (35#)
right into
FLR x max effort (1:15, 1:05, :57)
rest as req’d

Stretch | 10:00

25 Nov | F
Mobility | 3x
Single-leg elevated adductor squat x 10 ea
Single-arm plank x :20 ea
Reaching TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Palms-up BB row x 10
Buenos dias x 10
Wall walk x 2

Work | x 30:00, rotating:
Carries [OH, dbl KB front-rack, suitcase] x 100m (35#ers, 53#)
AD x 1:00
Sumo DLs @ 155# x 5
Handstand walk x 12′ [or 3 attempts]
Row x 1:00

24 Nov | The Giving of the Thanks
Dishes x All day

23 Nov | W
Mobility | 3x
Wall rotations + slides x 10
Single-leg elevated hip bridge x 12 ea
Reaching dead bugs x 20 ea

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
DUs x 30
Hip mobility moves

Work | Oh-the-lifting – Week 4
Behind-the-neck rack jerks 10 x 1 [build] (85, 95, 105, 105, 110, 115, 115, 120, 125, 130#)
Split squats 3 x 4 (95#)
Segment clean [2s pause @ knee] 5 x 2 (105, 115#…)

Stretch/real talk | 15:00

22 Nov | Tu
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 12
Scap press x 8
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Slam balls x 7
Push-ups x 7
(Pony) Tail flingers  (GHD sit-ups) x 10

Work | EMOM x 14:00, rotating:
Bench x 3 @ 80# + DUs x 30
Hang snatch + OHS x 3
-Rest x 4:00-
EMOM x 14:00, rotating:
Tall cleans x 3 @105#
Row x 100m

Stretch x 15:00

21 Nov | M
Mobility |3x:
Wall-pressing TVAs x 15
Single-leg elevated hip bridge x 10 ea
Side plank clammie x :40 ea

Warm-up | 3x:
Wall slides x 10
Wall balls x 10
Wall walk + lateral tick tock x 1
OH walking lunches x 20

Work | “B”
Zercher squats 5 x 7 (95, 95, 105, 110, 110, 110#)
Rest x 1:00
KBS 5 x 10 @ 44#
Rest x 1:00
Single arm press x 8 ea (5@ 26#, 5@ 21#)
Rest x 1:00
Chinese row x 10 ea (26#)
Rest x 1:00

Stretch | 20:00

M | Rearranged the order of the workout because no dumbbells and all the KBs taken. Man, to have a dick and/or lots of muscles so the brahs would buy some. First time doing zercher squats and they were fun times: super uncomfy in the elbow pits and breathing. Lots of booty, quad, back and abs. Should have taken vid of my KBS to compare to the blog link today #notesfornexttime #sidebyside. That was a lot of pushing and pulling. Left side was the limiter on both movements. Just realized as I’m typing this that I did KB rows instead of Chinese rows. Hmm, where’s my head at? Three guesses…

Tu | Busy day at work (but my Friday for the week!) and no gameplan for a workout means one from the archives… and of course, an EMOM – or two.

W | Pissed off hip, but a well-timed holiday day off tomorrow. The BTN jerks felt awesome; mmm, that bar path. Split squats did the trick pre-fatiguing the boo-tay on the segmented cleans. Gotta work on transitioning my feet wider at the bottom. Wide bottom(s), bishes!

Th | A person feels entitled to eat way more ham and sticky toffee cake when you got sore abs from all those jerks. New holiday pre-gaming programming – check.

F | Hip speaking; rolled thru.

Sa | Per last week’s vids, I changed my set-up on the snatch a bit; I didn’t realize how much I was letting my chest drop. The result felt solid – fast and able to open up the stance at the bottom (less air brakes)- though from the hang, less so. Here’s some footage:

Those OHS pin squats were something; tricky getting in the proper position, but once you were there… they felt like heroin. Or what I imagine heroin to feel like. (I might be exaggerating, but they did felt nice. Besides aren’t the holidays all about over-doing it?)

The Buy In

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” -Mark Twain


Friday is here! And my favorite fitness-related read of the week “Stop Lying to Yourself (Whilst Un-fucking Your Burpees)” is here. (I added that last part.)

I will preface the lines that follow with the fact that I’ve done a real shit job of keeping my eyes on my own plate this week. I know, I know, you do you, and all that business. But in the interest of community-building, coupled with the notion that we rise or stagnate based on our surroundings, watching folks in class from the sidelines can be staggering. While I appreciate a good attitude and fun vibes, aren’t we all here to grow, to improve, to challenge ourselves? And if you’re not, can we actually kick you off the island?

