So What

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, ‘So what.’ That’s one of my favorite things to say.” – Andy Warhol

what if

No words today. Just some slam bass and lyrics. Say what?!

05 May | F
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Single-leg bird dogs x 10 ea
Wall-pressing dead bugs x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
KB – Swings x 5
Single-arm swings x 5 ea
Goblet squats x 3
Snatch x 3
RTW x 5 ea
RDL x 5 ea

Work |
A. TGU x 3 ea x 4 sets (45#); Rest x :30
B1. Back extensions x 10; right into
B2. RNT rev lunge x 10 ea @3111; Rest x 1:00
C. Front squat 5 x 3 @22×1 (3@115#, 2@125#); Rest x 3:00
D. Snatch-grip RDL [3] x 6 @3111 (95#); Rest x 1:30

06 May | Sa
MFR | 10:00

Mobility | 3x
Single-leg adductor squats x 8 ea (18” box)
Prone y raise x 8 (hip tuck, abs engaged)
Pope clammies x 15 ea (fire)

Work |
Bike x 10:00
5x: Row x 300m + cable tris x 10 (40#)
Bike x 10:00
5x: Row x 300m + SA DB press x 5 ea (25#) + slam ball x 7 (20#)
Bike x 10:00

07 May | Su
Mobilization | 3x
GA squats x 10 (wider stance)
Scap press x 10
Pope clammies x 12 ea
Side plank + leg lift (knee) x :20 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
SA KB press x 5 ea @25#
Slam ball x 5 @ 20#

Work |
A1. TGU 3 x 3 ea (44#)
A2. GHR x 10
B. [Single-arm] Front rack KB lunge onto 45# plate 3 x 8 ea (26, 35, 44#); Rest x 1:30
C. Power snatch 10 x 2 (2@75, 3@85, 2@90, 3@95#); Rest x 2:00
D1. Kneeling BU KB press 3 x 8 ea (18#); Rest x 1:00
D2. Single-arm seated cable row X 6 ea @21×2 (30#): Rest x 1:00

F | Those get-ups added up. Really liked those reverse lunges. Front squats felt good once I stopped watching myself in the mirror and focused on feeling the movement. The footage totally revealed I was cheating the time at the bottom. Again. The RDLs were tricky with the different barbells; the gnarling is located closer to the center so there was some grip slip… All in all a decent training session; the right hip is bugging a little bit.

Sa | Spent extra time working out some spots with the foam roller and lacrosse ball. Explored a few warm-up moves from the Pope featured in this vlog:

It’s fun to see behind the curtain, all the pre-lifting work that goes down. My hip was bugging pretty good, but the mobility drills seemed to get things toasty. By the time I got to the slam balls (the hole being the test) things were moving without issue.

The last round on the bike I had company next to me; I was jamming out to some music but the dude’s stride kept catching my attention. I realized that while I had constant pressure on the pedal, he seem to bounce out of the bottom. If I drew a diagram mine would look like a circle and his would look two vertical lines going opposite one another, up then down. Interesting… still pondering, is it a learned movement pattern, compensation, lazy glutes, did he not have waffles for breakfast? These are big questions, people.

Su | Needed one of those NBA towel kids to help me out during the get-ups in the “Functional” area of Globo Mountain. Slippery suckers. Added the “single arm” to the lunges because they only had one of each weight of KBs. The snatches felt so much nicer (snappier) than last time, but I also found a 15 kilo bar, which made all the difference with the grip. Left side was sticky on the “D”…


Harm Joy

“It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.” -Yvon Chouinard

thanks mom
Thanks, Mom

The Germans have a word for what you just did there; shaden freude, laughing at someone else’s pain. If you wanna do it some more click here.

03 June | F
Pillars | 3x
Scorpion x 5 ea
GA squat x 8
Prone glute press x 10
Super bird dogs x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
DUs x :30
Wall press x 10
KBS x 10

Work | Happy Hour Class
10x, building:
Clean pull – Power clean – Hang clean (3 @ 95#, 3 @105#, 2 @ 115#)
Rest x 1:00 btwn sets
10x, building:
Power snatch x 1 (2 @ 75#, 8 @85#)
Rest x 1:00 btwn sets

Auxilliary | 3 sets:
Rev row sit backs x 6
Front scale x 2 + Pistol x 3
Back scale x 3

Stretch | 20:00

01 June | W
Mobility | 3x
SL Adductor squaaat x 8 ea
Wall rotation + press x 10
L-bow plank + fwd tap x 6 ea
TVA leg drops x 14

Warm-up | AD + Ropin’

Work | O-lifting
C + J 10 x 3 @ 65-70% (5 @95#, 5 @105#)
Tall cleans 3 x 3 (75,80,85#)
3 sets:
Windmills x 8 (15# plate)
Back extensions x 10

31 May | Tu
Warm-up | 3x
Run x 100m
BB stuff

Work | 6:00 Class, “The Finishers” MAP Sesh
10:00 @ 75%: (9 +5)
High-hang power clean x 5 @75#
Run x 100m
-Rest x 4:00-
10:00 @ 75%
-Rest x 4:00-
10:00 @ 75% (6 +14)
KBS x 5 (44#)
Ring rows x 5
Push press x 5 @65#
Row x 100m

Stretch + Shootin’ the shit | 30:00

Tu | Feeling fucking good.

W | That was some volume on the CJs. Tight right tricep. I don’t recall doing tall cleans before; fuuun.  Fatigued the flutes on the back extensions pretty good.

F | Lots of barbell this week. Dropped the last two sets on the first section because I had some sharp pains in my shoulder. Didn’t bug on the snatches.

Phone rant: How about you worry less about getting a cool video of yourself and focus on what coach is saying and what the fuck you are doing.  

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