A Break for Thanks

“The most basic form of human stupidity is forgetting what we are trying to accomplish.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Heading up to the homeland for the Thanksgiving holiday. So. Cold. The upside of the cold weather is that it allows for plenty of time to binge-watch Breaking Bad while loading up on coffee. Then adding some whiskey to the coffee and playing Cards Against Humanity with your people. Give thanks!

23 November | Sunday

Active Rest Day
Dixie Summit
@ Phoenix Mountain Preserve
3.0 miles | 900′ elev

 22 November | Saturday

“Helen” | 3 Rounds (10:20)
400 m
21 KB swings (35#)
12 pull-ups (zing zows)

21 November | Friday

EMOM | 20:00 (95, 105#)
Every Minute On the Minute:
1 deadlift
1 power clean
1 clean
1 jerk

Dixie Summit Recovery
Sunday’s view from Dixie Summit Trail

Turned Saturday’s session into a recovery workout as I was feeling good, but sore from Friday’s EMOM. What’s interesting is that when I compared it to my previous times for Helen, it was faster. Huh. Now to get after those stinkin’ pull-ups – the ones with good movement that don’t blow up my shoulder.

Friday + EMOM + fun crew (CR at the station next to you) + feeling good = a great night at the ‘nasium. Kept the weight light and made the second power clean a regular clean. (What’s a squat clean?) Getting out from the bottom of the clean is always a good thing for me to work on. Ali took a vid for me to get me to stop over-thinking sheeit. It worked.



Vitality vs Longevity

“Nothing is as approved as mediocrity, the majority has established it and it fixes it fangs on whatever gets beyond it either way.” -Blaise Pascal

twelve hundred calories
My reaction at the ‘nasium this evening when someone mentioned they are eating 1200 calories a day in an effort to fuck themselves up – oh, I mean, lose weight – for an upcoming “big life event”. And yes. I had my head stuck in the chalk bucket.

Podcastland and the Blogosphere collided for me this eveing. Upon the suggestion of El Hefe, I listened to the latest episode of Barbell Shrugged. The fellas chat with Lindy Barber, a CrossFit games and Grid League athlete who overcame (or continues to overcome) what had the potential to be a completely devastating injury. Then I read a recent (and outstanding) post from Mark Sisson, “8 Strategies for Cultivating A Vitality Mindset“. The article is filled with so many great insights I’d just be reposting it in it’s entirity if I were to try to pull a quote from it. Both the podcast and the article address the concept of sacrificing vitality for longevity – and vice versa. Listen and read. And discuss over coffee.

 20 November | Thursday

Foam roller | 10:00

6:00 Class | 4 Rounds:
Press x2 (75#)
1:00 rest
Rope climb x1
2:00 rest

Partner Workout | 5 rounds:
KB Front rack hold** (44# KBs)
200 m run
**10 burpee penalty for unracking the KBs before your partner is back from the run

Stretch Class | 20:00

Class tonight was fun and effective. I really like the rack holds/carries. I mean, they’re awful, but I feel like they teach you about yourself – revealing your weaknesses and gaps in how you carry yourself, literally. What’s that saying, “It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s how you carry it.” For. Real. I was a little hesitant on the rope climbs as the last time I completed a full ascent it lit up my right shoulder. I switched my grip so my left arm was the lead arm and only went halfway up, which ended up being a good thing as I didn’t have tall socks with me. And lest we forget what happened the last time I forgot my tall socks…

ah memories
The Rope Burn of 2013

For the first time ever I noticed how much the abs are involved in the rope climbs, chambering your legs to your chest. I’m guessing I’ve got to credit yesterday’s extended forward leaning rest period to this awareness.

Time for an update on the goals, now that the Summit Challenge has come and gone. Here’s my quick and dirty list:
1. To participate (and not suck) in the Ragnar Trail Relay at Zion in April
2. Continue to build a big strong booty and learn to engage my glutes in all I do. (That sounds like a Commandment: Thou shalt fire one’s glutes in all that ones does.” Yes. Commandment 11.)
3. Highland Games 2015. Not sure if this is feasible – must research further.
4. Mega Professional Upgrade 

The coffee goes up… and the sleep goes down. But it’s just so damned delicious in this “cold” weather.


Thunder & Lightning

I think the one with the tat should be the lightning. Or maybe I have to wait until I’ve officially upgraded to “sick ink” status

And here’s a 7:00 video of some dam goats:

I’m big on the animal vids this week. (I maybe had too much espresso today and not enough sleep last night.)