“If we put in high quality work towards learning skills, we will get tired. If we put in low quality work towards getting tired, we won’t learn any skills. Turning the byproduct (getting tired) into the goal is a failure to our bodies.” – Chip Conrad

All done with my verbal vomit. Thanks for holding my hair. You’re the best! No lie.

22 Sep | Th
Mobility | 3x
Wall rotation + press x 10
Prone glute press x 10
Prone Y raise x 10
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Single-arm banded rows x 10ea
BB RDLs x 10
DUs x 30

Work | Front squat 5 x 5 @ 70% (115#)
Rest x 2:00
Front rack KB reverse lunges 4 x 6 ea (35# KBs)
Rest x 1:00 between legs
3x: (1:29, 1:27, 1:21)
Slam balls x 5 (30#)
Wall balls x 5 (20#)
Row x 200m
Rest x 1:00

Stretch x 20:00

21 Sep | W
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 10
SL Adductor squat x 10 ea
Side plank + LL x :30 ea
Reverse curl-ups x 7

Warm-up | 3x
Wall ball x 7
Banded rows x 12
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting – Week 3
2-Position snatch [above-the-knee, mid-thigh] 4 x 2 (65, 75, 75#)
Tall Cleans 4 x 2 (95, 105#…)
Iso holds – Clean DL 3 x 10s

Stretch | 20:00

20 Sep | Tu
Pill-uhs | 3x
Single-arm plank x :20 ea
Single-leg elevated hip bridge x 10 ea
Hanging knee raise x 10

Warm-up | AD x 10:00
E’ry 3:00 perform PU BB row x 8 + DUs x 30

Work | 4x:
Single-arm seated press x 10 ea
Rest x 1:00
COB x 5 @ 30×3
Rest x 1:00
Single-leg hip thrusts 3 x 15 ea (15#)
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
Handstand walk x 15′ (3 attempts)
Row x 150m
Rest x 1:00
Express stretch | 7:00

Tuesday’s COB work felt really strong in comparison to how they’ve gone in the past. But they still leave me sore for daaaayz afterward. So, maybe I’ll work those in the rotation a little more. Or is it the push/pull combo not necessarily the particular movement that’s the good stuff there? Hmmm…

True story above on the COB aftermath; went into O-lifting wiht some seriously sore lats and tris. Bottom of the snatch didn’t feel so hot on the right hip, so stopped after two sets. The bottom of the clean felt fine so moved through the rest of the workout. 

Experienced some curiously sore abs going into Friday’s session. Where’d that come from? The reverse lunges felt solid. It’s nice to think back at how difficult much of the single-leg work used to be, and how much better things feel now.

Press On

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On, has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.” -Calvin Coolidge

the MF saga continues
Iguana: The motherfucking saga continues…

21 Aug | Su
Mobility | 3x
Elbow plank + reach thru x 10 ea
Single-leg adductor sqaut x 10 ea
Banded hip bridges x 1:00

Work | x 25:00, rotating:
KB front rack carry x O-head to green rig (44#ers)
AD x 1:00
Sumo DL x 5 (155#)
HS walk x 10 meters (+10′ UB!)
Row x 1:00

Auxiliary | 3x
Reverse row sit-backs x 8
Leg curls in da rings x 8

Stretch | 20:00

20 Aug | Sa
Mobility | 3x
Wall press + rotation x 10
GA squats x 12
Hip hikes x 12 ea
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
KBS x 10
DUs x 30
Row x 1:00
Singe-arm banded rows x 10 ea

Work | O-lifting
2-Position snatch [hang-ground] 3 x 3 (65, 70, 70#)
1-1/4 OHS 3 x 3 (75, 85, 85#)
Halting snatch-grip DL [3s pause @ mid-thigh] 4 x 2 (135, 135, 135, 145#)
Side bridge 3 x max

Stretch | 15:00

The griddle wasn’t hot on Saturday. Rolled through. And then on Sunday… What I thought to be a recovery workout turned out to be some serious work, with those heavy front-rack carries. And I may have uncovered a kick-up approach that seems to get me to actually walk on the HS walks: staggered hand placement. Sunday’s soundtrack brought to you by the Love Me Nots: 


“You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.” -Wayne Dyer

the fng show-01
The FNG Show

Sometimes the internet is helpful: How to Work with A Narcissist

22 June | W
Warm-up| 3x
Wall press + rotation x 10
Super bird dogs x 10 ea
OH walking lunges x 16
Row x 1:00

Work | OH-lifting
Snatch high-pulls 3 x 3 (85,95,105#)
2-Position snatch 3 x 3 (65#)
OHS 3 x 3 (85,95,95#)
Halting snatch-grip DL – 3s pause at mid-thigh – 3 x 3 (115#)