19 November | Wednesday

Recovery Workout!
30:00 rotating:
1:00 AD
1:00 Row
2:00 Fwd leaning rest/side plank
1:00 easy run

Stretch | 20:00

 Was really tempted to take the day off from the ‘nasium, but was glad I opted for the recovery. Feeling a hint of the bad kinda pain in the adductor today. (F-words, indeed.) But the glute isn’t hurting nor is the hip in the bottom position. We’ll see how the adductor feels tomorrow! Recovery felt great – especially the 2:00 forward leaning “rest”. That was 2-a-day Joe’s idea and it was a good one.

I have been informed that BCAA’s are where it’s at in terms of supplements. And since I need to up my protein anyway…

My friend Jennifer is killing her 21DSD Challenge. I am not. One of our clients brought in homemade pumpkin bread. I just can’t say no to the seasonal gourds. Discipline what???



F Words

Feeling fucking fabulous. Lots of F-words… My favorite.

f is for mating
F is for… mating
f is also for fail
F is also for fail

And finally…


 18 November | Tuesday

Warm up | 3 round NFT:
15 DUs
150m row
10 wall balls

5×3 Back squat (95,105,115,115,120#)
3:00 rest

4 Rounds:
250m row (2:00, 1:55, 1:52, 1:53)
15 KBS (44#)
1:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

17 November | Monday

Foam rollin’ w/ Caesar | 15:00

Warm-up | 3:00 Row

5×3 Bench press (75, 85, 85, 90, 90#)
2:00 rest btwn

6 sets:
1.1 Power clean (95, 95, 105, 105, 110, 110#)
1:00 rest btwn
HS walk x2 (8′ max)
2:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

16 November | Sunday

Active Rest Day

The back squats were fun, though I didn’t go crazy on the weight. Tried to get my pace back up (down?) to 1:45 but no dice. Everything on Wednesday felt great, as well. The Bench Press didn’t bother my shoulder and the cleans felt good! Here’s the video of the last set as requested:



“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.” – John Burroughs

Enjoyed a really relevant blog post today, “No Time to Wonder“. It’s focused on the demands in the field of architecture, but I believe it’s got a lot of carry over.

And if not, here’s a useful video illustrating why we play dead instead of attempting to out run a bear. Useful, amiright?

Here to help.

13 November | Thursday

-facial release | 30:00

EMOM! | 30:00
1st min: 3x Bench Press (75, 85#) + 15 DUs
2nd min: 3x Power Snatch (65#)
3rd min: 5 Ball Slams (30#)


You know it’s a good day when an EMOM’s involved. As it’s been several months since the last time I snatched, I was excited to test the waters… And ooh they felt good. I do need to work on snatch progressions. Not only will they improve my snatch skills but I am certain they will make me a better person and help me win at life. (Ice Ice concurred, so you know it’s true.) I’ve noted for future EMOMs to keep an eye on the work to recovery ratio of each minute and to then adjust the rep scheme/weight accordingly. Just happy to be able to get in on this one and feel like I was moving well.

T-2 days until the Phoenix Summit Challenge!

I was NOT perfect on the detox today. Despite my leniency, I’m still counting it as a win. Behaviors have changed already (which I will continue on day 22 and beyond) and I am feeling really fucking great. I’m getting tired of food logging and being weird about the “sweetened” foods. I will never consider a sweet potato something I need to avoid, though I understand the rationale behind it’s exclusion from the approved foods list for the 21DSD. (I just don’t buy in completely.)


Pro-gress (Say it like a Canadian)

False Holidays

This week’s episode of Barbell Shrugged is fantastic. It’s a carry over from this guest post by Diane Fu on her definition of progress. I really like the part near the conclusion of the podcast where they talk about the importance of outlining what you do not want, in addition to what you do, when nailing down your goals. And, of course, the part about balancing all the balls of life.

On a side note, Chris Moore’s ‘ooooh snap’ is phenomenal.

clueless harsh

 12 November | Wednesday

Joined in with the 5:00 Class!
Warm up | 3 rounds NFT:
100m jog
10 KBS
6 zing zows

Workout | 4×3 Deadlifts (155,185,185,155#)
3:00 rest between sets
– then –
3 rounds:
5 single arm press ea side (30# DB)
:30 rest
10 BB walking lunges (45#)
1:00 rest
:45 row (1:45 pace, 40 s/m)
3:00 rest

Streeeeeetch | 20:00

This WOD-ness felt fantastic! The third set of deadlifts my lower back started to round so I shed some weight. I also wanted to be able to perform the barbell lunges, another reason I backed off a bit on the DLs. I was really excited to get back to my 1:45 pace on the erg, though it helped that they were short sprints.

And this is how I’m feeling on this 10th day of the sugar detox…

how the detox feels
That tater tot is a sweet potato tot. And a beer.