Serious Stretch | 20:00

21 June | Tu
Mobility |3x
BB row x 10
Scap press x 9 @5s ea
SL Elev hip bridge x 12
Reaching dead bugs x 1:00
Side plank + LL x :30

Work | EMOM x 20:00:
Evens: Snappy Power Snatch x 2 (6 @80,4 @85#)
Odds: DUs x 30 (:17)
-Rest x 4:00-
Gladiator TGUs x 14:00 7:00 (25#)

Stretch | 20:00

20 June | M
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 12 (I fucking love these #feedyourinnerstripper)
Side clammie holds x:30 ea
Frog pumps x 1:00
Calf raises x 40 (2)

Get Werm | 3x
Wallballer x 10
OH Walking Lunges x 20
Play with the yump rope x :45

Work | 4x:
RDL x 4 @ 3232 (115,125#…)
Rest x 1:00
Single-arm Press  x 8 ea (30, 27.5, 25#)
Rest x 1:00
Banded rows x 12 (blue)
Rest x 1:00
Banded T’s x 10 (yellow)
Rest x 1:00

Auxiliary | 3x
Ring hold, slowly lower to hang, scap activation (?) x 3
Pistol Pause Candlesticks x 5 ea

Short Stretch | 10:00

M | I never know quite how to describe when my right shoulder/lat/tricep things get aggravated. I guess it just feels tight, and then that makes the movements feel different on that side. Yeah. So that was the case here.

The tempo RDLs were challenging. Used straps to focus on the glute/hammies. That also seems to alleviate some tension on the right shoulder region. Focused on recruiting the lat rather than my traps on the presses. Man, those got hard quick. I dropped weight every time because around rep 6 my face was doing this:

trap strain face

Tu | 86’ed the side plank in the warm-up. Couldn’t stay in the proper position; super fatigued in the QL and glute med regions. The snatches were snappy, and I worked on speed on the DUs, keeping the sets under :17. Progress on the Gladiator TGUs is good, but my shoulder started bothering me at the standing lockout position so I stopped and jumped into stretch class. 

W | Kept things light; being a little ginger with the shoulder, and getting heavy on Saturday.

I’ve logged my eats for the past 2 weeks. My protein intake seems to range from around 90g-120g per day; the days I up the carbs for lifting I see I tend to fall short on the protein. Gonna implement some summer supps (protein powder) because I want the mass. All in my butt. Kidding. And my hammies! There are a couple contributing factors, but I’m feeling really fucking great. My skin, however, seems to hate me right now. Will watch the dairy and see what happens.

The Masters

You see, I want a lot.
Perhaps I want everything:
the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
and the shivering blaze of every step up.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Master of sculpture, Giambologna

I really enjoyed Tim Ferriss’s interview with Paulo Coelho. Have you read The Alchemist? The Pilgrimmage? Eleven Minutes? A few of my favorite reads. The interview is really fantastic, touching on matters of procrastination, flow, being in the moment, and trusting your process – you can’t push the river. Paulo keeps it real.

27 April | W
Mobility | 15:00

Warm up with the 6:00 crew

Work | Ohhh-lifting
Rack jerk @ 85% 1 x 3 (120#)
2-position snatch @ 60% 3 x 3 (65#)
2-position clean + push jerk + jerk 4 x 1 (115#)
3 sets:
Windmills x 6 ea (35#)
Plank push-ups x 8

Stretch, Handstands + Fuck yeah, Frisbee!

Notes | My calves are still sore from the raises on Monday. Things felt a little hebby and slow; by the end of the barbell work I felt fried. On a positive technique note, I can’t believe how much grounding myself better has changed how the movements feel. Moving in the other direction on technique, I crotched myself on the second set of snatches really fucking hard. Post-lifting at the casa called for ice to-the-crotch and carbs to-the-face. 

You Got This

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” -Archilochus


Ahh, that quote. When the rubber meets the road…

14 April | Th
Work | O-lifting
Jerk balance 3 x 2 (85#)
BTN jerk 7 x 1 (95,105,115,125#…)
2-Position snatch 4 x 2 @ 60 % (65#)
4 sets:
SL Elev hip thrust x 6 ea
SA Squat x 6 ea (44#)
Heavy KBS x 10 (53#)

Stretch | 15:00

Slow start on the jerk balance; got speedier with each round. The four BTNs at 125# went something like: ugly, good, ugly, good. Snatch felt fast. The (part) “D” got me breathing heavy…